MPMAN MPQC30i Android Tablet Owner Manual

MPMAN MPQC30i Android Tablet Owner Manual
For Model No.
This handbook contains important security measures and the correct use
of the product information, in order to avoid accidents. Pls make sure to
reading the manual carefully before use the device.
1. Please don’t be in high temperature, moisture or very dust place
2. Please don’t be in high temperature, Especially in summer don't put
the device in the car when Windows closed.
 Avoid fall or Violent collision of the device, don’t make the TFT
display screen were violent tremor, This could cause TFT display
screen abnormal or damage.
 Please choose the appropriate volume, Use headphones shoulds
not be too big volume, If feel tinnitus, Lower the volume or stop using
 please charge In the following condition,
4 The battery power ICONS shows have no power
5 The system automatically shut off, startup after power off soon
6 Operation buttons no response
7 The machine that the top right corner show red icons
When the device in the format or ongoing upload and downloa
d file, please don't suddenly disconnect, This could cause appli
cation error.
For those who because of damage to the product, repair, or other
causes of erased the memory, The company shall not be liable for
any responsibility, please follow the user manual for the
standardized operation to use the device.
Don’t disassemble the product, don’t use alcohol、Thinner or
benzene to scrubbing products
Don't use the device one of the place of prohibit to use electronic
equipment in regional (such as the plane)
Please don't using the Tablet PC when you in driving or walking
down the street,
USB just only be used for data transmission
Tablet Part
1 Reset
press RESET button,Tablet will force to
2 MICRO SD card slot
To insert your TF card
3 HDMI Jack
Mini HDMI TV output to connect an external
4 Earphone Jack
To connect your earphone
5 Micro USB
Connect to a computer via a USB cable to
transfer data (music,videos,photo,ect.),USB
OTG,supports mouse, Keyboard, USB flash
disk,etc,with a converting cable.
6 Volume -
Press to decrease the volume
7 Volume +
Press to increase the volume
8 Power and lock Key
Hold and press to turn on or turn off the
unit,Briefly press to turn on or turn off the
Getting Started
Battery Charging
The tablet has a built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery.
1. To charge connect the AC power adapter to the USB jack on the
right side of the tablet.
2. The battery icon shows the battery status and charging status
3. The tablet can be used even if the battery is being charged.
the above icons indicate the different level of electricity left in the battery
4. no replacement of battery without authorization, or the explosion
hazard might happen.
5. Recharge it for at least half hour if it has been idle for long time and
fails to start itself.
6. Regularly recharge it at least one time monthly
7. 40°—5° is the optimum temperature for the battery recharging or
the battery performance might deteriorate slightly
the battery might contain the polluting material, please give it to the
official recycling-station before disposing the tablet pc, and don’t litter.
Power ON/OFF
press the
button for continuous 5 seconds until the tablet turns
1.Press the
button for continuous 5 seconds and it will appear
2.Click Power off to power off the tablet
Screen Lock
This feature locks the screen, at the same time turn OFF the screen’s
backlight after a few seconds.
Screen locks when:
1. System is idle.
2. Manually activated by pressing the Power button once.
Screen unlock :
Home screen
The Home screen will look similar to the picture below. It is actually five
screens, each of which can have a different layout of icons. To switch
between screens, simply slide your finger left or right across the display.
The status bar and navigation buttons are always visible, no matter
which Home screen you can currently viewing.
The Desktop cn contains shortcuts to your most-used applications and widgets
Touch the screen icon to quickly search the World Wide Web using Google.
icon will launch the Application menu.
The status bar displays system information, such as current time and battery.
Touch to Expand the status bar for more detailed information.
button moves back one step to the previous menu/page.
buttons returns immediately to the Android desktop.
button display a menu of recently opened applications.
button decrease the volume.
button increase the volume,
Settings Menu
The settings menu allows you to adjust Tablet system configuration.
To change settings:
1. Touch the "Settings"
menu i
icon on the Application
l re*
Accessibility - Set up large text, auto-rotate screen, speak password etc
Developer options - Advanced functions for Android developers - debugging, HDCP check
About tablet - Information about your Android device
How to Use TF card
1. Insert the TF card into the TF card slot. Gently push TF card into slot
until it clicks into place.
2. A prompt will be seen on the screen saying “ Preparing SD card “
Removing TF card
1. Close all applications and documents which have been opened from
the TF card.
2. Select “Setting” and find “ Storage” then click “Unmount SD card”.
3. A prompt will be seen on the screen saying “ SD card safe to remove”
4. Gently press the TF card to remove and pull out the TF card.
Note: Insert the TF card in correct position, otherwise it will damage the
card and the slot.
Software Keyboard
The tablet has a software keyboard which automatically show up
when you tap the place on screen where text oup mw
Touch Screen
The touch screen responds to finger touch.
Note: don’t place any object on the touch screen for it may damage or
crush the screen.
Single Click: single click one icon to choose the icon or option you want.
Long Press: press and hold one icon to make appear a menu related to
the executed function (if available).
Drag: drag on the screen and you can move between magic cube sides
or drag the application icons into the shortcut bar.
How to connect with computer
Note: Turn on your Tablet before connect the Tablet to PC by USB cable.
1. Use USB cable to connect MID with computer. System will notice
USB connected on bottom of screen.
2. Press USB connected to pop up, then click Turn on USB storage, click
3. Then the USB connection has been successfully.
Connection to Internet
1. Select “ Settings”
2. Select “Wi-Fi” and slide OFF to ON status.
All detected wireless networks in the area will be listed, Click to
select desired wireless connection.
4. Enter WEP key or network key if necessary.
5. Once connected to a wireless network, settings will be saved
6. Wireless icon will appear on the taskbar when connected
Note: when the tablet detects the same wireless network in the future,
the device will connect to the network automatically with same password
Web Browsing
Connect to the internet and launch the browser.
Touch the icon
shown as follows:
to enter camera mode and the interface is
1.Touch the icon
in the middle to take photo
2. Touch the icon
and you can switch camera mode to camera
recording mode.
Trouble Shooting
Close Application
All running applications take up system memory and will slow down
system response. Please shut down all idle applications to release
memory and get the system speed back to normal.
To close the application, click the icon
on the shortcut bar to
enter the system configuration interface. Select the Application →
Running services and the interface is shown as follows:
Tap the application you want to close. A pop-up window will be displayed.
Tap “Stop” to close that application.
Mandatory Power off
1. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and the device will be
powered off.
2. Press the reset button on the back and the device will be forced to be
powered off.
Restore Default Setting
If you want to reset the factory setting and erase all materials, please
press Settings → Privacy → Factory data reset.
** Warning: Factory data reset setting will delete your data and
configuration of system and applications from downloading.
**Please use this function carefully.
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