Gardena Water Timer Electronic T 1030 Operators Manual

Gardena Water Timer Electronic T 1030 Operators Manual


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Operating Instructions

Water Timer Electronic T 1030

Mode d’emploi

Programmateur electronic T 1030

Manual de instrucciones

Temporizador de riego T 1030


Please read these operating instructions care fully before using the unit.

Unfold inside cover page to read the operating instructions.


Summary of Operating Instructions Operating Instructions Guarantee Warranty Card


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GARDENA Water Timer Electronic T 1030


1. Notes on these Operating Instructions

Please read these operating instructions carefully and observe the notes given. Use these operating instructions to familiarise yourself with the water timer, the unit’s features and proper use as well as with the notes on safety.


For safety reasons, children and young people under 16 as well as anyone who is not familiar with these operating instructions may not use the water timer.

Keep these operating instructions in a safe place.

2. Proper Use

The GARDENA Water Timer Electronic T 1030 is suitable and determinated for private use in domestic and hobby gardens, exclusively for outdoor use, to control sprinklers and watering systems.


The water timer must not be used for industrial purposes or in conjunction with chemicals, foodstuffs, easily flammable and explosive materials.

Compliance with the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer is a prerequisite to ensure proper use of the GARDENA Water Timer Electronic.

The operating instructions also contain operating, servicing and mainte nance conditions.

3. Technical Data

Operating pressure: Flow medium: Max. water temperature: Watering cycles per day (programmable): Watering cycles per week: Watering cycles per program: Battery : Service life of the battery : 1 - 12 bar clean fresh water 40 °C up to 3 every day, every 2nd, 3rd or 7th day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 min.

1 × 9 V alkali-manganese (alkaline) type IEC 6LR61 approx. 1 year

4. How the Water Timer Electronic Works

This GARDENA Water Timer Electronic T 1030 allows you to set different watering times and cycles for different watering times independent of whether you are using a sprinkler, a sprinkler system installation or a drip head watering system to water your garden.

Your Water Timer Electronic will water your garden completely automati cally according to the program you choose. You can set the timer to water your garden early in the morning or late at night when water evaporates the least, or while you are on holiday.


5. Summary of Operating Instructions

1. Insert the battery.

Only use a 9 V alkali-manganese (alkaline) battery type IEC 6LR61.

Check the polarity (+/– markings).

2. Setting the watering frequency

The following watering cycles can be selected using the


control knob:

Setting 7 th 3 rd 2 nd 24 h 12 h 8 h Watering Cycle

every 7 days every 3 days every 2 days daily twice a day three times a day

3. Setting the watering time / starting time (Run Time)

You can select the watering time using the

Run Time

control knob 3 .

You can select 13 positions between 1 and 120 minutes.

The times you enter are accepted 5 seconds after you have finished entering the data. The time this happens is the future watering starting time.

4. Delaying the starting time (Start Time)

The Start Time can be delayed up to 5 seconds after you have selected the

Run Time.

Each time you press the

Start Time

key 4 , the Start Time is delayed by 1 hour from the original time set.

5. Manual On / Off operation (Man)

Turning the

Run Time

knob 3 to


opens the valve, turning it back to


or to the required watering time, closes the valve. The starting time you originally programmed remains unchanged.

6. Reset

Turning the

Run Time

knob 3 to


deletes the starting time and watering time. The watering valve is not opened.

7. Bad weather operation (Man / Off)


Run Time

3 is set to


cally. e.g. during a rainy period. If, at the end of the rainy period, you turn the knob back to the required watering time, the starting time you selected remains unchanged.

your garden will not be watered automati 6

6. Operating Parts

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 A Complete housing Watering cycle control knob


Watering time control knob

(Run Time)

Key for starting time

(Start Time)

Battery compartment Control unit connection plug Release button for control unit Connection socket for Soil Moisture Sensor / Rain Sensor Control knob markings Control unit Sleeve nut

Accompanying accessories

C GARDENA threaded tap connector


D Anti-theft protection

7. Features of the Water Timer

7.1 Operating elements

(Fig. C)

Frequency Run Time Start Time

▲ To set the by hand.

watering cycle.

To set the

watering time (Run Time), watering starting time

and to open and close the

water flow

The starting time is delayed by an hour from the time you set the timer, each time you press the key.

7.2 More Functions Sleeve nut

To connect the Water Timer to the tap.

GARDENA threaded tap connector

Fits GARDENA System hoses.


For GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor (Art. No. 1187) and GARDENA Rain Sensor (Art. No. 1189).

Battery compartment

To insert a 9 V battery.


7.3 Other products which can be connected

Fig. D

Anti-theft protection

With special one-way screw and bracket.

Available from GARDENA Services.


