Campbell Scientific IRGASON Packing In Owner Manual

Campbell Scientific IRGASON  Packing In Owner Manual

IRGASON Packing Information

The IRGASON components are placed in a foam cutout that helps protect them from damage during shipment. The IRGASON should look like the following image. After unpacking, it is recommended to save the foam cutout as the IRGASON components should be placed in the foam cutout whenever the IRGASON is transported to another location. Foam Cutout and Components in Upper Level of Packaging IRGASON Sensor Head Cable Temperature Probe, 10 ft USB Cable IRGASON Sensor Head 6-Plate Solar Radiation Shield Certificate of Conformance and EC Training Course Voucher EC100 Electronics with Enclosure Foam Cutout and Components in Lower Level of Packaging EC100 Enclosure Mounting Leveling Kit

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