SPT 10121 Operating instrustions

SPT 10121 Operating instrustions
MODEL: WA-1220
Instruction on how to Remove the Control Circuit Board:
Drain all of the excess water from
the unit.
Lay the unit down on its front
Locate and remove the 11 screws
on the back of the unit.
Locate and remove the 2 screws
on the edge of the bottom
Locate and remove another 2
screws on the edge of the bottom
portion of the opposite side.
Next, remove the housing but be
careful when removing the front
half, the control board will be
connected to it.
Locate and remove the two
Locate and remove the 6 screws
on the Control board, then,
remove the control board and
replace with the new.
Locate and remove the connector
on the back of the Power Circuit
board (connector may differ from
type). The connector is attached
to the original Control board so
replace with connector from new
After completing the replacement,
test the unit to make sure that it
is working properly before closing
it up.
Make sure to keep you hands and
any objects clear from fan blades.
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