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Gardena 5039 Operators Manual








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PowerMax Li-18/32 Art. 5039


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GARDENA Battery Lawnmower PowerMax Li-18/32

1. SAFETY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 2. ASSEMBLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 3. OPERATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 4. MAINTENANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 5. STORAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 6. TROUBLESHOOTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 7. TECHNICAL DATA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 8. ACCESSORIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 9. SERVICE / WARRANTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Original instructions.

This product may be used under supervision, or if instruction regarding the safe use of the prod uct has been provided and the resulting dangers have been understood, by children aged 8 and above, as well as by persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge. Children must not be allowed to play with the product. Cleaning and user mainte nance must not be performed by children without supervision. The use of this product by young people under the age of 16 is not recommended.

Intended use:

The GARDENA Lawnmower is intended to mow lawn in private domestic gardens and allotments.

The product is not intended for long term use.

DANGER! Risk of injury! Do not use the prod uct to cut bushes, hedges, shrubs, to cut off climbers or grass on roofs or balcony boxes, to chop up branches, twigs and to level irregu larities in the soil. Do not use the product on a slope steeper than 20° maximum.


IMPORTANT! Read the operator’s manual carefully before use and keep for future reference. Do not let the product become wet with rain or other moisture.

Symbols on the product:

Read operator’s manual.

General safety warnings

Electrical safety DANGER! Electric shock! Keep bystanders away. Beware of sharp blades. Blades continue to rotate after the motor is switched off. Remove disabling device before maintenance. Secure the working area before starting to work. Watch out for hidden cables. Fire risk! Short-circuit! Do not connect the contacts of the battery with metal components. Risk of injury due to electric shock.

v The product must be supplied through a residual

current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA. Training

a) Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the controls and the correct use of the machine.

b) Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the machine. Local regulations can restrict the age of the operator.

c) Never operate the machine while people, especially children, or pets are nearby.

d) Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property.

Remove the Battery before cleaning or maintenance. Preparation

a) While operating the machine always wear substantial footwear and long trousers. Do not operate the 15

machine when barefoot or wearing open sandals. Avoid wearing clothing that is loose fitting or that hanging cords or ties.

b) Thoroughly inspect the area where the machine is to be used and remove all objects which can be thrown by the machine.

c) Before using, always visually inspect to see that the blade, blade bolt and the blade assembly are not worn or damaged. Replace worn or damaged components in set to preserve balance. Replace damaged or unreadable labels.

d) Before use check the supply and extension cord for signs of damage or aging. If the cord becomes dam aged during use, disconnect the cord from the supply immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE CORD BEFORE DISCONNECT ING THE SUPPLY. Do not use the machine if the cord is damaged or worn.

if the machine starts to vibrate abnormally (check immediately):

Maintenance and storage

a) Keep all nuts, bolts, and screws tight to be sure the machine is in safe working condition.

b) Check the grass collector frequently for wear or deterioration.

c) Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.

d) On machines with multi blade, take care as rotating one blade can cause other blades rotate.

e) Be careful during adjustment of the machine to pre vent entrapment of the fingers between moving blades and fixed parts of the machine.

f) Always allow the machine to cool down before storing.

g) When servicing the blades be aware that, even though the power source is switched off, the blades can still be moved.

h) Use only genuine replacement parts and accessories.


a) Operate the machine only in daylight or in good artificial light.

b) Avoid operating the machine in wet grass.

c) Always be sure of your footing on slopes.

d) Walk, never run.

e) Mow across the face of slopes, never up and down.

f) Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes.

g) Do not mow excessively steep slopes.

h) Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the machine towards you.

i) Stop the blade(s) if the machine has to be tilted for transportation when crossing surfaces other than grass, and when transporting the machine to and from area to be used.

j) Never operate the machine with defective guards or shields, or without safety devices, for example deflec tors and/or grass collector, in place.

k) Switch on the motor carefully according to instructions and with feet well away from the blade(s).

l) Do not tilt the machine when switching on the motor, except if the machine has to be tilted for starting. In this case, do not tilt it more than absolutely necessary and lift only the part, which is away from the operator.

m) Do not start the machine when standing in front of the discharge opening.

n) Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all times.

o) Do not transport the machine while the power source is running.

p 2 ) Stop the machine, and remove the disabling device. Make sure that all moving parts have come to a com plete stop: – machine, – for damage and make repairs before restarting and operating the machine;

Additional safety warnings

Battery safety DANGER! Fire risk! The battery to be charged must be placed on a nonflammable, heat resistant and non-conduc tive surface while charging.

Keep corrosive, flammable and easily combustible objects clear of the battery charger and the battery. Do not cover the battery charger and the battery while charging.

Disconnect the battery charger immediately in the event of smoke formation or fire.

Only use the original GARDENA charger to charge the battery. The use of other battery chargers may damage the batteries irreparably and even cause a fire.

If you notice fire: Extinguish the flames with oxygen reduc ing materials.

DANGER! Risk of explosion! Protect batteries from heat and fire. Do not leave on radiators or expose to strong sunshine for long periods.

Do not operate in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. Batteries may create sparks which could ignite the dust or fumes.

Check your replacement battery before each use. Visually check the battery before each use. A non-functioning bat tery must be disposed of correctly. Do not send by post. For further details, please contact your local disposal companies.

For risks of injury do not use the battery as a power source for other products. Only use the battery for the GARDENA product intended.


Only charge the battery in ambient temperatures of between 0 °C and 40 °C. Allow battery to cool down after long periods of use.

Check the charging cable regularly for signs of damage or ageing (brittleness). Only use it in perfect condition.

Do not stow the battery above 45 °C or in direct sunlight. Ideally, the battery should be stored below 25 °C so that self-discharge is low.

Do not expose the battery to rain or wet conditions. Water entering a battery will increase the risk of electric shock.

