MPMAN MPW89 Windows Notebook Owner Manual

MPMAN MPW89 Windows Notebook Owner Manual
Product Features
OS Window 8.1 with Bing
8.95" TN LCD multi touch screen
Quad core
Bluetooth 4.0
Camera front 0.3M, rear 2.0M
Wi-Fi and G-sensor
Support USB host and OTG
Micro SD (support SDHC)
External speakers
● Do not press the surface of touch screen using sharp object. Touch screen can be stabbed
or pressed, may not work or cause malfunction.
● Be careful of using, touch screen and display can be damaged if it undergo external shocks
or pressure.
In case of external damage or transformation, customer needs to pay repairing charge even
though in warranty period.
● Do not give excessive shock to equipment or drop it.
● Be careful of long time using with high volume. It can occur hearing damage.
● Do not discretionally disassemble equipment as you can’t receive free warranty service.
● Equipment can be damaged excessively or loss date if the equipment cable is disconnected
or powered off during firmware update and file uploading or downloading.
● Do not use in cold, wet and dusty place. It may occurs external transformation or screen
condensation, and malfunction.
● We don’t take responsibility for data loss stored in equipment. Please use equipment after
back important file up.
● Please avoid using in dusty environments as dust may goes into inside of equipment or
● There may be some febrility during charging or using program which has high workload
because of high-speed operation CPU.
● B grade equipment (Broadcast and Communication equipment for residential use): As EMC
equipment for residential use (B grade), main purpose is using in residential, usable in all area.
This equipment has possibility of interference, cannot support service related with human life
Name of Parts
1. Earphone Jack : Connect earphone up with PC
2. Micro USB Port : Connect Micro USB cable and supply PC with power
3. Front Camera : Supports video and photo shoot
4. Power Button : Turn on/off
5. Volume + : Raise PC volume
6. Volume - : Reduce PC volume
7. Micro SD Slot : Insert Micro SD card into PC
8. Mic hole : Built-in MIC
9. Rear Camera : Supports video and photo shoot
10. Speaker : Output sound
Turn on PC
1. Press Power button
and Turn on PC
Turn off PC
1. After finish using PC, Charms menu arrears on screen if you touch inside of right edge
2. Setting
> Power
Understanding the Screen
Available to use new Start screen (Start) and existing OS screen (Desktop) mode in Windows
Start screen
Appears after start PC
1. Desktop : switch to Desktop screen
2. Start screen : Windows8 start screen
3. Charm menu : Charm menu appears if drag it out from the inside of right edge
4. Admin user : The user who now in use
5. APPS : installed App
6. Charm menu : Can find Search, Share, Start, Devices, Setting function menus
7. Camera : Video and photo shoot available using camera
to inner
Available to use Desktop mode which same with previous version of Windows 8.1
1. Desktop screen : Windows8 Desktop screen
2. Charm menu : Charm menu appears if drag it out from the inside of right edge to inner side
3. Charm menu : Can find Search, Share, Start, Devices, Setting function menus
4. Start : Switch to Start screen
Operating of Charms menu
Charm menu appears if drag it out from the right edge to screen inner side.
Or Charm menu appears if touch top of screen right side or corner of bottom.
Can search after input program and file list into Searching charm
Can connect various file and App to another account
Move to Start screen
Can stream video on Digital camera or TV and send file to Devices
Can set up volume control, Power and wifi function, and can check the setting if use
setting charms during operating App.
Changing Setting
Charm menu > Setting
Set up Wifi and select network
Set up volume
Control screen brightness
Set volume on mute or control
Set up notification time of App
Turn off PC or select power option
Load language and keyboard option
Using of App
What is the App? It means software, and in broad sense, it is the software operated on OS
For more convenient working and simple using for user, It support basic App in Windows 8.1
Running App
App is run if you touch or click App in Start screen.
Closing App
1. Lightly click top center of screen using mouse point, then pointer is changed to hand
2. App screen becomes smaller when drag it down directly, and App is closed when drag
it down to end of bottom.
Using App
Below function is available to use by mouse
Checking App in running
1. The latest run App appears when bring the mouse pointer to left side corner of screen
2. In this state, down the mouse point, App appears one by one
3. Can open App if you click or drag it to center of screen
※ App on list can be closed by right-click
Running 2 Apps in same time
1. Run the desired App in Start screen
2. Mouse point is changed to hand shape when you bring it on screen
3. Screen can be divided and placed if click the mouse and move to left side or right side of
4. There is partition bar on center of screen and can change the division rate
※ App on list can be closed by right-click
Adding / Removing App on Start screen
Lightly drag from corner of screen top to center on Start screen
The installed App appears if you touch
which is in screen bottom
1. Right-Click the desired App, then there is menu in bottom of screen
2. Touch the Pin to start or Uninstall
※ App on list can be closed by right-click
Using Window store
Can check the Apps of window store if run the store App on Start screen
※ But need the Microsoft account for purchasing App in Windows store
Please use it after register Microsoft account in Charm menu
Microsoft account setting
Microsoft account supports to Synchronize setting online with other devices which has
installed Windows 8.1
Can share the file or setting
It needs to create Microsoft account for downloading or purchasing Apps
1. Run the setting in charm menu > click change PC setting
2. Accounts > Your accounts > connect to Microsoft account
3. Register in the order
We can’t solve the problem that occurred during using Apps which purchased and installed
from Windows store
Please require to customer support part of App which has problem in store.
