Grizzly T26858 Hand Winch Owner Manual

Grizzly T26858 Hand Winch Owner Manual

MODEL T26858/T26859


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To reduce the risk of serious personal injury while using this winch: 1. Always wear ANSI approved eye protec tion and gloves when operating.

2. Be sure strap is not damaged. If strap shows any signs of fraying or other damage, do not use winch.

3. Do not exceed specified pulling capac ity of winch.

4. Do not stand in line with strap while operating winch. If strap breaks, it will whip back along this line.

5. Keep all loose clothing, hair, jewelry and hands away from winch during operation. 6. Use a spotter to help ensure safety when using winch. Be sure spotter is clear of vehicle and strap before operat ing winch.

7. Do not replace strap with one of lesser strength.

8. Do not loop strap around an object or attach hook to strap. Attach hook to a separate chain or towing strap instead.

9. Do not use winch to lift vertical loads. It is only designed for horizontal loads. Lifting vertical loads may cause winch to fail and drop the load.

10. Do not use winch to support loads for long periods of time.

11. Avoid yanking or jerking strap while loading. This may cause winch to release the load.

12. Do not attach hook to load when strap is fully extended. Keep at least five full turns of strap on the drum.

Drum Safety Hook Low-Torque Axle High-Torque Axle Ratchet Crank Figure 1. Identification.


T26858 Horizontal Pulling Capacity ..... 2000 lbs.

T26859 Horizontal Pulling Capacity ......2500 lbs.

Strap .............................................. 2 in. x 32 Gear Ratios 3 ⁄ 4 ft.

Ratchet .................... Two Directions w/Auto Stop T26858 ..Low-Torque 4.1:1, High-Torque 9.8:1 T26859 .Low-Torque 5.1:1, High-Torque 12.2:1 Mounting Bolt Size ..........................................

3 ⁄ 8 " Mounting Bolt Grade .............................. Grade 8

Keep hair, clothing, and hands away from mov ing parts at all times. Entanglement can result in amputation or severe crushing injuries!





The Model T26858/T26859 has holes in the base for mounting to most flat surfaces. The winch must be mounted for safe and effective operation. Before drilling into a frame or bumper component, verify that the opposite side of the drilling area is clear of wires, tubing, or brake lines.

To mount winch:

1. Place winch in desired position and mark locations of mounting holes.

2. Remove winch and drill 7 ⁄ 16 " holes in locations you marked in winch.

Step 1. For safe operation, at least three bolts should be used to secure 3. Use in 3 ⁄ 8 " diameter mounting hardware to secure winch to mounting surface, as shown Figure 2.

Bolt Flat Washer

Winch Base Mounting Surface

Flat Washer Lock Washer Hex Nut Figure 2. Example of a "Through-Mount" setup.

Crank Attachment

Use a 22mm wrench to secure the crank on either the low- or high-torque axle (see Figure 3).

Crank Retaining Plate Lock Nut High-Torque Axle Low-Torque Axle Figure 3. Crank attachment options.

The low-torque axle provides faster winching but requires more effort, and is typically used for light loads.

The high-torque axle requires less effort and pro vides slower winching, and is typically used for heavier loads.

Refer to Specifications on Page 1 for the gear ratios for each axle option.

Ratchet Settings

The rachet has three settings that determine which direction the drum turns—IN, OUT, and FREE SPIN (see Figure 4). FREE SPIN OUT IN Figure 4. Ratchet settings.

-2 T26858/T26859 Hand Winch

To reel strap in:

1. Rotate rachet all the way down to IN setting.

2. If using high-torque axle, rotate crank coun terclockwise. If using low-torque axle, rotate crank clockwise.

To reel strap out:

1. Rotate rachet all the way up to OUT setting.

2. If using high-torque axle, rotate crank clock wise. If using low-torque axle, rotate crank counterclockwise.

To engage free spin:

1. Rotate rachet mid way between up and down positions so it does not engage gears.

2. Pull out required length of strap, then re engage ratchet with gears.


1. Move ratchet to OUT setting and rotate crank to feed slack into strap until safety hook reaches load.

If you need more than a few feet of strap, it is more effective to position ratchet in FREE SPIN setting and pull out required length of strap.

2. Connect hook to load, then reset ratchet at IN setting.

3. Rotate crank to move load to desired posi tion.

4. Once load is supported by other means, feed slack into strap and remove hook.


Keep the strap free from debris. Apply a thin coat of NLGI#2 grease or equivalent to the gear teeth, but keep grease away from strap.

Never place ratchet in free spin mode while winch is under load. Doing so may result in property damage and serious personal injury.

T26858/T26859 Hand Winch -3-

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