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Model MFJ-2014
CAUTION: Read All Instructions Before Operating Equipment
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MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
Information in this manual is designed for user purposes only and is not
intended to supersede information contained in customer regulations, technical
manuals/documents, positional handbooks, or other official publications. The
copy of this manual provided to the customer will not be updated to reflect
current data.
Customers using this manual should report errors or omissions,
recommendations for improvements, or other comments to MFJ Enterprises, 300
Industrial Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759. Phone: (662) 323-5869; FAX:
(662) 323-6551. Business hours: M-F 8-4:30 CST.
MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
MFJ-2014 Dual-Band
Off-Center Fed Dipole
for 75/40 meters
Thank you for purchasing the MFJ-2014 OCFD. The 75/40-meter OCFD
combines a potent 40-Meter DX array with a top performing 75-meter
half-wave dipole and allows you to enjoy the convenience of operating on
the two bands with top performance on both.
Installing Feedline
Use any good quality 50-ohm coaxial cable capable of handling the
maximum amount of power you intend to run. Losses are minimal at 40
and 80 meters, so a lighter weight cable such as RG-58 or RG8X may be
used for power levels up to several hundred watts safely. However, if
your amplifier runs maximum legal power, or if you plan to mount the
antenna an extended distance from your operating location, a heavier
RG-8 style cable is recommended. No external balun is needed at the
feedpoint – one is already built into the Match-Maker network (for some
installations, you may choose to install a second in-line current choke
such as the MFJ-915 where the coax enters your building to eliminate RF
induced onto the cable along its run). The coax connection at the feed
block should be protected against water incursion with Coax-Seal or a
high-quality water-sealing tape.
At 122 feet in length, the MJ-2014 may be installed in place of your
present 75-meter dipole. Mount it at conventional residential heights (3570 feet) for best results. If a high support is available near the feedpont,
holes are provided on the feed block for installing a halyard to reduce sag
(see below).
MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
General Operating Information
The MFJ-2014 has been extensively power tested and is rated to handle
maximum legal power (1500 Watts PEP) on SSB and CW. However,
because the matching network is contained in a compact enclosure with
limited ventilation, output should be de-rated by at least 50% for RTTY
and other high duty cycle modes where prolonged transmission are
Whenever possible, antennas should be mounted in the clear and in the
open, well away from large conductive objects or wires that could cause
detuning and interfere with normal operation. Typical SWR plots for the
MFJ-2014 are shown below (SWR performance can vary with different
ground conditions and general surroundings).
MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
50 Ohms nominal
2:1 Bandwidth:
75 Meters
40 Meters
75 Meters
40 Meters
Power Rating:
300 kHz
Full-band coverage
6 dBi peak over average ground
9 dBi peak over average ground
1500 PEP SSB and CW (de-rate 50% for RTTY)
122 Feet
3 lbs without feedline
Technical Assistance
If you have any problem with this unit first check the appropriate section
of this manual. If the manual does not reference your problem or your
problem is not solved by reading the manual you may call MFJ Technical
Service at 662-323-0549 or the MFJ Factory at 662-323-5869. You will
be best helped if you have your unit, manual and all information on your
station handy so you can answer any questions the technicians may ask.
You can also send questions by mail to MFJ Enterprises,
Industrial Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759; by Facsimile to
6551; or by email to Send a
description of your problem, an explanation of exactly how you
your unit, and a complete description of your station.
Inc., 300
are using
MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
MFJ Enterprises, Inc. warrants to the original owner of this product, if manufactured by
MFJ Enterprises, Inc. and purchased from an authorized dealer or directly from MFJ
Enterprises, Inc. to be free from
defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of purchase
provided the following terms of this warranty are satisfied.
1. The purchaser must retain the dated proof-of-purchase (bill of sale, canceled check,
credit card or money order receipt, etc.) describing the product to establish the validity of
the warranty claim and submit the original or machine reproduction of such proof of
purchase to MFJ Enterprises, Inc. at the time of warranty service. MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
shall have the discretion to deny warranty without dated proof-of-purchase. Any evidence
of alteration, erasure, or forgery shall be cause to void any and all warranty terms
2. MFJ Enterprises, Inc. agrees to repair or replace at MFJ's option without charge to the
original owner any defective product under warrantee provided the product is returned
postage prepaid to
MFJ Enterprises, Inc. with a personal check, cashiers check, or money order for $10.00
covering postage and handling.
3. This warranty is NOT void for owners who attempt to repair defective units.
Technicalconsultation is available by calling the Service Department at 662-323-0549 or
the MFJ Factory at 662-323-5869.
4. This warranty does not apply to kits sold by or manufactured by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
5. Wired and tested PC board products are covered by this warranty provided only the
wired and tested PC board product is returned. Wired and tested PC boards installed
in the owner's cabinet or connected to switches, jacks, or cables, etc. sent to MFJ
Enterprises, Inc. will be
returned at the owner's expense unrepaired.
6. Under no circumstances is MFJ Enterprises, Inc. liable for consequential damages to
person or
property by the use of any MFJ products.
7. Out-of-Warranty Service: MFJ Enterprises, Inc. will repair any out-of-warranty
product provided the unit is shipped prepaid. All repaired units will be shipped COD to
the owner. Repair charges will be added to the COD fee unless other arrangements are
8. This warranty is given in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied.
9. MFJ Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to make changes or improvements in design or
manufacture without incurring any obligation to install such changes upon any of the
products previously manufactured.
10. All MFJ products to be serviced in-warranty or out-of-warranty should be addressed
MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
300 Industrial Park Road
Starkville, Mississippi 39759 USA
and must be accompanied by a letter describing the problem in detail along with a copy
of your dated proof-of-purchase.
11. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights
which vary from state to state.
MFJ-2014 Instruction Manual
DualBand OCFD 75/40 meters
300 Industrial Park Road
Starkville, MS 39759
MFJ-2014 Manual
Version 1A
Printed In U.S.A.
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