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Montigo HFK50R Fan Kit Instruction
Fan Kit
Installing the HFK50R Fan Kit for Proflame 2
For use with:
Ensure that all power to the appliance is off at the electrical breaker or fuse
before beginning installation. Ensure gas is turned off at the shutoff valve before
beginning installation.
H*34-DF/DL; L38-DF
H*38-DF/DL; L42-DF
H*-DF/DL; L52-DF
* = C, L, P, R, W
Some materials used in the manufacturing process of this product can
expose you to Benzene which is known in the State of California to
cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more
information go to
This kit should be installed by a qualified person.
Check local codes and read all instructions prior to installation.
When installing the fireplace - gas lines, fittings, accessories or any other objects cannot impede the proper
movement of the door buckles.
General Information
Before You Begin
Ensure that the power supply has been turned off at the breaker or
fuse before beginning the installation.
Shut off the gas supply at the shut-off valve, and ensure that the main
burner and pilot light have been turned off and the fireplace has been
cooled off for at least two hours before installation.
Cable ties &
This blower kit is for installation with the models listed above.
2x blowers, 1x fan cord assembly, 4x mounting screws,
Velcro strips, self-adhesive cable tie mounts and cable
Required: This fan kit requires one of the remote control
kits (PF2 Remote Kit or RX 100*) for proper operation.
Right fan
Fan mounting screws
Left fan
Fan wire harness
Figure 1 Contents of HFK50R Fan Kit package.
Page 1
XT0015 - 150324
Remove burner tray if required.
Install the right fan as shown in Figure 5 to the bracket underneath
the firebox using the screws supplied (motor should be oriented
towards the back side of the fireplace).
Burner Tray Gasket
Figure 2 Removing the burner tray (L38DF, L42DF, L52DF
models only).
Figure 5 Install right fan to bracket
Plug in the 4-pin green connector from fan harness to X10 of the
control box.
Plug the 2-pin molex connectors on the other end of the harness
to the connectors from both fans. Note: the left or right fan can be
plugged into either plug.
Burner Tray Gasket
Figure 3 Removing the burner tray (L38DF, L42DF, L52DF
models only).
Install the left fan as shown in Figure 4 to the bracket underneath
the firebox using the screws supplied (motor should be oriented
towards the back side of the fireplace).
Figure 6
Figure 4 Install left fan to bracket
Page 2
XT0015 - 150324
Using the supplied cable ties and self-adhesive cable tie mounts,
secure the fan harness to the bottom of the firebox. Make sure to
keep the wires away from fan blades and door buckles.
Figure 7
Reinstall the burner tray (if removed). See Figure 2 or Figure 3 for
Complete the installation as per the fireplace installation manual.
Program the remote transmitter to the control box as per the
supplied "Proflame2 Operation and Maintenance ManualXG0677" and start-up your fireplace. Turn the fans on using the
remote control.
Use the remote control to adjust the fan speed to the desired setting.
The fans only operate when the unit is running. You may
turn the fans off completely using the remote control.
Wiring for the optional Fan Kit
The following fireplaces may be equipped with optional fan kits: H*42DF*,
H*34DF*, H*38DF*, L*42DF*, L*38DF*, L*52DF*.
5/1/60 Supply
G L1 L2
Installations in Canada which employ the fans must be electrically
grounded in accordance with CSA C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code
Part 1 and/or Local Codes.
Installations in the USA which employ the fans must be grounded
in accordance with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with
the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
NOTE: If any of the original wire supplied with the appliance
is replaced, it must be replaced with the same type,
or its equivalent.
XT0015 - 150324
Quick Connect
plug to motor
Figure 8. Wiring diagram for optional fans.
Page 3
Proflame 2 Fan Kit
XT0015 - 150324
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