Keep battery in order (clean) especially air vents.

If usage of the battery is not planned for a certain time (winter period) reload the battery to avoid a deep dis charge.

Do not store while still attached to a tool, this prevents misuse and accidents.

Do not store the battery in places where static electricity is present.

Electrical safety interfere with active or passive medical implants. To decrease the risk of conditions that can possibly injure or kill, we recommend persons with medical implants to speak with their physician and the medi cal implant manufacturer before you operate the product.

Only use the battery product between – 10 °C and 40 °C.

Do not use under wet conditions.

Personal safety DANGER! Risk of suffocation! Small parts can be easily swallowed. There is also a risk that the polybag can suffocate toddlers. Keep toddlers away when you assemble the product.

Do not use the start levers alternately.

Do not disassemble the product further than the delivery status.

Use gloves, wear slip resistant shoes and wear eye pro tection.

Only start the mower with an upright standed handle.

DANGER! Cardiac arrest! This product makes an electromagnetic field while it operates. This field may under some conditions

Do not overload the mower.

Never operate the product when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medicine.


To assemble the lower handles:

2 1 3 f 2 3

DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the mower starts accidentally.


Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you assemble the mower.

1. Push the lower handles 1 into the openings

Make sure that the handles

f in the mower.

are completely in place and the handle holes are inline up with the holes in the mower.

2. Put the washer 2 on the wing screw 3 .

3. Put the wing screw in the threaded hole in the mower.

4. Tighten the wing screw .


To assemble the upper handle:

1. Put the upper handle

Make sure that the handles are completely in place and the handle holes are inline.

on the lower handles 1 .

2. Push the screws through the holes.

3. Put the washers 2 and the wing nuts 6 on the screws .

4. Tighten the wing nuts .

4 52 6 5 1 2

To attach the cable to the handle:

7 v Attach the cable

Make sure that the cable is not locked between the lower and the upper handle.

to the handle with the clamps 8 .


To assemble the grass box:

q 0 1. Turn the cover on the grass box.

Make sure that the cover aligns to the grass box.

2. Push the cover on the grass box until the connections audibly engage.

Make sure that all connections are engaged.

3. Push the handle on the grass box until the connections audibly engage.

4. Push the chute 9 into the grass box and pull the chute 9 forward until it audibly engages.

9 9


DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the mower starts accidentally.


Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you adjust or transport the mower.


To charge the battery:

> Y > C > Y V >

CAUTION! Overvoltage damages the battery and the battery charger.


Make sure that you use the correct mains voltage.

For the GARDENA Battery Lawnmower Art. 5039-55 there is no battery in the scope of delivery.

Before you use the battery the first time, the battery must be com pletely charged.

The lithium-ion battery can be charged in any state of charge and the charging process can be disconnected at any time without to damage the battery (no memory effect).

1. Push both locking buttons battery holder .

and remove the battery Y from the 2. Connect the battery charger into a mains socket.

3. Connect the battery charger cable V to the battery Y .

When the charging control lamp at the charger flashes green the battery is being charged.

When the charging control lamp at the charger illuminates green the battery is completely charged

(charging time, see 7. TECHNICAL DATA).

4. Examine the charge status regularly while you charge.

5. When the battery battery is completely charged, disconnect the from the charger .

6. Disconnect the charger from the mains.

å X

Battery charging indicator:



« ∑ €

To start the mower:

Battery charging indicator during charging:

100 % charged « , ∑ and € illuminate (for 60 sec.) 66 – 99 % charged « and ∑ illuminate, € flashing 33 – 65 % charged 0 – 32 % charged « illuminates, flashes « flashes

Battery charging indicator during operation:

v Push the button y on the battery.

66 – 99 % charged « , ∑ and € illuminate 33 – 65 % charged 10 – 32 % charged 0 – 10 % charged « and illuminate « illuminates « flashes

DANGER! Risk of injury! Risk of injury if the mower does not stop when you release the start lever.


Do not bypass the safety devices or switches. For example do not attach the start lever to the handle.


i > z Y o > u C

To adjust the cutting height:


To start: The product is provided with a two-handed safety device (start lever and safety interlock) to prevent the product from being turned on by accident.

There are two start levers . Either one has to be used to start.

1. Open the lid .

2. Put the batteries Y into the battery holder C until they audibly engage.

3. Put the safety key into the mower and turn to position 1.

4. Push the safety interlock lever u z with one hand and pull the start with the other hand.

The mower starts.

5. Release the safety interlock .

To stop:

1. Release the start lever .

The mower stops.

2. Turn the safety key to positon 0 and remove it.

The cutting height can be adjusted from 20 – 60 mm in 12 positions.

1. Push and turn the adjust wheel clockwise to lower the cutting height.

2. Push and turn the adjust wheel counterclockwise to increase the cutting height.

To use the mower with the grass box:

a qs

DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the blade turns or the mower starts accidentally.


Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you open the protective flap.


Do not put your hands in the discharge opening.

1. Lift the protective flap .

2. Put the grass box into the mower by the handle .

Make sure that the grass box is securely connected.

3. Start the mower.

The level indicator opens during mowing. When it closes during mowing the grass box is full.

4. Stop the mower.

5. Lift the protective flap .

6. Remove the grass box by the handle .

7. Empty the grass box.


Tips to use the mower:

If grass residue is left in the discharge opening, pull the mower back wards about 1 m so that the grass residue can drop out downwards.

To produce a well-maintained lawn, we recommend to cut the lawn regularly once a week if possible. The lawn becomes denser if you cut it frequently.

After relatively long cutting intervals (holiday lawn), first of all cut in one direction with the highest cutting height and then cut in the crosswise direction with the required cutting height.

If possible, only cut the grass when it is dry, if the grass is damp, the cutting pattern will be uneven.


To clean the mower:


To clean the battery and the battery charger:

DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the mower starts accidentally.


Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you maintain the mower.

DANGER! Risk of injury! Risk of injury and risk of damage to the mower.


Do not clean the mower with water or with a water jet (in particular high-pressure water jet).


Do not clean with chemicals including petrol or solvents. Some can destroy critical plastic parts. The airflow slots must always be clean. To clean the underside of the mower:

The underside is easiest to clean after you mowed.

1. Lay the mower on its side carefully.

2. Clean the underside, the blade and the discharge opening with a brush (do not use sharp objects).

To clean the overside of the mower and the grass box:

1. Clean the overside with a damp cloth.

2. Clean the airflow slots and the grass box with a soft brush (do not use sharp objects).

Make sure that the surface and the contacts of the battery and the battery charger always are clean and dry before you connect the battery charger.

Do not use running water.

v Clean the contacts and the plastic parts with a soft and dry cloth.



To put into storage: Disposal:

(in accordance with RL2012/19/EC)

Disposal of the battery:




The product must be stored away from children. 1. Turn the safety key to position 0 and remove it.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Charge the battery.

4. Clean the mower, the battery and the battery charger (see 4. MAINTENANCE).

5. To save space, loosen the wing nuts until the handle can be folded together easily.

Make sure that the cable is not locked between the lower and the upper handle.

6. Store the mower, the battery and the battery charger in a dry, enclosed and frost-free place.

The product must not be disposed of to normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations.


Dispose of the product through or via your municipal recycling collection centre. The GARDENA battery contains lithium-ion cells that should not be disposed of with normal household waste at the end of its life.


Dispose of the batteries through or via your municipal recycling collection centre. 1. Discharge the lithium-ion cells completely (contact the GARDENA Service).

2. Protect the contacts on the lithium-ion cells against short circuits.

3. Dispose of the lithium-ion cells properly.


To replace the blade:

DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the mower starts accidentally.


Wait for the blade to stop, remove the safety key and use gloves before you troubleshoot the mower.

DANGER! Risk of injury! Cut injury when the blade turns and it is damaged, bent, out of balance or has chipped edges.


Do not use the mower when the blade is damaged, bent, out of balance or has chipped edges.


Do not regrind the blade.


Mower does not start Engine is jammed and makes a noise Loud noises, the mower is rattling Mower runs unevenly or vibrates strongly Lawn is not cleanly mowed Error-LED


on the battery flashes 2,6Ah




on the battery illuminates Charging control lamp on the charger does not illuminate

The GARDENA spare parts are available from your GARDENA dealer or from the GARDENA service.

Only use an original GARDENA blade: • GARDENA replacement blade Art. 4100.

v Let the blade be replaced by the GARDENA Service or a specialist dealer authorised by GARDENA.

Battery is not put completely into the battery holder.

On LED is off.

Safety key is not in positon 1.

Blade is blocked. Blade is blocked. Cutting height is too low.

v Remove the obstacle. v Raise the cutting height.

Screws on engine, its fixing or on the mower housing are loose.

v Let the screws be tightened by an authorised specialist dealer or the GARDENA Service.

Blade is damaged / worn or the blade mounting is released.

Blade is very dirty.

Blade is blunt or damaged.

Cutting height is too low.

Battery overload.

Under voltage.

Battery temperature is out of range.


v Put the battery completely into the battery holder until it audibly engages.

v Push the On/Off button.

v Turn the safety key to position 1.

v Remove the obstacle. v Let the blade be tightened or replaced by an authorised specialist dealer or the GARDENA Service.

v Clean the mower (see 4. MAINTENANCE). If this does not rectify the problem, contact the GARDENA Service.

v Let the blade be replaced by the GARDENA Service.

v Raise the cutting height.

v Release the start levers. Start again.

v Charge the battery.

v Use the battery in surround ings where temperatures are between – 10 °C and 40 °C.

Battery error / battery defective.

v Contact the GARDENA Service.

Battery charger or charging cable are not connected correctly.

v Connect the battery charger and charging cable correctly.

å 23

Charging control lamp the charger flashes red



Battery temperature is out of range.


v Use the battery in surround ings where temperatures are between – 10 °C and 40 °C.

NOTE: For any other malfunctions please contact the GARDENA service department. Repairs must only be done by GARDENA service departments or specialist dealers approved by GARDENA.


Battery Lawnmower

Speed of rotation cutting blade R/min 3300

Cutting width Cutting height adjustment (12 positions) Volume of grass box Weight (without Battery)

l cm mm kg 32 20 – 60 30 8.6

Sound pressure level L pA 1) Uncertainty k pA Sound power level L WA 2) : measured/guaranteed Uncertainty k WA

dB (A) dB (A) 76.9

3 86.1 / 87 1.1

Hand/arm vibration a vhw 1) Uncertainty k a

m/s 2 < 2.5


Measuring process complying with: 1) EN 60335-2-77 2) RL 2000/14/EC

NOTE: The stated vibration emission value has been measured according to a standardized test procedure and can be used for comparison of one electric power tool with another. It can also be used for preliminary evaluation of exposure. The vibration emission value can vary during actual use of the electric power tool.

System Battery BLi-18

Battery voltage Battery capacity Battery charging time 80 % / 100 % (approx.)

Battery Charger 18 V

Mains voltage Mains frequency Rated Power Output voltage Max. Output current

24 V (AC) Ah h 18 2.6

3.5 / 5 V (AC) Hz W V (DC) mA 230 50 16 18 600


GARDENA Replacement Battery BLi-18 GARDENA Battery Charger 18 V GARDENA Replacement Blade

Battery for additional duration or for replacement.

Charger to charge the GARDENA Batteries BLi-18.

As replacement for blunt blade.

Art. 9839 Art. 8833 Art. 4100



Please contact the address on the back page.


In the event of a warranty claim, no charge is levied to you for the services provided.

GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH offers a two-year warranty (effective as of the date of purchase) for this product. This warranty includes all significant defects of the product that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. This warranty is fulfilled by supplying a fully functional replacement product or by repairing the faulty product sent to us free of charge; we reserve the right to choose between these options. This service is subject to the following provisions: • The product was used for its intended purpose as per the recommendations in the operating instructions.

• Neither the purchaser nor a third party has attempted to repair the product.

This manufacturer’s warranty does not affect warranty entitlements against the dealer / retailer.

If problems arise with this product, please contact our Service department or send the defective product along with a brief description of the fault to GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH, making sure to have sufficiently covered any shipping costs and to have followed the relevant postage and packaging guidelines. A warranty claim must be accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase.


The blade and the wheels are consumables and are not included in the warranty.




Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass wir in Übereinstimmung mit dem Produkthaftungsgesetz nicht für Schäden haften, die durch unsere Produkte entstehen, wenn diese unsachgemäß und nicht durch einen von uns autorisierten Servicepartner repariert wurden oder wenn keine Original GARDENA Teile oder von uns zugelassene Teile verwen det wurden.


Product liability

In accordance with the German Product Liability Act, we hereby expressly declare that we accept no liability for damage incurred from our products where said products have not been properly repaired by a GARDENA-approved service partner or where original GARDENA parts or parts authorised by GARDENA were not used.



Conformément à la loi relative à la responsabilité du fait des produits défectueux, nous déclarons expressément par la présente que nous déclinons toute responsabilité pour les dommages résultant de nos produits, si lesdits produits n‘ont pas été correctement réparés par un partenaire d‘entretien agréé GARDENA ou si des pièces d’origine GARDENA ou des pièces agréées GARDENA n‘ont pas été utilisées.



Conform de Duitse wet inzake productaansprakelijkheid verklaren wij hierbij uitdrukkelijk dat wij geen aansprakelijk heid aanvaarden voor schade ontstaan uit onze producten waarbij deze producten niet zijn gerepareerd door een GARDENA-erkende servicepartner of waarbij geen originele GARDENA-onderdelen of onderdelen die door GARDENA zijn goedgekeurd zijn gebruikt.



I enlighet med tyska produktansvarslagar förklarar vi härmed uttryckligen att vi inte åtar oss något ansvar för skador som orsakas av våra produkter där produkterna inte har genomgått korrekt reparation från en GARDENA-godkänd servicepartner eller där originaldelar från GARDENA eller delar godkända av GARDENA inte använts.



I overensstemmelse med den tyske produktansvarslov erklærer vi hermed udtrykkeligt, at vi ikke påtager os noget ansvar for skader på vores produkter, hvis de pågældende produkter ikke er blevet repareret korrekt af en GARDENA-godkendt servicepartner, eller hvor der ikke er brugt originale GARDENA-reservedele eller godkendte reservedele fra GARDENA.



Saksan tuotevastuulain mukaisesti emme ole vastuussa laitteiden vaurioista, jos korjauksia ei ole tehnyt GARDENAn hyväksymä huoltoliike tai jos niiden syynä on muiden kuin alkuperäisten GARDENA-varaosien tai GARDENAn hyväk symien varaosien käyttö.


Responsabilità del prodotto

In conformità con la Legge tedesca sulla responsabilità del prodotto, con la presente dichiariamo espressamente che decliniamo qualsiasi responsabilità per danni causati dai nostri prodotti qualora non siano stati correttamente riparati presso un partner di assistenza approvato GARDENA o laddove non siano stati utilizzati ricambi originali o autorizzati GARDENA.


Responsabilidad sobre el producto

De acuerdo con la Ley de responsabilidad sobre productos alemana, por la presente declaramos expresamente que no aceptamos ningún tipo de responsabilidad por los daños ocasionados por nuestros productos si dichos productos no han sido reparados por un socio de mantenimiento aprobado por GARDENA o si no se han utilizado piezas originales GARDENA o piezas autorizadas por GARDENA.


Responsabilidade pelo produto

De acordo com a lei alemã de responsabilidade pelo produto, declaramos que não nos responsabilizamos por danos causados pelos nossos produtos, caso os tais produtos não tenham sido devidamente reparados por um parceiro de assistência GARDENA aprovado ou se não tiverem sido utilizadas peças GARDENA originais ou peças autorizadas pela GARDENA.


Odpowiedzialność za produkt

Zgodnie z niemiecką ustawą o odpowiedzialności za produkt, niniejszym wyraźnie oświadczamy, że nie ponosimy żadnej odpowiedzialności za szkody poniesione na skutek użytkowania naszych produktów, w przypadku gdy naprawa tych produktów nie była odpowiednio przeprowadzana przez zatwierdzonego przez firmę GARDENA part nera serwisowego lub nie stosowano oryginalnych części GARDENA albo części autoryzowanych przez tę firmę.




A németországi termékszavatossági törvénnyel összhangban ezennel nyomatékosan kijelentjük, hogy nem vállalunk felelősséget a termékeinkben keletkezett olyan károkért, amelyek valamely GARDENA által jóváhagyott szervizpartner által nem megfelelően végzett javításból adódtak, vagy amely során nem eredeti GARDENA alkatrészeket vagy a GARDENA által jóváhagyott alkatrészeket használtak fel.


Odpovědnost za výrobek

V souladu s německým zákonem o odpovědnosti za výrobek tímto výslovně prohlašujeme, že nepřijímáme žádnou odpovědnost za poškození vzniklá na našich výrobcích, kdy zmíněné výrobky nebyly řádně opraveny schváleným servisním partnerem GARDENA nebo kdy nebyly použity originální náhradní díly GARDENA nebo náhradní díly auto rizované společností GARDENA.


