Bush BFEDC60W ELECTRIC COOKER Instruction manual

Bush BFEDC60W ELECTRIC COOKER Instruction manual

Electric Cooker

Installation & User Instructions

- Please keep for future reference Cat no Model 2147349 BUSH BFEDC60W WHITE 2139405 2145248 1983559 BUSH BFEDC60B BLACK BUSH BFEDC50W WHITE BUSH BFEDC50B BLACK Cooker serial number

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– Please read these instructions fully before installing or using These instructions contain important information which will help you get the best from your appliance and ensure safe and correct installation, use and maintenance.

If you need help or have damaged or missing parts, call

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Issue 1 - 02/05/14



Safety Information Parts Installation

Positioning Fixing to the wall Electrical connection

User Instructions

Using the hob Cookware selection Using the main oven Using the top oven

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Removing the inner door glass

Troubleshooting Technical Specifications

Disposal information

A Guide to Wall Mounting & Fixings Guarantee 4-5


2 3 6-8

6 4 5

9 10 11


12 Back

6 7 8



Safety Information


– Please read these instructions fully before installation



This product MUST be installed by a qualified fitter in accordance with local


This appliance has been designed for non-professional, domestic use only.


Carefully unpack and examine the appliance for any damage. If you think there is a defect, do not use the appliance and contact Argos Product Support on

01759 487838.


The cooker is supplied setup according to the conditions shown on the rating label which is stuck to the rear of the appliance.


Keep the electrical cable of your oven away from the hot areas; do not let them touch the appliance. Keep them away from sharp edges and heated surfaces.


In the event that the flexible cable is damaged, contact your authorised service agent for replacement - the cable fitted to this appliance must not be replaced by an unauthorised person.


When using the grill the oven door must be kept closed to prevent damage to the cooker knobs and to prevent the burn hazard that very hot knobs would present.


The cooker control knobs have a safety feature to prevent children from operating them. They must be pressed in before they can be turned from the off position. Do not attempt to turn them without pressing as this is likely to break the knobs.


Children and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge should not be allowed to use the cooker unless supervised and warned of the hazards involved


The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching hot parts.


Cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and should not be left unattended.


NEVER try to extinguish a cooking fire with water. Instead switch off the appliance and cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket.


Danger of fire: do not store items on the cooking surfaces or in the oven.


Cookers may topple forward if a child climbs onto the cooker door. Children should be supervised in the kitchen at all times and this cooker must be secured to the wall using the fixing points provided to prevent accidents.


Do not allow children in the kitchen when cooking or while cooker parts may still be hot. Many parts of the cooker will become hot and present a considerable hazard to children.


When the oven is hot never touch the oven glass by hand or with tools.


Before starting to use your appliance, ensure curtains, paper or flammable items are kept away from your appliance. Do not keep flammable materials inside of or around your cooker.


Take care when closing the oven door that there is nothing obstructing it from closing as this may break the glass oven door.




If you have damaged or missing parts, call

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Please familiarise yourself with the parts and accessories listed below 1 8 7 2 3 4 5 6 1 - Control panel 2 - Oven control + heat indicators 3 - Ceramic hobs X 4 4 - Hob heat indicator 5 - Grill pan with removable handle 6 - Wire shelves X 3 7 - Oven door 8 - Top oven and grill 9 - Main oven 9 Accessories Grill pan and handle set 3 wire shelves X 3


Positioning and fixing to the wall


1. Make sure that there are no combustible or flammable materials, such as curtains, in the vicinity of the installation.

2. Furniture and cabinets surrounding the oven must be of material resistant to temperatures greater than 50°C.

3. Surrounding furniture, cabinets and extractor fans should be positioned in accordance with the diagram shown in Figure 1.

4. There must be at least 2cm of free space between the back wall and the rear of the appliance to allow for ventilation and air circulation.

5. If fitted, the extractor fan must be at least 65cm above the hob. If no fan is fitted the minimum distance between the hob and any cabinet or other structure must be 75cm.

Fixing to the wall

Before using the appliance fix it securely to the wall using the chains on the back of the cooker. This will prevent the cooker from toppling forward if excess weight is placed on the oven door. Since the chains must be attached to wall fixings suitable for your wall type, the wall fixings are not supplied with the cooker (Figure 2).

Please refer to the ‘Guide to Wall Mounting and Fixings’ on page 12.


Level the cooker before using it. To do this, use the adjustable feet to achieve the correct level and height

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Figure 1 Figure 2 4



Electrical connection

Argos Product Support 01759 487838 IMPORTANT:


Electrical connections must be carried out by a suitably qualified person and in accordance with all relevant local building and installation 1. See the rating label at the rear of the product for the appliance’s rated load.