Soil Moisture Sensor Rain Sensor

(Art. No. 1187) (Art. No. 1189)

Automatic Water Distributor

(Art. No. 1198)

8. Preparation for Use

Before you use your water timer you must: 1. Insert the battery 2. Connect the water timer to the tap 3. Ensure the new battery works properly.

8.1 Inserting the battery

(Fig. A) 1. Remove the control unit 0 from the housing of the water timer by pressing the release button 7 (see Fig. B / C).

2. Insert the battery in the battery compartment 5 (only use a 9 V alkaline battery type IEC 6LR61) (Fig. A).

Note :

When inserting the battery pay attention to the 3. Reattach the control unit to the housing. The water timer beeps to signal it is ready to be programmed.

After another 5 seconds a double beep confirms that the current settings have been accepted (



Run Time + / –

is set to markings.



Note :

the current time is taken to be the starting time.

4. To delete the current settings, turn the knob to


Set the timer as described under “Setting the Watering Data”.

8.2 Connecting to the Tap

USAS .75-11.5 NH thread.

(Fig. C) The Water Timer is fitted with a sleeve nut for taps with a

8.3 Checking the new battery

To check the new battery, turn on the tap and turn the knob on the water timer to


will sound.

(valve opens) and then shortly afterwards to


(valve closes).

If the battery capacity is too low a warning tone which beeps at intervals

Note :

To ensure that the water does not cause any damage make sure that the water flow is directed away from the water timer (connect hose, stand a bucket underneath, etc.).


9. Setting the Watering Data

Note :

The control unit 0 of the water timer can be removed (Fig. B).

This allows you to select the watering program somewhere other than where the water timer is to be used.

9.1 Setting the watering cycle

You can determine how often your garden should be watered by turning the


knob 2 : – every 8, 12 or 24 hours

(8 h, 12 h, 24 h)

or – every 2nd, 3rd or 7th day

(2 nd , 3 rd , 7 th ) Note :

Intermediate positions are not possible.

9.2 Starting time and watering time

1. Turn the

Run Time

control knob 3 to


2. Then set the

Run Time Important !

control knob 3 to the required watering time:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

After 5 seconds the time you have set is accepted.

This is signalled acoustically by a double beep.

3. The double beep also indicates that the current time has been accepted as the starting time for future watering programs. The future watering starting time can be delayed by an hour each time you press

Start Time

▲ . The

Start Time

▲ must be activated before the double beep.

Note :

The water timer beeps every time you press the key correctly to confirm you have delayed the time by one hour.

Important ! Start Time

▲ is only active for a max. of 5 seconds after the last time you press the key. It is then no longer possible to change the starting time. This is signalled by a double beep.

The watering starting time can only be deleted by turning the knob to


9.3 Examples

Current time: 9:00 am.

The watering program should run as follows: Example a) Every day at 9:00 for 10 minutes.

Example b) Example c) 3 x a day (= every 8 hours) for 2 minutes. at 10:00, at 18:00 and at 2:00.

Every 3 days at 16:00 for 60 minutes.


The timer should be programmed as follows: Step 1 Setting


Step 2 Setting

Run Time

Step 3

Start Time

▲ key Example a) Example b) Example c) 24 h 8 h 3 rd 10 min.

2 min.

60 min.

do not press press once press 7 times The watering time has now been changed. The water timer will now automatically run the required watering programs.

9.4 Turning off the watering programs

The watering programs can be switched off for any period of time e.g. in periods of bad weather as follows: 1. Turn the

Run Time

knob 3 clockwise to


2. To restart the watering e.g. at the end of the bad weather period, turn the

Run Time

knob 3 back to the required watering time.

Note :

The starting time you previously selected remains unchanged so that your garden is watered at the usual times (the times you pro grammed).

9.5 Manual On / Off operation

In addition to watering your garden fully automatically, the Water Timer can be operated manually by turning the mined earlier remains unchanged.

Run Time

rupted. After manually opening / closing the valve knob 3 Automatic watering programs during this time are not executed or inter-

(On / Off)





you can once again select a watering time. A watering starting time which you deter-

“On” position

In the to

On On

position the valve is opened after a delay of 2 seconds and then automatically closed again after 30 minutes. If the water timer is switched during an automatic watering program the valve stays open and is closed after 30 minutes.

“Off” position

In the


position, an open valve is closed after a delay of 2 seconds.


10. Changing the Setting

The time and the watering time can be changed using the control knob

(Run Time).

The changes are accepted after approx. 5 seconds and this is signalled acoustically by a double beep. If the water timer is not reset the original starting time remains unchanged.

Making changes during watering

You can change the watering time

(Run Time)

during an automatic water ing program as follows: .

If the elapsed watering time is


than the new watering time you have selected, then the new watering time is valid.