Zodpovednosť za produkt

V súlade s nemeckými právnymi predpismi upravujúcimi zodpovednosť za výrobok týmto výslovne prehlasujeme, že nenesieme žiadnu zodpovednosť za škody spôsobené našimi výrobkami, v prípade ktorých neboli náležité opravy vykonané servisným partnerom schváleným spoločnosťou GARDENA alebo neboli použité diely spoločnosti GARDENA alebo diely schválené spoločnosťou GARDENA.


Ευθύνη προϊόντος

Σύμφωνα με τον γερμανικό νόμο περί Ευθύνης για τα Προϊόντα, με το παρόν δηλώνουμε ρητώς ότι δεν αποδεχόμαστε καμία ευθύνη για τυχόν ζημίες που προκύπτουν από τα προϊόντα μας εάν αυτά δεν έχουν επισκευαστεί σωστά από κάποιον εγκεκριμένο συνεργάτη επισκευών της GARDENA ή εάν δεν έχουν χρησιμοποιηθεί αυθεντικά εξαρτήματα GARDENA ή εξαρτήματα εγκεκριμένα από την GARDENA.


Odgovornost proizvajalca

V skladu z nemškimi zakoni o odgovornosti za izdelke,izrecno izjavljajo, da ne sprejemamo nobene odgovornosti za škodo, ki jo povzročijo naši izdelki, če teh niso ustrezno popravili GARDENINI odobreni servisni partnerji ali pri tem niso bili uporabljeni originalni GARDENINI nadomestni deli ali GARDENINIMI homologiranimi nadomestnimi deli.


Pouzdanost proizvoda

Sukladno njemačkom zakonu o pouzdanosti proizvoda, ovime izričito izjavljujemo kako ne prihvaćamo nikakvu odgovornost za oštećenja na našim proizvodima nastala uslijed neispravnog popravka od strane servisnog partnera kojeg odobrava GARDENA ili uslijed nekorištenja originalnih GARDENA dijelova ili dijelova koje odobrava GARDENA.


Răspunderea pentru produs

În conformitate cu Legea germană privind răspunderea pentru produs, declarăm în mod expres prin prezentul document că nu acceptăm nicio răspundere pentru defecţiunile suferite de produsele noastre atunci când acestea nu au fost reparate în mod corect de un atelier de service partener, aprobat de GARDENA, sau când nu au fost utilizate piese GARDENA originale sau piese autorizate de GARDENA.


Отговорност за вреди, причинени от стоки

Съгласно германския Закон за отговорността за вреди, причинени от стоки, с настоящото изрично декларираме, че не носим отговорност за щети, причинени от нашите продукти, ако те не са били правилно ремонтирани от одобрен от GARDENA сервиз или ако не са използвани оригинални части на GARDENA или части, одобрени от GARDENA.




Vastavalt Saksamaa tootevastutusseadusele deklareerime käesolevaga selgesõnaliselt, et me ei kanna mingisugust vastutust meie toodetest tingitud kahjude eest, kui need tooted ei ole korrektselt parandatud GARDENA heakskii detud hoolduspartneri poolt või kui parandamisel ei ole kasutatud GARDENA originaalosi või GARDENA volitatud


Gaminio patikimumas

Mes aiškiai pareiškiame, kad, atsižvelgiant į Vokietijos gaminių patikimumo įstatymą, neprisiimame atsakomybės dėl bet kokios žalos, patirtos dėl mūsų gaminių, jeigu jie buvo netinkamai taisomi arba jų dalys buvo pakeistos neoriginaliomis GARDENA dalimis ar nepatvirtintomis dalimis, arba jeigu remonto darbai buvo atliekami ne GARDENA techninės priežiūros centro specialistų.


Atbildība par produkcijas kvalitāti

Saskaņā ar Vācijas likumu par atbildību par produkcijas kvalitāti ar šo mēs paziņojam, ka neuzņemamies atbildību par bojājumiem, kas radušies, lietojot mūsu izstrādājumus, kuru remontu nav veicis uzņēmuma GARDENA apstiprināts apkopes partneris vai kuru remontam netika izmantotas oriģinālās GARDENA detaļas vai detaļas, kuru lietošanu apstiprinājis uzņēmums GARDENA.


DE EU-Konformitätserklärung

Der Unterzeichner, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Schweden, bescheinigt hiermit, dass die nachstehend aufgeführten Geräte bei Verlassen des Werks die harmonisierten EU-Leitlinien, EU-Normen für Sicherheit und besondere Normen erfüllen. Dieses Zertifikat verliert seine Gültigkeit, wenn die Geräte ohne unsere Genehmigung verändert werden.

HU EK megfelelőségi nyilatkozat

Alulírott Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Svédország ezzel tanúsítja, hogy az alábbiakban leírt egységek a gyár elhagyásakor megfeleltek a harmonizált uniós előírásoknak és biztonsági és termékspecifikus szabványoknak. Ez a tanúsítvány érvényét veszti, ha az egységeket jóváhagyásunk nélkül átalakítják.

EN EC Declaration of Conformity

The undersigned, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, hereby certifies that, when leaving our factory, the units indicated below are in accordance with the harmonised EU guidelines, EU standards of safety and product specific standards. This certificate becomes void if the units are modified without our approval.

CS Prohlášení o shodě ES

Níže uvedená společnost Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Švédsko, tímto potvrzuje, že při opuštění naší továrny jsou jednotky uvedené níže v souladu s harmonizovanými pokyny EU, standardy EU ohledně bezpečnosti a specifickými produktovými standardy. Tento certifikát pozbývá platnosti, pokud dojde k úpravě jednotek bez našeho schválení.

FR Déclaration de conformité CE

Le constructeur, soussigné : Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Suède, déclare qu’à la sortie de ses usines le matériel neuf désigné ci-dessous était conforme aux prescriptions des directives européennes énoncées ciaprès et conforme aux règles de sécurité et autres règles qui lui sont applicables dans le cadre de l’Union européenne. Toute modification apportée à cet appareil sans notre accord annule la validité de ce certificat.

