Elenco | XR38 | Owner Manual | Elenco XR38 Regulated 13.8V @ 3A Owner Manual

Elenco XR38 Regulated 13.8V @ 3A Owner Manual
All Elenco® models are guaranteed for two full years on all
parts and service. For the first 3 months, your power supply
is covered at absolutely no charge. For the remaining 21
months, a nominal service charge is required to cover
shipping and handling.
When returning merchandise for repair, please include
proof of purchase, a brief letter of explanation of
problem, and sufficient packing material. Before
returning any merchandise please call our service
department at (847) 541-3800 to obtain a return
authorization number (RMA).
DC Regulated
Power Supply
Elenco® Electronics, Inc.
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Model XR-38
Read these instructions before operating this unit.
The Model XR-38 has a regulated output of 13.8 volts @ 3A and
capable of handing 5A surges up to 30 minutes. The XR-38 is
designed to power automotive equipment such as CB radios,
stereo systems, mobile two-way radios, and vehicular alarm
systems when removed from the vehicle.
1. Check the voltage rating of the equipment to be powered.
Care must be taken not to exceed this rating.
2. Turn the power supply OFF.
3. Plug the line cord into a 120V, 60Hz AC outlet.
4. With the power supply turned OFF, connect the load to the
5. Turn the power supply ON.
1. Save these instructions. This manual contains important
safety and operating instructions.
2. The XR-38 is thermal, short and fuse protected against server
overloads or shorting of the output terminals. Refer to the
Maintenance section for fuse or thermal protection
3. Service repair should be performed by qualified personnel or
returned to the factory when service or repair is required.
Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of electrical shock or
4. Do not expose the power supply to rain or snow. Use only
indoors with normal temperature and humidity.
Fuse replacement
1. Turn power switch off, remove any load on outputs and unplug
the line cord from AC line.
2. Unscrew the fuse holder cap and remove the fuse. Install a new
2A 250V fuse and reattach fuse holder cap.
3. Plug line cord back into 120VAC source and turn the power
switch ON. Check the output for correct voltage.
120VAC, 60Hz
13.8VDC @ 3A, 5A surge
Load Regulation
Less than 5%
Less than 10mV rms
Output Protection
Thermal and short
Input Protection
2A, 250V fuse
4 5/16” (H) x 6” (W) x 8 3/16”(L)
5 lbs., 8 oz.
A thermal device inside the transformer will open the primary side
if the internal temperature gets too hot. There should be no output
voltage and the illuminated switch will not light. Follow the steps
below if thermal protection activates.
1. Turn the power switch off and allow unit to cool down. This may
take up to 30 minutes.
2. After the unit cools down, turn the power switch to ON. Check
that the switch lights and the output voltage is 13.8V. The unit is
now ready for operation again.
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