Power Acoustik CCD-1 Owner's manual

Power Acoustik CCD-1 Owner's manual
 Notes on Installation and usage |
, Users should mot cisassemble the camera from the front direct on.
Always handle the camera with care. Please do not apply a shock or vibrahon as nuch
asposable and take cautions i1o0t to cause damage or malce à scratch on thé camera due
cede mol | CCD/CMOSCAMERA |
, Please do notinstall the camera with the rainy place or lughty hund areas And do not
operate the camera in the wet place
. Dont dean the camera body with the strong abrasives ar soaps When the camera
becomes dirty dean if wath the diy rugs Especially male sure to use the dedicated
mesfor lens to clean the dome cover
. Please select the camera in the cool area that 15 not exposed to the direct sunlight
[fyoudo it can cause bad effects on the product,
User sManual
Specifications |
[mage Sensor: 1/3 * Sharp CCD CMOS
System NTSC
Resalution: 4201 Y lines 380TY lines
Number ar Pixels: NTSC512(H) 5620) NTSC: 5104497)
White balance: Auto 2000k-8200k
Minimum illumination:
0.1 LUXatF 14
Synchronizing system
Scanning system:
21 Interlaced
Video output:
lVp-p 75 ohm composite
SA Ratio:
More than 50 d6
Infrared Wavelength:
Lens mount Standard
f=3 6/92" ) f=3.7(90" )
Electronic ins(Auto):
1/50 1/60-1/100 000s€c.
Gamma correction:
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