SK EÚ vyhlásenie o zhode

Dolu podpísaná spoločnosť Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Švédsko týmto osvedčuje, že nižšie uvedené jednotky boli v súlade s harmonizovanými usmerne niami EÚ, normami EÚ v oblasti bezpečnosti a špecifickými normami týkajúcimi sa produktu v čase opustenia výrobného závodu. Toto osvedčenie stráca platnosť, ak boli jednotky zmenené bez nášho súhlasu.

NL EG-conformiteitsverklaring

De ondergetekende, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Zweden, verklaart hierbij dat de producten die hieronder staan vermeld, wanneer ze onze fabriek verlaten, in overeenstemming zijn met de geharmoniseerde Europese richtlijnen, EU-normen voor veiligheid en productspecifieke normen. Dit certificaat vervalt als de producten worden aangepast zonder onze toestemming.

EL Δήλωση Συμμόρφωσης ΕΚ

Η υπογεγραμμένη εταιρεία, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Σουηδία, πιστο ποιεί ότι, κατά την έξοδο από το εργοστάσιο, οι μονάδες που αναφέρονται κατω τέρω συμμορφώνονται με τις εναρμονισμένες οδηγίες ΕΕ, τα πρότυπα ασφαλείας της ΕΕ και τα συγκεκριμένα πρότυπα προϊόντος. Αυτό το πιστοποιητικό καθίστα ται άκυρο εάν οι μονάδες έχουν τροποποιηθεί χωρίς την έγκρισή μας.

SV EG-försäkran om överensstämmelse

Undertecknad firma Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Sverige, intygar härmed att nedan nämnda produkter, när de lämnar vår fabrik, överensstämmer med EU:s riktlinjer, EU:s säkerhetsstandarder och produktspecifika standarder. Detta intyg skall ogiltigförklaras om produkten ändras utan vårt godkännande.

SL Izjava ES o skladnosti

Spodaj podpisana, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Švedska, s to izjavo potrjuje, da je bila spodaj navedena enota ob izhodu iz tovarne skladna z usklaje nimi smerni cami EU, standardi EU za varnost in standardi, specifičnimi za izdelek. Izjava postane neveljavna v primeru neodobrene spremembe enote.

DA EU-overensstemmelseserklæring

Undertegnede, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Sverige erklærer hermed, at nedenfor anførte enheder er i overensstemmelse med de harmoniserede EUret ningslinjer, EU-standarder for sikkerhed og produktspecifikke standarder, når de forlader fabrikken. Denne erklæring ugyldiggøres, hvis enhederne ændres uden vores godkendelse.

HR Izjava o usklađenosti EZ

Niže potpisana Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Švedska, ovime potvrđuje kako su u nastavku navedene jedinice prilikom napuštanja tvornice bile u skladu s usklađenim smjernicama EU, EU sigurnosnim standardima i standardima specifičnima za proizvod. Ova certifikacija poništava se ako se jedinice izmjenjuju bez odobrenja.

FI EY-vaatimustenmukaisuusvakuutus

Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Ruotsi, vakuuttaa täten, että alla mainitut lait teet ovat tehtaalta lähtiessään yhdenmukaistettujen EU-säännösten, EU:n turva standardien ja tuotekohtaisten standardien mukaisia. Tämä vakuutus mitätöityy, jos laitteita muokataan ilman hyväksyntäämme.

RO Declaraţie de conformitate CE

Subscrisa, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Husqvarna, Suedia, certifică prin prezenta că, la momentul ieşirii din fabrica noastră, unităţile indicate mai jos sunt în conformi tate cu directivele UE armonizate, cu standardele UE de siguranţă şi cu standar dele specifice ale produsului. Prezentul certificat devine nul dacă unităţile sunt modificate fără aprobarea noastră.

IT Dichiarazione di conformità CE

La sottoscritta Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Svezia, certifica che il prodotto qui di seguito indicato, nei modelli da noi commercializzati, è conforme alle direttive armonizzate UE nonché agli standard di sicurezza UE e agli standard specifici di prodotto. Qualunque modifica apportata al prodotto senza nostra specifica autorizzazione invalida la presente dichiarazione.

BG Декларация за съответствие на ЕО

С настоящото долуподписаната, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Швеция, удостоверява, че при напускане на фабриката модулите, посочени по долу, са в съответствие с хармонизираните директиви на ЕС, стандартите на ЕС за безопасност и специфичните за продукта стандарти. Този сертификат става невалиден, ако модулите са променени без нашето одобрение.

ES Declaración de conformidad CE

El abajo firmante, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Suecia, certifica por la presente que, cuando salen de la fábrica, las unidades indicadas a continuación cumplen las normas de armonización de la UE, las normas de la UE sobre seguridad y las normas específicas del producto. Este certificado quedará sin efecto si se modifican las unidades sin nuestra autorización.

ET EÜ vastavusdeklaratsioon

Allakirjutanu Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Rootsi, kinnitab käesolevaga, et tehasest väljumisel vastavad allpool nimetatud seadmed harmoneeritud EL-i suunis tele, EL-i ohutusstandarditele ja tootele eriomastele standarditele. See vastavuskinnitus kaotab kehtivuse, kui seadet muudetakse ilma meie heakskiiduta.

PT Declaração de conformidade CE

O abaixo-assinado, Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Suécia, certifica por este meio que, ao sair da nossa fábrica, as unidades indicadas acima estão em conformidade com as diretrizes uniformizadas da UE, os padrões de segurança da UE e os padrões específicos do produto. Este certificado deixa de ser válido se as unidades forem modificadas sem a nossa aprovação.

LT EB atitikties deklaracija

Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, garantuoja, kad iš gamyklos siunčiami toliau nurodyti įrenginiai atitinka suderintus EB reikalavimus, EB saugos ir konkretaus gaminio standartus. Pakeitus gaminį be mūsų patvirtinimo, nutraukiamas šio sertifi kato galiojimas.

