MFJ 1972, 1979, 1977, 1974 User manual

MFJ 1972, 1979, 1977, 1974 User manual
MFJ Telescoping Whips
MFJ-1972, MFJ-1974, MFJ-1977, and MFJ-1979
Description: MFJ premium stainless-steel whips are the perfect choice for
building collapsible multi-band antennas. Rigidly collared at the base, stronger
than plated brass, and impervious to rust and corrosion, they stand up to the
forces of nature and the rigors of portable operation where others fail. With four
Is to choose from, you can select the ideal length for the frequencies you
need to cover:
Extension Length
MFJ-1972 extends to 4.5 feet (54")
MFJ-1974 extends to 8 feet (96")
MFJ-1977 extends to 12 feet (144")
MFJ1979 extends to 17' feet (204")
Mounting: The base of each whip features a standard 3/8-24 mounting stud for
installation on the mobile or fixed-antenna mount of your choice. For 1/4-wave
verticals, consider using a MFJ-342T or MFJ-344 mount. For dipoles, use two
whips with the MFJ-347 Mini-Dipole Mount.
Tuning: To calculate whip extension length for a 1/4-wave vertical or for each leg
ofa 1/2-wave dipole, use the following formula:
Length (feet) = 234 / Freg. MHz
Length (inches) = 2808 / Freg. MHz
2 Meters 19-1/2" 6 Meters 55" 15 Meters 132"
Air Band 23" 10 Meters 99" 17 Meters 155"
FM Band 26"-32" 12 Meters 112-3/4" 20 Meters 1199"
Optirnum length may vary slightly because of surrounding obstructions, height
above ground, and the type of mount being used. Adjust element tips for lowest
SWR as needed.
Installation: Elements may be oriented vertically or horizontally to achieve
desired polarization. For best results, coax feedline should exit at a right angle to
the element. Whips are highly flexible when extended, so use caution and wear
eye protection while assembling and tuning. Also, avoid installing where humans
or pets may come into contact energized elements.
Important Warning: These antenna elements are un-insulated electrical
conductors. Never assemble or set up in the vicinity of electrical power
lines or near electrical equipment where lethal voltages may be present!
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