MFJ | 1936TWC | manual | MFJ 1936TW - GROUND ROD, W/CLAMP, 342T WIRE BUNDLE 17FT WHIP Manual

MFJ-1936T Instruction Manual
MFJ QuikStikTM Spike Mount
Four foot copper ground rod, 3/8-24 threaded antenna
mount and twenty-five feet of counterpoise wire
1. Unscrew bolts from the MFJ-342T mount, rotate the back plate 90 degrees. Attach
MFJ-342T to the ground spike. Give enough adequate space to slide the mount over
the copper ground spike.
2. Tighten down the mount to the ground spike, leaving enough room (at least one inch)
at the top to hammer down the spike into the ground by a foot or more.
3. Strip about an inch of bare wire from the 25 foot of coated wire, included.
4. Unscrew the ground spike coupler and add your counterpoise wire (25 feet included).
Tighten down the screw with the wire resting the coupler and ground spike. Then
screw the coupler back in.
5. Hammer the ground spike into the ground using a rubber mallet (preferred), at least a
foot or more if needed.
6. Add your antenna, MFJ-1979 20-6 Meter telescopic whip, individual band hamstick,
40-6M coil and telescopic whip, solid antenna whips, multi-bander HF small
verticals, etc. (see special antenna packages from MFJ).
7. Add your coaxial line to the gold plated SO-239 connector at the bottom of the MFJ342T mount.
8. Extend your counterpoise wire out along the ground twenty-five feet.
9. Attach the other end of your coax to your rig or antenna tuner to rig and operate!
10. In operation, keep people, animals away from the antenna system.
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