Lorex | LHV514K86 | Quick Setup Guide | Lorex 4KMPX1616 4K Ultra HD 16 Channel Security System Quick Setup Guide

Lorex 4KMPX1616 4K Ultra HD 16 Channel Security System Quick Setup Guide
Setting Up Your Recorder
Follow the steps below to complete physical setup of your recorder.
To set up your recorder:
Connect cameras*
Connect mouse
Connect router*
Quick Setup Guide
Connect monitor*
Physical setup of recorder and essential system settings
Connect power
8-channel configuration shown. 16 channel will have the respective number of video inputs.
For camera compatibility information, visit lorex.com/compatibility.
* Not included / sold separately.
Back panels shown below are for illustration only. Your recorder’s back panel
may appear different, with all the same ports in different locations.
Connect cameras*
LHV5100 Series
Connect your cameras (not included) to your recorder.
Package Contents
Ultra HD Recorder
• The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the recorder and camera.
You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other.
• This guide covers connecting cameras to your security recorder only. For full instructions on
installing your cameras, please refer to your camera’s documentation at lorex.com.
4K MPX Security DVR
Connect router*
Remote Control
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable
USB Mouse
HDMI Cable
Connect the recorder to your router using the included Ethernet cable.
12.8” / 325mm
10.0” / 255mm
Ultra HD Recorder
NOTE: To receive automatic firmware updates and enable remote viewing with computer and
mobile apps, a high speed Internet connection is required (minimum 3.5Mbps upload speed).
All other system features can be used without an Internet connection.
Connect mouse
Connect the included mouse to a USB port on the recorder.
Connect monitor*
Connect the recorder to a monitor using the included HDMI cable or a VGA cable
(not included). The HDMI port supports up to 4K resolution, and VGA supports up to
NOTE: To optimize picture quality, set the recorder’s video output to match the resolution of
your monitor.
Connect power
Use the included power adapter to connect the recorder to a nearby outlet. Turn the
recorder on using the power switch on the back panel.
Need Help?
Overview of extra ports:
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and complete instruction manuals
Visit lorex.com
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number of your product
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in the search results
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Audio In/Out
Connect microphone / speaker*
Connect Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras*
NOTE: For full instructions on using the extra ports, please refer to your security recorder’s
instruction manual at lorex.com.
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As our products are subject to continuous improvement, Lorex reserves the right to modify product design,
specifications and prices, without notice and without incurring any obligation. E&OE. All rights reserved.
Now that you have set up your recorder, see the following
reference sections to learn more about using your system.
Once you have completed the physical setup of your recorder,
follow the steps below to configure essential system settings.
STEP 1: Creating a New Password
Reference: Using the Quick Menu
When using your system for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new 6
character password.
Right-click anywhere on the live viewing screen to open the Quick Menu.
To create a new password:
a. Select camera/live display view.
1. Connect your system according to the instructions on the front of this guide.
2. When the recorder turns on, create and confirm your new, secure password. This
password will be used to connect to your system from now on.
c. Adjust camera color and image settings.
Record your password below and store in a secure place:
STEP 2: Firmware Update
This system features automatic firmware upgrades for enhanced functionality. It is
required to upgrade your system to the latest firmware version.
To upgrade firmware:
1. After startup, a notification will appear asking you to upgrade the firmware if a
newer version is available. Click OK to upgrade.
2. The system will download and install the firmware upgrade. Wait for the firmware
update to complete. The system may restart during the firmware upgrade process.
IMPORTANT: Do not power off the recorder or disconnect the power cable during
firmware installation.
STEP 3: Setting Date and Time
It is important to set the correct time to ensure accurate time stamps on recordings.
To set date and time:
1. In live view, right-click and click Main Menu.
2. Log in using the system user name (default: admin) and your new, secure password.
3. Click
4. Click General and select the Date & Time tab.
b. Check DST to enable auto
Daylight Savings Time
c. (Optional) Check NTP to
sync your system with an
Internet time server. Click
Manual Update to instantly
update the time.