Example :


Run Time

= 10 minutes, changed after 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

The total watering time is then 30 minutes.


If the watering time which has already expired is


than the new watering time, the water flow is interrupted in the next minute.

If you have already chosen the

starting time (Start Time / Run Time

already set) any changes you make to the watering frequency


are active as soon as the next watering program starts.

If you have forgotten the current start time, you should reset the Water Timer and then re-enter the watering data.

11. Battery

11.1 Status indicator

If the battery capacity falls below a

certain level,

a warning signal sounds every 15 seconds. The programs you have set are not run. The water flow cannot be opened manually. If a valve is open, however, it will be closed.

11.2 Changing the battery

If the battery capacity is too low (the warning signal beeps every 15 seconds), you must change the battery. To do this, the water timer must be removed from the tap.

Important :

Changing the battery deletes the data you have set.


To change the battery : 1. Insert the battery in the battery compartment 5 .

2. Set the

Run Time

control knob 3 to


3. Reset the watering data as described in “Setting the watering data”.

If the

Run Time

knob 3 is not turned to


was inserted the current

Run Time

3 5 seconds after the battery and


be accepted. This is confirmed by a double beep.

2 settings shall

Note :

The time the battery was changed is taken to be the starting time.

To ensure that the water timer works properly we recommend that you insert a new battery at the beginning of every gardening season, or at the latest after a year.

Important !

Please dispose of used batteries properly at the appropriate communal waste disposal site. Only dispose of batteries

when flat.

12. Notes on Safety and Operation


The minimum water output to ensure that the Water Timer functions correctly is 20 - 30 l / h.

For example, at least 10 x 2-litre Drip Heads are required to control the Micro-Drip-System.


The Water Timer must be stored in a dry place away from frost before the frosty season begins.


The max. temperature for the water flow is 40 °C.


The minimum operating pressure is 1 bar, the maximum operating pressure is 12 bar.


For functional safety reasons, only use a 9 V alkali-manganese battery.


The water timer beeps at intervals to indicate that the battery capacity is too low until the battery is flat. When the water timer is beeping the valve is no longer opened. To ensure that the water timer works properly a battery with low capacity must be exchanged.


We recommend fitting the water timer with a new battery at the beginning of every gardening season or at the latest after a year.


The functional safety of the water timer depends on the capability of the battery. The water timer will only run for approx. 1 year if the new alkali-manganese battery has a nominal voltage of at least 9 V. Check the battery before you buy it.



To prevent water penetrating the battery compartment, the Water Timer may only be installed in a perpendicular position with the sleeve nut pointing upwards.


The control unit must be attached to the Water Timer during operation.


Warning ! Only use the water timer outdoors.

The water timer is not approved for indoor use.


Check the filter in the sleeve nut



regularly and clean if neces-


Avoid tensile strain. Do not pull the hose connected to the Water Timer.


Only use clear fresh water.

13. Options

13.1 Anti-Theft Protection

(Fig. D) To protect your Water Timer against theft, the GARDENA anti-theft protection (1815 - 00 .791. 00) is available at GARDENA Service.

The bracket on the anti-theft protection is fitted onto the back of the unit. Note that the screw included cannot be loosened once it has been screwed in. The bracket can be used, for example, to attach a chain.

13.2 GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor

(Fig. E) Together with the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor Art. No. 1187 watering is controlled considering the soil moisture.


The Soil Moisture Sensor is connected to the socket 8 the control unit (Fig. A).

on the back of

How it works

If the connected Soil Moisture Sensor indicates there is sufficient moisture then the watering program is either interrupted or not initiated.

Note :

Manual watering

(On, Off)

is still possible.


13.3 GARDENA Rain Sensor

(Fig. F) Together with the GARDENA Rain Sensor Art. No. 1189 watering is controlled considering natural precipitation.


The Rain Sensor, as an alternative to the Soil Moisture Sensor, can be connected to the connection socket 8 on the back of the control unit (Fig. A).

How it works

If the connected Rain Sensor indicates an appropriate amount of rain, the watering program is interrupted or not initiated.

Note :

Manual watering

(On, Off)

is still possible.

13.4 GARDENA Automatic Water Distributor

(Fig. G) Connecting the GARDENA Automatic Water Distributor (Art. No. 1198) allows you to control up to 6 watering lines with your water timer electronic (max. 3 lines per day).

Ideal in areas with not enough water flow to operate all areas at the same time. Allows the operation of each channel one after the other.

14. Faults

Faults Manual opening using On not / not completely Watering program do not run.

Possible cause

Battery capacity too low.

Tap turned off.

Battery capacity too low ; water timer is beeping.

Watering program turned off.

Run Time

set to




Valve was opened manually and closed automatically after 30 minutes.

