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Lorex LN10804-1616W 2K IP Security Camera System Remote Access Guide
STEP 1: Find your Device ID
The Device ID is printed on a label on the top panel of the recorder.
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Device ID: xxxxxxxxxxx
Record your information below:
Remote Access Guide
Remote access to your security system with apps for iOS and Android
STEP 2A: Mobile Setup
You must complete initial setup of the recorder detailed in the Quick Setup Guide
[Guide 1/2] before mobile setup.
N861 Series
Install the free Lorex Home app from
the App Store or Google Play Store.
Tap the Lorex Home icon to launch
the app.
Tap Sign up and follow the on-screen instructions to
create a new Lorex Home account.
Before You Start:
• This guide is for users who wish to view their security system
remotely using mobile apps. If you plan to only view and configure
the system locally, you may skip this guide.
• Make sure you have a router and high-speed Internet access (not
• Connect your recorder to your router using an Ethernet cable (see
the Quick Setup Guide [Guide 1/2] for details).
• Ensure your recorder is up-to-date with the latest firmware version.
• Please note that the following minimum upload speeds are required
for remote video streaming:
Lorex Home
NOTE: The email address and password used to create
your Lorex Home account are different from the
recorder's username (default: admin) and password
you created on the Quick Setup Guide [Guide 1/2].
to add a device.
From the Devices tab, tap
If this is not your first device, tap the + icon in the topright corner.
Scan the QR code on the top panel of the recorder.
NOTE: If your mobile device cannot scan the QR
code, tap Manually enter Device ID.
• 5 Mbps for 4K video.
• 3.5 Mbps for lower resolutions.
Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
If you are having trouble connecting, try the following:
• Restart the recorder by disconnecting and reconnecting the power adapter.
• Ensure the recorder is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable and
then restart the recorder.
• Double-check the username and password.
• Ensure your recorder has the latest firmware.
• Ensure your mobile app is up-to-date.
Default access information:
• Default Username: admin
• Password: See the Quick Setup Guide [Guide 1/2] for the password created
upon initial setup.
Enter the password you recorded on the Quick Setup
Guide [Guide 1/2].
Set the preferred timezone and tap Complete. The
app opens in Live View and streams video from all
connected cameras.
Congratulations! You can now view video from your cameras on your
mobile device.
STEP 2B: Lorex Home Overview
The following is a brief overview of the controls available on the Live View screen of the
Lorex Home app. For complete app instructions, see the Lorex Home manual on your
product page at lorex.com.
A Settings: Configure settings for selected device.
If you have forgotten your password, contact Lorex technical support.
B Return to Main Menu
C Pause/Restart Video
Viewing Mode: Switch between single
and multi-channel views.
Switch Stream: Tap to switch to HD*
E video quality. Tap again for reduced video
quality that is optimized for streaming.
F Audio: Tap to mute / unmute.
G Fullscreen: Tap to view in landscape mode.
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Timeline: Tap to search for and play back
H recorded videos.
Snapshot: Tap to save a still image of the
I current live view.
Two-Way Audio: Two-way audio cameras
only. Tap to speak into the microphone
J on your mobile device. Sound will be
transmitted through the camera's
speaker. Tap again to listen in.
Manual Recording: Tap to begin manual
K recording of the current live view. Tap
again to stop recording and save the video
clip to your mobile device's storage.
L Siren: Deterrence cameras only. Tap to enable the camera's siren.
M Warning Light: Deterrence cameras only. Tap to manually enable the white light.
PTZ Controls: Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras only. Open controls to move and configure
PTZ cameras.
* HD resolution will be limited to the maximum screen resolution of your mobile device. This
will not impact the recording resolution of the NVR.
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