Commax CDL-100WL ROCK AND LOCK Owner Manual

Commax CDL-100WL ROCK AND LOCK Owner Manual
Screw components
PH M4 X 6 3EA
PH M4 X 30 4EA
FH 4 X 20 4EA
Outdoor body
Indoor body
Indoor plate
Assembly Diagram
1. Install Mortise
[When mortise is viewed from above]
Outter side
Inner side
Outter side
FH M4 X 20
Inner side
2. Install handle shaft
3. Position indoor and outdoor body
Inner side
Outter side
PH M4 X 30
4. . Connect cable
5. Connect indoor and
outdoor body
6. Install Stricker
<Enlarged view>
Please connect the cables in
line with each color.
PH M4 X 6
Check point
1) Check whether to lock automatically.
- If the door is not normally locked, please check auto-lock setting.
2) Check if Automatic/Manual lock works properly.
3) After registering the fingerprint/smartkey, confirm that the door is open
with the fingerprint/smartkey registered.
4) Explain sufficiently to customers about registration of
Fingerprint/smart key, password change.
5) Check if the door with the password registered is open.
- The password must be registered directly by customer.
6) Explain the internal double lock.
7) Explain battery replacement timing and emergency power supply.
8) Surely, deliver the warranty certificate and instruction manual that you
have written exactly to customer.
※Setting of direction of handle
①[Registration] button in inner side
②[Start] button in outer side
③[Registration] button in inner side
* Please press button in the order below
if the number plate is shown inside out
after installation.
Please insert batteries with the door open at installation.
ED. 00
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