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Rane MM 12 Schematic
CAUTION: MM 12 service information is included for use only by qualified technical service
personnel. There are no user serviceable parts in the MM 12.
1. To gain access to ail internal assemblies. remove the rear pan as follows: set the MM 12 on
the bench top with the front panel facing up and the LINE CORD UNPLUGGED FROM ANY
AC OUTLET. Remove the 16 phillips #6-32 thread-forming screws from the outside perimeter of
the front panel.
2. Lift the front panel assembly upward out of the pan and flip it over TO YOUR LEFT and lay it
face down (on the knobs) on the bench right next to the pan. There is enough service loop in
the line cord to allow this.
3. To completely remove the pan from the front panel assembly, remove the two phillips
screws from the line cord retaining tab on the pan. Then pull the line cord and plug inward
through the hole in the pan.
1. PCB Component Replacement Due to the shallow depth of the PCBs, there should rarely
be a need to remove one of these boards completely for servicing. PCB components may be
replaced with the PCBs in place, using a desoldering tool and needlenose pliers (solder-wick
may be used in place of a desoldering tool).
2. Replacing Broken or Defective Pots. Remove the knobs and shaft nuts (use 10mm nut
driver) from all of the pots on that circuit board. Gently pull the PCB up from the front panel as
far as the slack in the buss wires will allow. Now desolder and replace the defective pot
3. Complete removal of a Circuit Board. Remove the knobs and shaft nuts from all the pots
on that board. Then cut each of the stranded buss wires ON THE FOIL SIDE ONLY, right next to
the foil solder joint Then desolder the foil connections and pull the remaining buss wires out
of the PCB holes. The PCB may now be completely removed. To replace, insert the board and
tighten the shaft nuts. Reposition the buss wires in the PCB holes and resolder in place.
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