Dometic Vacuum Discharge Pump Repair Kit Installation guide

Dometic Vacuum Discharge Pump Repair Kit Installation guide

Vacuum/Discharge Pump Repair Kit Instructions

1. Flush a substantial amount of soapy water through the pump.

2. Turn off electrical power to pump.

3. Remove pump cover (2 phillips head screws).

4. Remove motor bracket from pump (4 - 5/16" hex head bolts).

5. Remove brass shoulder bolt (1 - 3/4" hex head bolt).

6. Remove pump top closure bolts (8 - 5/16" hex head bolts).

7. Remove top closure.

8. Remove large rubber seal from the pump body. Clean seal groove.

9. Remove rubber O-ring from bellows. Clean O-ring seat.

10. Replace O-ring and seal, and lubricate them with liquid soap.

11. Replace plastic bellows bushing. Lubricate inside of bushing with grease after inserting in the connecting rod hole.

12. Carefully press top closure back in place. Be sure to not pinch the rubber O-ring.

13. Reassemble pump by reversing the procedure above.

14. Operate pump and check for water leaks.

Large rubber seal Rubber O-ring Plastic bushing T-SERIES DISCHARGE PUMP

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