Yorkville CA1T 70V Installation Amplifier w/Tuner Spec Sheet

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Yorkville CA1T 70V Installation Amplifier w/Tuner Spec Sheet | Manualzz

Coliseum CA1T

70-Volt Installation A



6 Channel Installation Amplifier

180 watts

70-volt or 4-ohm output configuration

Built in AM/FM Tuner

Versatile input mixing capabilities

XLR / TRS balanced combi-jack / attenuated RCA unbalanced inputs

Individual volume control, clip & activity LED's per channel

User selectable phantom power (available on three channels)


The Coliseum CA1T public address amplifier has been designed specifically for installations where a versatile paging system with high quality music playback is required.

The onboard AM / FM tuner in the CA1T offers a simple, cost effective background music source.

Ideal for restaurants, small clubs, offices and retail environments where a simple and reliable system capable of servicing multiple paging zones is required. Multiple inputs for microphone or source material, and voice activated paging from either a microphone or telephone matrix means the CA1T can be used in virtually any application.

Versatile input mixing capabilities make the CA1T the solution for small churches, boardrooms and conference room PA applications. Unlike most installation amplifiers in this class, user selectable phantom power is available on three channels to drive condenser microphones, the type most commonly used on podiums or as a lavaliere (tie clip) microphone.

XLR / TRS balanced combi-jack inputs and attenuated RCA unbalanced inputs ensure the CA1T system can interface with any source (CD, Cassette, Satellite Tuner, DVD or video system) your installation may require.

Capable of driving either a 4-ohm speaker load, or four separate 70-volt speaker systems (one ‘system’ per zone), the CA1T system delivers 180 watts (mono). A pre-amp output is available to feed an auxiliary power amplifier or active subwoofer to enhance the system, or to feed video or audio recording equipment.

CA1T Specifications:

NUMBER OF CHANNELS INPUTS - 1/4" / XLR COMBI INPUTS - RCA (UNBAL) PHANTOM POWER HEADPHONE MONITOR FEATURES RECORD OUTPUTS MIXER - SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO (dB) MIXER - FREQUENCY RESPONSE AMP A - POWER OUTPUT @ 4 Ohms AMP A - POWER OUTPUT -OTHER THD - 1kHz (dB) COOLING FINISH CHASSIS CONSTRUCTION RACKMOUNT OTHER FEATURES DIMENSIONS (DWH, inches) DIMENSIONS (DWH, cm) WEIGHT (lbs/kg) 6 3 2 Yes Yes - main Output Yes Greater than 55dB 50 - 15kHz 180 Watts 180 Watts 70-volts Less than 1% Passive Black Steel Yes Built in AM/FM Tuner / Zone Paging 12 x 19 x 6 320 x 480 x 150 24 / 9

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