Fanimation Downrods - DR1-CP Instruction Sheet

Fanimation Downrods - DR1-CP Instruction Sheet
Fanimation DR1-CP** Downrod Coupler Installation
Lay out the down rods and coupler as shown to the
right. Each threaded hole in the coupler will line
up with the holes on each downrod.
Insert the down rods into to each side of the
coupler. Insert the screw into the larger tapered
hole and run it through the downrod until you
are able to securely tighten the screw into the
threaded side of the coupler. Turn the coupler
over and repeat on the other end.
When the screws are securely fastened, the
downrods should be sturdy and there should be no
After installation of the downrod coupler is
complete, assemble on your ceiling fan according
to the owner’s manual instructions supplied with
the fan.
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