Open Main Menu.
Reference: Using the Mouse
• During split-screen display mode: Click an individual channel
to view it in full-screen. Click again to return to the split-screen
display mode.
• While navigating menus: Click to open a menu option.
• During live view: Right-click anywhere on the screen to open
the Quick Menu.
• While navigating menus: Right-click to exit menus.
• During live view: Use the scroll wheel to zoom in / out.
NOTE: In live view, hover the mouse cursor over the top of the
screen to open the Navigation Bar. Move the mouse cursor away
from the top of the screen to close the Navigation Bar.
Search through and play video recordings from the hard drive.
To search for and play back recordings:
1. From live view, right-click and then click Playback.
2. Log in using the system user name (default: admin) and your new, secure password.
3. Configure the following:
In live view, right-click and click Main Menu.
a. Use the calendar on the right to select
the date to playback.
b. Use the drop-down menus to select the
channels you would like to playback.
Click the display options (
to playback multiple channels
c. Click inside the video bar to select
the playback time. Playback starts
immediately at the selected time.
2. Log in using the system user name (default:
admin) and your new, secure password.
and select Setting.
4. Click Event > Motion > Deterrence
(see Figure 1).
Reference: Backup
5. Select the channel of the deterrence camera to
configure next to Camera.
Back up recordings from the hard drive to a USB flash drive (not included).
6. Click the Enable checkbox to enable automatic
warning light deterrence.
Figure 1: Deterrence Tab
Click Setup next to Area to set the active area
for automatic deterrence:
To back up recordings:
1. Insert a USB flash drive (not included) into a free USB port on the recorder.
2. From live view, right-click and then click Main Menu.
• The camera image appears with a grid of green
boxes over top. The green area is the active area
for deterrence.
3. Log in using the system user name (default: admin) and your new, secure password.
4. Click
• Click or click-and-drag to add / remove boxes
from the active area.
, then click BACKUP.
5. Configure the following:
• In Figure 2, only motion around the doorway will
trigger warning light.
a. Select the type and quality of
recordings to search for.
• Right-click when finished.
8. Click Setup next to Schedule to set a schedule
during which automatic deterrence will be used:
b. Select the channel(s) to search
Figure 2: Deterrence Active Area Example
• Right-click when finished.
9. Click Warning Light to set preferences for the warning light:
• Enter a time for the white light to be active up to 30 seconds.
• Select Warning Light for sustained light or Strobe for a flashing light.
• Click OK to save and exit.
c. Select a start and end time for
your search.
To activate deterrence features manually:
From live display, hover near the top of
a channel to reveal the Mini Menu. Click
d. Choose a file format for your
backed up files.
e. Click Add to see recordings
that match your search.
10. Click Apply to save changes.
Press and hold ESC on the front panel for
5 seconds. Warning lights and sirens will
be activated for all connected deterrence
Reference: Playback and Search
To configure automatic deterrence using DVR:
g. Search and playback recordings.
• Right-click to open the Quick Menu and click Info. If prompted, enter the system user name (default: admin) and your new, secure password.
Set preferences for the automatic warning light triggering on compatible Lorex deterrence
cameras. For a complete list of compatible deterrence cameras, see lorex.com/compatibility.
• The default schedule is active during the night,
between 5pm and 7am.
h. Open manual recording controls.
f. Disable current audible warning.
STEP 4: Configuring Deterrence Settings
e. Start/stop sequence mode.
• Press the ENTER button on the front panel.
5. Click Apply to save changes.
3. Click
d. View system information.
To quickly open a window that displays vital system information such as device ID,
model number, firmware version, and IP address:
NOTE: A constant Internet
connection is required to
use NTP.
Reference: Quick Access to System Information
and select Setting.
a. Enter the current time and
select your time zone, and
click OK.
b. Control PTZ cameras (not included).
Check boxes next to recordings
you want to back up, then
click Start. You may also click
Onekey Backup to back up all
files that match your search.
to activate warning light, or click
to activate siren.
Press and hold for 5 seconds.
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