PL Deklaracja zgodności WE

Niżej podpisany przedstawiciel firmy Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Szwecja, niniejszym oświadcza, że podane poniżej wyroby opuszczające fabrykę są zgodne ze zharmonizowanymi normami UE oraz z obowiązującymi w UE przepisami bezpieczeństwa i normami dotyczącymi danego produktu. Modyfikacja wyrobów bez naszej zgody powoduje unieważnienie niniejszego certyfikatu.

LV EK atbilstības deklarācija

Uzņēmums Husqvarna AB, 561 82 Huskvarna, Zviedrija, ar parakstu apliecina, ka tālāk minētās vienības, pametot rūpnīcu, atbilst saskaņotajām ES vadlīnijām, ES drošības standartiem un izstrādājumam specifiskajiem standartiem. Šis sertifikāts tiek anulēts, ja šīs vienības tiek modificētas bez mūsu apstiprinājuma.


Produktbezeichnung: Description of the product: Désignation de produit : Productbenaming: Produktbeteckning: Produktbetegnelse: Tuotenimike: Nome del prodotto: Designación del producto: Designação do produto: Opis produktu: A termék megnevezése: Označení produktu: Označenie výrobku: Ονομασία προϊόντος: Ime izdelka: Naziv proizvoda: Denumire produs: Описание на продукта: Toote nimetus: Gaminio pavadinimas: Izstrādājuma nosaukums:

Akku-Rasenmäher Battery Lawnmower Tondeuse sur batterie Accu-grasmaaier Accu-gräsklippare Accu-plæneklipper Akkukäyttöinen ruohonleikkuri Rasaerba a batteria Cortacésped de batería recargable Máquina de cortar relva a bateria Akumulatorowe kosiarki do trawy Akkumulátoros fűnyíró Akumulátorová sekačka na trávník Akumulátorová kosačka Χλοοκοπτικό μπαταρίας Akumulatorska kosilnica Baterijska kosilica za travu Maşină de tuns iarbă Акумулаторна косачка Akuga muruniiduk Akumuliatorinė vejapjovė Ar akumulatoru darbināms zāles pļāvējs

Schall-Leistungspegel: Noise level: Niveau sonore : Geluidsniveau: Ljudnivå: Støjniveau: Äänitaso: Livello acustico: Nivel de ruido: Nível de ruído: Poziom hałasu: Zajszint: Hladina hluku: Hladiny hluku: Επίπεδο θορύβου: Raven zvočne moči: Razina buke: Nivel de zgomot: Ниво на шум: Müratase: Triukšmo lygis: Trokšņa līmenis : gemessen / garantiert measured / guaranteed mesuré / garanti gemeten / gegarandeerd uppmätt / garanterad målt / garanteret mitattu / taattu misurato / garantito medido / garantizado medido / garantido zmierzony / gwarantowany mért / garantált naměřená / zaručená namerané/zaručené μετρημένο / εγγυημένο izmerjena / zagotovljena mjerena / zajamčena măsurat / garantat измерено / гарантирано mõõdetud / garanteeritud išmatuotas / garantuojamas mērītais / garantētais Produkttyp: Product type: Type de produit : Producttype: Produkttyp: Produkttype: Tuotetyyppi: Tipo di prodotto: Tipo del producto: Tipo de produto: Typ produktu: Terméktípus: Typ produktu: Typ výrobku: Τύπος προϊόντος: Tip izdelka: Tip proizvoda: Tip produs: Тип на продукта: Toote tüüp: Gaminio tipas: Izstrādājuma tips:

PowerMax Li-18/32

EU-Richtlinien: EC-Directives: Directives UE : EU-richtlijnen: EU-riktlinjer: EU-direktiver: EU-direktiivit: Direttive UE: Directivas de la UE: Diretivas UE: Dyrektywy UE: EU-irányelvek: Směrnice EU: Smernice EU: Οδηγίες ΕΕ: EU-direktive: Direktive EU: Directivele EU: ЕС-Директиви: EL-i direktiivid: Harmonisierte EN-Normen / Harmonised EN:

EN ISO 12100 EN 60335-1 EN 60335-2-77

Hinterlegte Dokumentation: GARDENA Technische Dokumentation, M. Kugler 89079 Ulm Deposited Documentation: GARDENA Technical Documentation, M. Kugler 89079 Ulm Documentation déposée: Documentation technique GARDENA, M. Kugler 89079 Ulm Artikelnummer: Article number: Référence : Artikelnummer: Artikelnummer: Artikelnummer: Artikkelinumero: Numero articolo: Número de artículo: Número de referência: ES direktyvos: ES direktīvas:

2006/42/EC 2014/30/EC 2000/14/EC 2011/65/EC


2014/35/EC 2014/30/EG 2011/65/EG


2014/35/EC 2014/30/EG 2011/65/EG


IEC 62133

Numer katalogowy: Cikkszám: Číslo materiálu: Číslo výrobku: Αριθμός προϊόντος: Številka artikla: Broj artikla: Cod articol: Артикулен номер: Artikli number: Gaminio numeris: Preces numurs:

5039 Art. 5039

Anbringungsjahr der CE-Kennzeichnung: Year of CE marking: Année d’apposition du marquage CE : Installatiejaar van de CE-aanduiding: Märkningsår: CE-Mærkningsår: CE-merkin kiinnitysvuosi: Anno di applicazione della certificazione CE: Colocación del distintivo CE: Ano de marcação pela CE: Rok nadania oznakowania CE: CE-jelzés elhelyezésének éve: Rok umístění značky CE: Rok udelenia značky CE: Έτος σήματος CE: Leto namestitve CE-oznake:


IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-2-29

Konformitätsbewertungs verfahren: Nach 2000/14/EG Art. 14 Anhang VI Conformity Assessment Procedure: according to 2000/14/EC Art.14 Annex VI Procédure d’évaluation de la conformité : Selon 2000/14/CE art. 14 Annexe VI Ulm, den 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Fait à Ulm, le 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30-10-2017 Ulm, 2017.10.30.

