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Sato S8408 S8412 S8424 Gearbox Manual
Gearbox Configuration Instruction Manual
For printer models:
S8408 / S8412 / S8424 Print Engine
PN: 9001250 (A)
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PN: 9001250 (A)
Step 1:
Remove the three (3) screws securing the Tension Bracket Assembly.
Tension Bracket Assembly shown after removal of
the three screws. NOTE: Do not loosen or
remove the center screw.
Step 2:
For 203dpi use the 2nd level of the three story gear.
For 305dpi/609dpi use the 3rd level of the three story gear.
Belt Routing is shown below.
Use 2nd level of three story gear
Use 3rd level of three story gear
203 dpi
S8408 Standard Hand
S8412/S8424 Standard Hand
S8408 Opposite Hand
S8412/S8424 Opposite Hand
Step 3:
Rotate the Tension Bracket Assembly to align the engraved indication mark with the
appropriate printer resolution engraved in the gear box assembly frame. Affix the
Tension Bracket Assembly with the three (3) screws removed in Step 1.
203 dpi
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