Using touch screen
Easy to use PC using touch screen without keyboard and mouse
The explanation for touch screen operation is only available on touch screen
▶ Touch the screen using finger. LCD surface will be scratched or damaged if use a sharp
things when touch the screen
▶ Please note, do not touch the screen using metal things to avoid malfunction by conductive
Using touch screen
▶ This function is supported in Windows 8.1 touch screen model, only operated in some of
▶ And please note that the supported functions can be different type function according to
Input text
Input text using keyboard and Tablet PC input panel
Inputting system is different according to OS, and can’t be supported in some of OS
PC keyboard is convenient for a long period using.
Below describe the inputting system with illustration of inputting text on note pad
Using Tablet PC Input panel
Tablet PC Input panel is the image input panel, supported by Windows
Below describe with illustration of touch keyboard and hand writing
1. In start screen, lightly drag screen from edge of screen top to the inside
View all apps
> touch the Notepad
2. Cursor appears when touch the Notepad screen with finger
3. In Desktop screen, Tablet PC inputting panel appears when touch
task bar
in right side of
Learn the basic motion of touch screen
It is convenient to use if learn basic motion
Input text using Touch keyboard
Touch keyboard is same with general keyboard shape, can touch and input text
1. Touch the touch keyboard icon on Tablet PC input board
2. Touch the desired key and input text
Touch and hold
(Right click function)
Same with Right click function
Appears additional setting option and
specific information of touched object
Move to up and down, left
Move to up and down, left
and right
and right
Same with Scroll function
(Scroll function)
Use the touch screen
Input text using Hand writing mode
(Right click function)
On touch screen, can write and input the text in Hand writing mode board
※ Hand writing mode can’t be supported in some of language
1. Touch the Hand writing mode icon
on Tablet PC Input panel
2. Use finger and write the text on Hand writing mode input panel of screen
3. Touch Insert and text is input on screen
Micro SD card slot
Micro SD card slot supports only Micro SD card
Micro SD is the removable drives, easy move various data and expand capacity of PC
Using Card
1. Install the Micro SD card in Micro SD card slot
2. Message in top of right side
Click and touch ‘Open folder to view files’
(※ If appears error message, click it message window >
If touch ‘Continue without scanning’, can proceed below No.3 process)
3. Windows Explorer is run on Desktop screen. Can save, move and delete data in that drive
4. After finish use, press installed Micro SD card, after Micro SD card sticks out, pick tip of
card up and take out
Setting Volume
Volume setting is available in Button and Charm menu > Setting
Setting Volume by button
Press the volume key on top of PC and set volume
Setting Volume by Charm menu
Charm menu > Setting
> Click
and set the volume bar
Using Recorder
Learn how to record into computer using Windows Recorder program
1. Connect the microphone to microphone jack. Or use built-in microphone
2. Right click the Volume icon
‘Recording devices’
in the notification area of the taskbar, and select
3. Check if microphone is set as basic recording device or not
If it is checked, it already set as basic device
If not, Right click the microphone and select ‘Set Default’
4. Charm menu > Right click Start
Starting Recording and record sound
and View all apps
> Click Sound recorder, touch
Setting LCD brightness
The brightest setting when use adopter, and dark setting when use battery to increase
battery using time more longer
1. Charm menu > Setting
> Click the Screen icon
2. Set the screen brightness bar
※ If reduce screen brightness when use PC using battery, not adopter, can reduce battery
Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)
Can simply connect to wireless network if there are nearby Wi-Fi
Connecting wireless LAN
1. Charm menu > Setting
> Click Networks
and show up all connectable Wi-Fi list,
and connecting button appears if select desired Wi-Fi
2. Click Connect. If desired Wi-Fi already set the network security key, input network security
key and click Next
※ Network security key need to be checked by network manager
3. If finish the connecting Wi-Fi, show up Connected
And can use Wi-Fi
If use PC with battery, not adopter, please refer to this description
Charge the battery
Please plug charger in PC charger port
Check battery remains
Can check battery remains
1. Check on the taskbar
After separate charger port from PC, bring the mouse on the battery icon of Desktop screen
taskbar, battery remaining is displayed
Battery use period information
As a consumable, battery use period is decreased if is used long time
If hour of battery use is decreased to half than the time of purchase, please change to new one
If battery is not in use for long periods of time, please keep it when remains 30-40%
Can extend the battery life if you keep it according to above
If don’t change the battery correctly, there is a risk of explosion
Used batteries, please discard according to supplier’s instruction
Multi touch screen
Built-in flash memory
Audio port
Micro SD
Window 8.1 with Bing
Quad core Intel baytrail-T CR 1.33~1.8GHz
8.95" 1024x600 capacitive multi-touch screen
Multi touch screen
16 GB
1 x 5pin micro USB (2.0 high speed)
Micro SD card
Frequency response : 20Hz – 20k Hz, N/S : >90%
0.3M pixel (Front), 2M pixel (Rear)
3.7V Lithium Battery
5V 2A Micro USB connector
239.5 x 138.6 x 9.8 mm
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