Bartscher 401621 Hand wash basin W10-KB Plus Operating instructions

Bartscher 401621 Hand wash basin W10-KB Plus Operating instructions

W10-KB Plus 401621

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Hand wash basin W10-KB Plus


Chrome nickel steel  Wall-mounted  With soap dispenser  With knee operation  Water dispensed via knee operation: approx. 15 seconds  Cold and/or hot water connection 1/2”  Water outlet 1 1/4“  Kitchen faucet: swivel fitting 140 mm  Splashback 345 mm Capacity: 13.5 litres Basin diameter: 350 mm Basin height 170 mm Material: pastic, filling capacity: 300 ml W 400 x D 404 x H 577 mm 7.05 kg We reserve the right to implement the technical modifications! - 7 -

Delivery range

 Unpack the device and remove all package materials according to the valid environment protection regulations.  Ensure that all parts are present: 1 x hand wash basin 1 x swivel fitting 1 x soap dispenser 1 x knee fitting 1 x mixer fitting 1 x siphon 1 x 1 1/4” pipe, length: 320 mm 1 x 1 1/4” pipe, length: 120 mm 3 x flexible hose 1 x wall support rack 1 x set of brackets, screws 1 x installation instructions

Installation Install the soap dispenser and swivel fitting

Fig. 1

1. First, install the support of the soap dispenser in the 2 designated holes at the left side of the splachback of the hand wash basin (fig. 1). - 8 -

2. Install the supplied swivel fitting (1) on the right back edge of the hand wash basin (4) (rys. 2). 3. To do so, unscrew the plastic nuts (2) from the underside of the swivel fitting (1) and remove the washers. 4. Insert the thread of the swivel fitting (1) through the hole in the hand wash basin (4). Place one washer supplied with the unit between the basin and swivel fitting (1) and another washer between the basin (4) and the plastic nut (2). 5. Replace the plastic nut (2) on the thread of the swivel fitting (1) on the underside of the hand wash basin (4) (fig. 2).

4 1 2 3 Fig. 2

6. Tighten one end of the flexible hose (3) to the swivel fitting (1) connector. 7. Install the drain set to the drain of the hand wash basin. Make sure that the thin gasket in the hand wash basin between the drain set and basin, and the thicker gasket between the bottom and nut are fiitted under the hand wash basin (fig. 2). - 9 -

Install the cold and/or water mixer fitting / knee operated fitting

8. Open up the front cover plate (5) of the hand wash basin. 9. Mount the mixer fitting (12) to the thread (6) of the knee operated fitting (10) (fig. 3). 10. Follow the direction arrow on the mixer fitting (12) and on the knee operated fitting (10). Fig. 4 at the left shows how to perform correct installation. 11. Install the knee operated fitting (10) and mixer fitting (12) in the opening of the metal plate (9) in the front part of the basin in such a way so that the push button (7) of the knee operated fitting is at the front. 12. Connect the free end of the supplied flexible hose (3) with the knee operated fitting (10) by screwing the hose onto the thread of the knee operated fitting (10) (fig. 3).

7 5 3 6 10 9 8 11 12 13 Fig. 3 Fig. 4

- 10 -

Mount the hand wash basin

 Hang the hand wash basin near the water supply.  Before mounting the hand wash basin, check the parameters of the wall where the basin is to be installed. The wall should be able to support the weight of the hand wash basin.  Mark 3 points in the appropriate place on the wall via the holes in the installation rack (fig. below).  Drill the holes in the wall and place the supplied brackets in.  Attach the support rack to the will with the screws.  Then, hang the basin on the upper edge on the support rack.

Cold / hot water supply

 Using the flexible hoses connect the cold water connection (11) and hot water connection (13) with the mixer fitting (12). Using the screw (8) you can adjust the hot/cold water ratio (fig. 3).

Drain connection


Connect the hand wash basin with the drain pipe. To do so, use the supplied connection pipes and siphon.

A A.

Measure off the required length of the connection pipe from the basin drain to the connection in the wall and cut to the size as needed. Then, fasten the connection pipe with the siphon. Place the connection pipe in the socket of the drain pipe in the wall, put the gasket and tighten.


Place the other end of the siphon in the drain socket of the hand wash basin. Here place the gasket as well and tighten the whole set using the siphon pliers and nuts.

- 11 -

Soap dispenser

 Mount the soap dispenser on the support and fill up with liquid soap.


: Upon the first use, the soap dispenser must be fully filled up to completely remove the air from the dispensing pump.  To draw soap, press the button at the front.

Knee operation

 Operate the hand wash basing by touching the front cover plate with one’s knee within the area marked


(fig. at the right).  Then, the water flows from the swivel fitting for approx. 15 seconds. After that time the water flow is automatically stopped.


 Clean the hand wash basin regularly with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. Bartscher GmbH Franz-Kleine-Str. 28 33154 Salzkotten Germany phone: +49 (0) 5258 971-0 fax: +49 (0) 5258 971-120 - 12 -

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