Akura APLDVD2YR18518 18" HD Ready Digital LED TV Quick Start Guide

Akura APLDVD2YR18518 18" HD Ready Digital LED TV Quick Start Guide

APLDVD2YR18518 SP 7050 Quick Start Guide



Please read the safety section (page 2) in the main instructions before proceeding further. This section contains vital information to ensure safe positioning and use of the TV




Unpack the TV and place on a flat level surface suitable to support the weight of the TV (4.72 kg approx.).

Remove the plastic protective film on the front of the screen.

Connect the aerial into the TV Tuner connector at the left side of the TV (Fig 3).


Fig 1 Fig.2

5. Connect the mains power lead to the mains socket at the rear left side of the TV. (Fig 2 )Plug in and switch on the TV at the mains supply. The LED indicator on the TV will illuminate and show red (Fig 1).

6. Open the battery compartment cover (Fig 4) on the reverse of the remote control. Insert 2 x AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries in accordance with the diagram in the battery compartment. Take care to observe the correct polarity (+/-). Refit the battery compartment cover 7. Press the POWER button (Fig 5) to turn the TV set on. The LED indicator will turn green and after a few seconds, the screen will activate and the first time installation menu (Fig. 6) will appear.

8. Use the cursor ▼ / ▲ buttons on the remote control to move up and down the display to highlight desired options.

9. The default language is “English” if you want another language select that language using the ► / ◄ buttons and press Ok.

10. Select YES to start tuning and press Ok. Fig 7 and 8 will be displayed. The TV will now search the entire UHF range for both Digital and Analog TV stations. When search is complete the TV will display the first channel (BBC1) in DVBt mode. The Analog stations may not be in the correct order, see page18 in the Main Instruction book for more information




WATCHING TV (basic operation)

11. To select a channel either enter the number of the channel using the number buttons on the remote control or scroll through the channels using the channel CH+/- buttons.

12. To view analogue TV channels press the SOURCE button to display the source menu. Using the cursor select. To view digital TV channels select DTV on this same menu.

13. To check the list of channels stored, press the “OK” button to display the channel list and use the cursor ▲ ▲ time to restore the sound.

settings will be retained.

/ / ▼ ▼ buttons highlight TV on the menu and press OK to buttons to move up and down the display. To select a channel, highlight the channel on the list and press “OK” to confirm.

14. Adjust the volume to the desired level using the volume or cursor


The sound can be silenced by pressing the MUTE button on the remote control for extended periods turn off at the mains switch to conserve electricity, all


buttons. and a mute symbol will appear on the screen. Press the MUTE button a second 15. To switch off the TV for short periods, press the POWER button. The TV will go into standby mode and the LED indicator will change to red. If not using the TV


DVD Operation

16. To select DVD operation press the SOURCE / INPUT button to display the source menu. Using the cursor ▲ buttons highlight DVD on the menu and press OK to confirm.

/ ▼ 17 Place a DVD or CD-R disc into the slot on the right side of the Tv. (Fig 9). The disc must have the Label side facing you and the Mirror side facing away. Do not handle the disc surface . Push the disc in gently and it will load automatically.

Label Side


18 The disc will now start to be “Read” and then, depending upon the type of disc, will play or display the disc menu or disc contents. Select the item you wish to view, using the navigation buttons on the remote control and press “OK”.

19. To manually control DVD play you can use the control buttons located on the side panel (Fig 10).



Press to insert or eject disc from player. 2.

Press. to play and pause disc. If paused press to restart playing.


. Press to Stop disc playing.

For all other DVD functions use the Remote Control 20.

When you wish to remove a disc, press STOP on the Remote Control and then EJECT. Do not grip the disc to pull it out of the player, wait until the disc stops moving before gripping the disc outer and removing carefully. See page 24 in the main manual for correct handling of discs.

Flat Screen Although the Flat screen is made with high precision technology and 99.9% or more of the pixels are effective, dots may appear. These can be black or bright dots (red, green or blue) and may appear constantly on the Flat screen. This is a structural property of the Flat panel and is not a malfunction.

For advanced operation of this TV and DVD player please consult the Instruction Manual.

Should you have difficulty in operating this unit, please consult the Trouble Shooting Guide in the Instruction Manual. If you suspect a fault, please contact the Customer Help Line, details of which can be found in the Instruction Manual.

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