Meridian M60 Active Loudspeaker User Guide

Meridian M60 Active Loudspeaker User Guide
Technical Data Sheet
M60/1 – 02-01-97
M60 Active Loudspeaker
The Meridian M60 is part
of the current line of
Meridian Active
The M60s integrates with
any high-quality music
system and of course is
ideally suited to other
Meridian products and
Multiroom installations.
This superior approach to
the design of high-fidelity
loudspeaker systems has
been a speciality of
Meridian for over ten
The M60 is the best analogue active
loudspeaker Meridian makes, marking
the culmination of twenty years
experience in the field. Essentially a
DSP5000 without digital features, M60
is perfect for those who listen primarily
to analogue sources.
It makes an excellent partner to the 501
Control Unit, from which its volume can
be controlled remotely.
The M60 is a three-way design sharing
the same tweeter as the DSP6000 and
DSP5000, three 75W amplifiers and
analogue crossovers. Available in black
ash or Rosewood finish.
Meridian Audio Limited, Stonehill, Stukeley Meadows, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE18 6ED, England.
Sales +44
44 (0)1480 434334 - Fax +44
44 (0)1480 432948
Technical Data Sheet
M60/1 – 02-01-97
Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 30Hz to over 20kHz (for inputs at 44.1kHz or 48kHz).
Crossover: Double Butterworth at 2.6kHz, first order at 400Hz
Output >109dB spl @ 1m
Noise and hum: <-94dBr
Distortion: <0.05%, typically less than 0.01% up to full power at all frequencies
Unbalanced: 775mV (nominal), gold plated phono
Balanced: 3Vms max, XLR
3-way acoustic reflex system.
2 x 160mm polypropylene high - efficiency long-throw custom drivers.
1 x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded with protective grille
Cabinet: Veneered MDF bracced and damped, in black ash or Rosewwod finish
Analogue gain and filtering using proprietary Meridian Class-A discrete amplification.
Three 75W power amplifiers, one for each of the drivers.
Power amplifiers use a unique feedback topology and precision local error-correction systems to achieve a performance
equivalent to the conversion system.
Dimensions 900mm (35.43in) H, 210 (8.27) W, 297 (11.69) D – Weight 31kg (lbs) each.
Meridian Audio Ltd reserve the right to change any product specification without prior notice
© Text and pictures 1997 Meridian Audio Limited
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