Grizzly H2683 Master Machinist's Level Owner Manual

Grizzly H2683 Master Machinist's Level Owner Manual
Printed in China
5. Rotate level 90° and repeat
Steps 2–4.
4. Next, adjust surface so the
bubble in the large vial (see
Figure 1) is centered.
3. Adjust surface to be leveled so
the bubble in the small vial
(see Figure 1) is centered.
The bubble should come to a
complete stop in the exact
center of the vial.
2. Place level parallel with edge
and in center of surface to be
1. Clean base of machinist’s level
and surface to be leveled.
Grime and metal shavings will
affect the accuracy of the
H2682 & H2683
Using level:
These incredibly accurate levels
are used for setting up lathes,
milling machines, and other fine
machinery. The H2682 8" Model
and H2683 12" Model both have a
resolution of .0005" over a 10"
span. If you put a newspaper page
under the machine that you are
leveling, the bubble will move!
Small Vial
Large Vial
Figure 1. Location of vials.
Checking level's accuracy:
1. Place level on a clean surface.
Make sure base of level is
wiped clean. Dirt and dust can
affect the accuracy of your
2. If bubble in large vial (see
Figure 1) is pegged to either
side, rotate level until bubble is
close to center. You can also
adjust by placing shims under
one end of level.
3. Take note of bubble reading in
large vial (see Figure 1). Mark
where level rests on surface
before next step.
4. Rotate level exactly 180° and
take note of bubble in large
vial. If bubble does not line up
opposite first reading, within
one half of a line, it needs to
be adjusted.
© 2003 Grizzly Industrial, Inc.
Revised December, 2019 (MN)
For models manufactured since
4. Once level is accurate, press
plastic tab back into place.
3. Recheck level for accuracy.
Repeat Step 2 until level is
Adjusting level:
1. Remove plastic tab on face of
level to reveal Phillips head
screw (see Figure 2).
Plastic Tab
Figure 2. Location of adjustment
2. Turn screw clockwise to move
bubble right; turn screw
counterclockwise to move
bubble left.
Note: This level is so sensitive
that simply resting your weight
on the surface you are leveling
will affect the reading!
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