MFJ | 1736 | manual | MFJ 1736 - ROLL-UP J-POLE ANTENNA, 6-METER Manual

MFJ-1736 Six-Meter Roll-up J-Pole Antenna
Instruction Manual
MFJ-1736 Six-Meter Roll-up J-Pole Antenna
The MFJ-1736 was designed for fixed or portable six-meter FM operation. Despite its
light weight and simplicity, the J-pole is a time-proven design that radiates efficiently and
exhibits low VSWR. When correctly installed, your antenna's resonant frequency should
fall around 52.5 MHz and exhibit a VSWR of less than 2:1 over most FM segments of the
The MFJ-1736 consists of a 1/2-wave radiator which is voltage-fed by a matching stub.
Coax is tapped onto the stub at the correct low-impedance feedpoint to provide a 50-ohm
match. Both sides of the radiating portion are tied together to increase apparent element
diameter and improve operating bandwidth.
A special water-proof sealant has been applied to the coax braid and to all solder
connections to prevent water migration into the cable. Heat shrink has been applied to
provide more durability to the connections. The MFJ-1736 comes ready to use.
However, be sure to seal all coaxial connectors against weather and moisture in normal
The coax cable makes it possible to connect directly to an SO-239 connector or an
extension of any length needed. The antenna may be supported over any convenient tree
limb or non-metallic structure with inexpensive nylon string. Avoid installing the MFJ1736 near wires, other feedlines, or large metallic surfaces that could distort the radiation
pattern or detune the element.
WARNING: Never install near power lines.
MFJ-1736 Six-Meter Roll-up J-Pole Antenna
Instruction Manual
Since the J-pole must also support its feedline, use light-weight cable. RG-58 is
satisfactory for runs less than 30 feet. RG-8M is recommended for longer runs. This
cable has low loss at 50-MHz, is relatively inexpensive and light-weight. As with most
VHF antennas, the higher you raise the J-pole, the better it will perform.
The bottom 2 to 3 inches of the stub (below the feedpoint) should be bent away from the
coax to prevent detuning by the coax shield.
If you have any problem with this unit first check the appropriate section of this manual.
If the manual does not reference your problem or your problem is not solved by reading
the manual, you may call MFJ Technical Service at 662-323-0549 or the MFJ Factory at
662-323-5869. You will be best helped if you have your unit, manual and all information
on your station handy so you can answer any questions the technicians may ask.
You can also send questions by mail to MFJ Enterprises, Inc., 300 Industrial Park Road,
Starkville, MS 39759; by Facsimile (FAX) to 662-323-6551; or by email to Send a complete description of your problem, an
explanation of exactly how you are using your unit, and a complete description of your
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