Grizzly C1711 Corner Lock Miter Bit Owner Manual

Grizzly C1711 Corner Lock Miter Bit Owner Manual

INSTRUCTIONS FOR C1711 AND C1712 CORNER LOCK MITER BIT •Failure to follow theSE guide lines will result in serious per sonal injury.


•The use of a router table is strongly recommended.

•Never feed lumber with the rota tion of the bit.

•Follow the safety guidelines set forth by the manufacturer of the router and router table.

These router bits have sharp edges. Use care while removing the waxy protective coating.

Never turn on the router with the protective coating still on the bit.

The Model C1711 and C1712 Corner Lock Miter Bits offer a convenient method for creating a tight-locking, easily glued 90° corner joint in materials ranging from



" to



" wide. The large cutting surface and cutter diameter require a moderate degree of power and control. We recommend using this bit in a router table, with a router rated at 1



horsepower or larger, particularly when used with hardwoods and thicker materials.

Note: These instructions and drawings are intended for explanation and clarification purposes only as they relate to this particular router bit. Apply all safety rules and measures pertaining to router operations and your specific operation. Refer to the owner’s manual supplied with your router and router table for specific warn ings and instructions before proceeding with equipment operations.

Step 1 – Vertical Cut • Unplug Router b e f o r e installing or adjusting cutter.

• Keep all guards and anti-kick-

It is recommended that an auxiliary fence be used to help support the work piece during the routing process.

back devices in place.

• Double check bit to insure it is tight and secure in spindle.

• Always inspect lumber and other wood materials for cracks, knots, or other imperfections

Adjust the router bit in the router table until the center of the lock notch es are roughly half the height of your material off the surface of the router table. Determine

that could cause lumber to kick or shatter while milling.

which side of your material you want on the inside and what you want on the outside of your 90° joint and place the inside surface against the fence. Adjust the fence so the bit’s cutting height matches the thickness of the material you are cutting. Use a length of scrap lumber to make a test cut.

Step 2 – Horizontal Cut PUSH BLOCK

525703622 © May 2003 Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

Place another test board flat against the router table and make another test cut, as shown in the figure to the right. Place the two cuts together and adjust bit height and fence location until your test joints fit smoothly and precisely. Once you are satisfied with your test results, make your cuts with your actual project materials.

525703622 © May 2003 Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

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