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulmissa, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, dnia 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, dňa 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, dana 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Улм, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulm, 30.10.2017

Ulme, 30.10.2017

86,1 dB(A) / 87 dB(A)

Godina dobivanja CE oznake: Anul de marcare CE: Година на поставяне на CE-маркировка: CE-märgistuse paigaldamise aasta: Metai, kada pažymėta CE-ženklu: CE-marķējuma uzlikšanas gads: Der Bevollmächtigte Authorised representative Le mandataire De gevolmachtigde Auktoriserad representant Autoriseret repræsentant Valtuutettu edustaja Persona delegata La persona autorizada O representante Pełnomocnik Meghatalmazott Zplnomocněnec Splnomocnený Ο εξουσιοδοτημένος Pooblaščenec Ovlaštena osoba Conducerea tehnică Упълномощен Volitatud esindaja Įgaliotasis atstovas Pilnvarotā persona

Reinhard Pompe

Vice President



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Alye Maki av. Moladaya Guardir J 3 720014 Bishkek


Husqvarna Latvija SIA Gardena Division Ulbrokas 19A LV-1021 Rīga info @


UAB Husqvarna Lietuva Gardena Division Ateities pl. 77C LT-52104 Kaunas info @


Magasins Jules Neuberg 39, rue Jacques Stas Luxembourg-Gasperich 2549 Case Postale No. 12 Luxembourg 2010 Phone: (+ 352) 40 14 01 api @


AFOSA Av. Lopez Mateos Sur # 5019 Col. La Calma 45070 Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico Phone: (+ 52) 33 3818-3434 icornejo @


Convel S.R.L. 290A Muncesti Str. 2002 Chisinau


Husqvarna Nederland B.V. GARDENA Division Postbus 50131 1305 AC ALMERE Phone: (+ 31) 36 521 00 10 info @

Neth. Antilles

Jonka Enterprises N.V. Sta. Rosa Weg 196 P.O. Box 8200 Curaçao Phone: (+ 599) 9 767 66 55 pgm @

New Zealand

Husqvarna New Zealand Ltd. PO Box 76-437 Manukau City 2241 Phone: (+ 64) (0) 9 9202410



Husqvarna Norge AS Gardena Division Trøskenveien 36 1708 Sarpsborg Tel: 69 10 47 00


Husqvarna Perú S.A. Jr. Ramón Cárcamo 710 Lima 1 Tel: (+ 51) 1 3 320 400 ext. 416 juan.remuzgo



Husqvarna Poland Spółka z o.o. ul. Wysockiego 15 b 03-371 Warszawa Phone: (+ 48) 22 330 96 00 gardena @


Husqvarna Portugal , SA Lagoa - Albarraque 2635 - 595 Rio de Mouro Tel.: (+ 351) 21 922 85 30 Fax : (+ 351) 21 922 85 36 info @


Madex International Srl Soseaua Odaii 117 - 123, RO 013603 Bucureşti, S 1 Phone: (+ 40) 21 352.76.03 madex @

Russia / Россия

ООО „Хускварна“ 141400, Московская обл., г. Химки, улица Ленинградская, владение 39, стр.6 Бизнес Центр „Химки Бизнес Парк“, помещение ОВ02_04 http: //


Domel d.o.o. Autoput za Novi Sad bb 11273 Belgrade Phone: (+381) 1 18 48 88 12 miroslav.jejina


0000- 20.960.00 / 0717 © GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH D - 89070 Ulm http: //


Hy- Ray PRIVATE LIMITED 40 Jalan Pemimpin # 02-08 Tat Ann Building Singapore 577185 Phone: (+ 65) 6253 2277 shiying @

Slovak Republic

Husqvarna Česko s.r.o. Türkova 2319 / 5b 149 00 Praha 4 – Chodov Bezplatná infolinka: 800 154 044 servis @


Husqvarna Austria GmbH Industriezeile 36 4010 Linz Tel. : (+ 43) 732 77 01 01- 485 service.gardena


South Africa

Husqvarna South Africa (Pty) Ltd Postnet Suite 250 Private Bag X6, Cascades, 3202 South Africa Phone: (+ 27) 33 846 9700 info @


Husqvarna España S.A. Calle de Rivas nº 10 28052 Madrid Phone: (+ 34) 91 708 05 00 atencioncliente @


Agrofix n.v. Verlengde Hogestraat # 22 Phone : (+ 597) 472426 agrofix @ Pobox : 2006 Paramaribo Suriname – South America


Husqvarna AB Gardena Division S-561 82 Huskvarna info @

Switzerland / Schweiz

Husqvarna Schweiz AG Consumer Products Industriestrasse 10 5506 Mägenwil Phone: (+ 41) (0) 62 887 37 90 info @


Dost Bahçe Dış Ticaret Mümessillik A.Ş Yunus Mah. Adil Sok. No:3 Ic Kapi No: 1 Kartal 34873 Istanbul Phone: (+ 90) 216 38 93 939 info @

Ukraine / Україна

ТОВ «Хусварна Україна» вул. Васильківська, 34, офіс 204-г 03022, Київ Тел. (+38) 044 498 39 02 info @


FELI SA Entre Ríos 1083 CP 11800 Montevideo – Uruguay Tel : (+ 598) 22 03 18 44 info @


Corporación Casa y Jardín C.A.

Av. Caroní, Edif. Trezmen, PB. Colinas de Bello Monte. 1050 Caracas. Tlf : (+ 58) 212 992 33 22 info @ 328

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