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Sato SOLO Keyboard Datasheet
Solo Keyboard
Standalone Labeling Solution
The Ultimate Standalone Labeling Solution
Streamlined Features
Available For
Print variable labels without a PC or any programming
Unique WYSIWYG design
Powerful variable data features and database integration
Minimal maintenance, training and support
Durable construction suitable for industrial environments
Lightning-fast printing
TrueType fonts and scalable symbol library
Compatible with external input devices such as scanners
and weigh scales
• Drives most thermal transfer and direct thermal printers
LM4e Series
TG3 Series
CG4 Series
M84Se Series
S84 Series
Lt408 Engine
Argox X Series
Argox OS Series
Argox CP Series
Standalone Labeling Solution
Solo Keyboard Features
SOLO is a unique keyboard and software solution which
allows sophisticated labels to be designed on a PC and
transferred to the keyboard for PC-independent printing.
This makes SOLO ideal for warehouses, factories,
production and packing areas, mobile applications or any
situation where a PC is unsuitable.
Variable information such as serial numbers, keyboard
input and database records can be easily configured
using simple, on-screen options. Using SOLO Studio's
macroscript facility, advanced dynamic features can be
added to your label for creating EAN128 barcodes,
SSCC labels, custom check digits, real time calculations
and conditional statements.
Every aspect of SOLO is designed for ease of use. Just
install the software and plug the SOLO keyboard into
your PC and you're ready to create your labels.
Each SOLO solution includes SOLO Studio—a powerful
PC design program allowing you to design labels in an
intuitive WYSIWYG environment. SOLO Studio provides
intuitive tools for adding barcodes, images, TrueType
fonts and symbols allowing you to create label templates
in minutes and then transfer them to the keyboard at the
click of a button.
To print your labels, just select the name of your label
from the list in the keyboard and enter the required
information when prompted on the keyboard display.
SOLO Studio offers almost every feature found in
leading PC-based labeling programs with the benefit of
standalone flexibility. The software boasts a wide range
of tools and options giving full control of each printer’s
internal features.
10350-A Nations Ford Rd
Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: (704) 644-1650
Fax: (704) 644-1662
SOLO’s robust standalone keyboard is powered by the
printer via RS232 interface and can be used in virtually
any situation. Compatible devices include hand-held
scanners and weigh scales making the SOLO keyboard a
versatile solution with countless applications across many
industries including logistics, pharmaceuticals, retail,
catering, automotive and many others.
Cost Effective
SOLO offers a highly cost effective alternative to PC
labeling or outsourcing. Printing labels from the SOLO
keyboard is so simple, staff can be trained in minutes.
SOLO is currently available for the SATO CG4 series and
the following SATO ’e’ series tabletop printer models:
CLe, GTe, M10e, M84Pro, M5900RVe, TG3, LM4e with
RS232 interface (SAI p/n 11S000185 required). SOLO is
also available for the SATO Argox X, CP and OS Series
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