Tap turned off.


Insert a new

alkaline battery.

Turn on tap.

Insert a new

alkaline battery.

Set the

Run Time

to the required watering time.

Run Time

set to


Set the

Run Time

back to the required watering time.

Turn on tap.


Watering program do not run.

Watering program run at the wrong time.

Battery flat after working for a short time.

Device not working.

Connected Soil Moisture Sensor / Rain Sensor indicates adequate amount of moisture.

Water timer has been

Not reset.

an alkaline battery.

Check the moisture level setting on the Soil Moisture Sensor.

Determine the new starting time. Set the starting time (see “Setting the watering data”).

Use an



Battery inserted incorrectly.

Battery is flat.

Observe the

+ / –


Insert a new

alkaline battery.

If you have any problems with your Water Timer, please contact our Customer Service or return the defective unit together with a short de scription of the problem directly to one of the GARDENA Service Centres listed on the back of this leaflet.

If covered under warranty, please include the completed and signed warranty card.


(in accordance with RL 2002 / 96 / EC) The product must not be added to normal household waste.

It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations.

We expressly point out that, in accordance with the product liability law, we are not liable for any damage caused by our units if it is due to improper repair or if parts exchanged are not original GARDENA parts or parts approved by us, and, if the repairs were not carried out by a GARDENA Service Centre or an authorised specialist.

The same applies to spare parts and accessories.




GARDENA guarantees this product for 2 years (from date of purchase). This guarantee covers all serious defects of the unit that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults.

Under warranty we will either replace the unit or repair it free of charge if the following condi tions apply: .

The unit must have been handled properly and in keep ing with the requirements of the operating instructions.


Neither the purchaser nor a non-authorised third party have attempted to repair the unit.

Defects in the Water Timer attribut able to batteries which have been incorrectly installed or are leaking are excluded from the warranty provisions.

This manufacturer’s guarantee does not affect the user’s existing warranty claims against the dealer/ seller.

In case of claim cut out the warranty card and send it together with the unit to the GARDENA Service Centre.



GARDENA accorde pour cet appareil une garantie contractuelle de 2 ans à compter du jour de l’achat. Elle est assurée par le remplacement gratuit des pièces défectueuses ou de l’appareil.

Le choix en étant laissé à la libre initiative de GARDENA.

En tout état de cause s’applique la garantie légale couvrant toutes les conséquences des défauts ou vices cachés (article 1641 et suivants du Code Civil).

Pour que ces garanties soient valables, les conditions suivantes doivent être remplies : .

L’appareil a été manipulé de manière adéquate, suivant les instructions du mode d’emploi.


Il n’y a eu aucun essai de réparation, ni par le client, ni par un tiers.

Les défectuosités dues à une mauvaise mise en place de la pile ou à l’utilisation d’une pile défec tueuse sont exclues de la garantie.

Une intervention sous garantie ne prolonge pas la durée initiale de la garantie contractuelle.

Toutes les revendications dé passant le contenu de ce texte ne sont pas couvertes par la garantie, quel que soit le motif de droit.

Pendant la période de garantie, le Service Après-Vente et les Centres SAV agréés effectueront, à titre payant, les réparations



nécessaires par suite de mani pulations erronées.

En cas de réclamation, découpez la carte de garantie et retournez-la avec l’appareil au Service Après Vente de GARDENA.



Para este producto GARDENA concede una garantía de 2 años (a partir de la fecha de compra).

Esta garantía se refiere a todos los defectos esenciales del pro ducto que tengan de origen defec tos de materiales o de fabricación.

La garantía se efectúa mediante intercambio por un artículo en perfectas condiciones o mediante la reparación gratuita de la pieza enviada, según nuestro criterio, sólo en el caso de que se hayan cumplido los siguientes requisitos: .

El aparato fue manipulado correctamente y según la indicaciones del manual de instrucciones.


Ni el cliente ni terceros inten taron repararlo.

Los defectos del temporizador de riego debidos a la colocación inco rrecta o a derrames de las pilas están excluidos de la garantía.

Esta garantía del fabricante no afectará los derechos de garantía que eventualmente existen con respecto al distribuidor / vendedor.

En el caso de reclamación, roga mos recortar y enviar la presente Tarjeta de Garantía con el aparato.


Warranty Card Carte de garantie Tarjeta de garantía

Water Timer Electronic T 1030 Programmateur electronic T 1030 Temporizador de riego T 1030 Purchase date: Acheté le (date et lieu d’achat) : Fecha de compra: Dealer’s stamp / Receipt: Cachet du revendeur : Sello del comerciante: Art. No. 1806 réf. 1806 Art. nº 1806 Reasons for complaint: Défaut constaté : Reclamo: 45


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