2. The cooker must be connected to a dedicated circuit suitably rated for the load of the appliance (see rating label at rear of appliance) as shown in the wiring diagrams below. It must be connected via a suitably rated cable to a double pole isolator cooker switch also suitably rated for the appliance.

3. Electrical cable should not touch the hot parts of the appliance.

The electrical cable should not be routed through any area that may be affected by heat from the oven, especially the area directly behind the oven.

User Instructions

Using the Hob Each ceramic hob is regulated by a selector knob (Fig. 3). The control allows for the efficient transfer of heat to the cooking pan.

The knob can be turned in both directions, to numbers 1 to 6 These numbers correspond to the power setting of the ceramic hob where 6 is the highest setting and 1 is the lowest.

Turn the hob control knob to off ( l ) when finished.

We recommend you turn off the ceramic hob 5 to 10 minutes before the dish is ready. This allows the heat accumulated in the ceramic hob to be used economically. The ceramic hob remains hot for a while after use.

SAFETY ADVICE IN THE CASE OF A COOKING PAN FIRE In the event of a cooking pan fire:

1. Turn off the cooker at the wall switch.

2. Cover the pan with a fire blanket or damp cloth. This will smother the flames and extinguish the fire.

3. Leave the pan to cool for at least an hour before attempting to move it. Injuries are often caused by picking up a hot pan and rushing outside with it.

NEVER USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO PUT OUT A PAN FIRE as the force of the extinguisher could tip the pan over.

Never use water to extinguish oil or fat pan fires.

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Figure 3 Hob hot indicater Hob for this knob Front right


• Any cookware should have a thick, flat and dry base of the same diameter or slightly bigger than the hob. If the cookware diameter is smaller than the hob, heat will be wasted.

• Cookware with uneven bases is very inefficient, making the cooking time longer and wasting electricity.

• Cookware made of flameproof glass, suitable for ceramic hob cooking, should match the hob size. Pans projecting beyond the hob may be broken due to temperature stresses. The heated pan must never be filled up with cold water or placed on cold metal or stone surfaces.

• Always use the pan with its lid on. This prevents the accumulation of vapour in the kitchen.

Only use flat bottomed pans


1. Never turn the hob on before placing a pan on it, except when first used.

2. If the ceramic hob is not to be used for a long time, apply a little grease to the painted surface.

3. Do not allow spills to be burned onto the hob as baked stains are harder to remove 6


User Instructions

Using the main oven

Using the Main Fan Oven

Turn the Main Oven knob clockwise and align the marker on the control knob with the required temperature (°C) The indicator light on the control panel will go out and the thermostat will turn the element off when the selected temperature has been reached inside the oven. These will come back on once the thermostat falls below the set value.

Fan only defrost

The fan can be used without heat to defrost food (DEFROST)


Before using this method of defrosting refer to the food packaging defrosting information Always turn the control knob to off ( l ) when cooking has finished.

Please note:

The appliance incorporates a safety thermostat which cuts the electric supply to the oven if the temperature becomes excessive.

When using your oven for the first time your cooker may give off an unusual odour from the heating elements. This is normal for new cookers. To eliminate this odour run the oven at 250 degrees for 40 60 mins with the oven empty.

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Main oven Oven indicator Defrost only

User Instructions

Using the top oven

Argos Product Support 01759 487838 Using the Top Oven

Turn the control knob (TOP OVEN) clockwise and align the marker on the knob with the required temperature.

The indicator light on the control panel will go out when the selected temperature has been reached inside the oven.

Always turn the control knob to off ( l ) when cooking has finished. Please note: The appliance incorporates a safety thermostat which cuts the electric supply to the oven if the temperature becomes excessive.

For using the Bottom element Top element Grill

Turn the control knob counter clockwise and align the marker with the desired function.

These elements are set to operate at their maximum output (fixed) The TOP OVEN door

must be closed

for all operations

Always use the handle when handling the grill pan

Bottom element Top element Grill Oven (variable temp) Oven indicator 8

Cleaning and Maintenance


Argos Product Support 01759 487838 WARNING!

Isolate the power supply to the cooker and make sure that the oven is cool.

Do not clean using caustic creams, abrasive cleaning powders, thick wire wool or hard tools. Enamelled parts of the oven can be damaged if excess cleaning liquids are not immediately removed.

After cleaning the interior parts of the oven with a soapy cloth, rinse it and then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Clean the glass surfaces with special glass cleaning agents.

Never use flammable agents like acid, thinner or petrol when cleaning your oven.

Do not clean your oven with a steam cleaner.

Do not wash any part of your oven in dishwasher.


1- Outer Glass 2- Inner Glass 3- Middle Glass 4- Plastic Holder


Outer Inner Middle Remove the inner glass, and middle glass (if applicable) by pulling out in the direction of the arrow shown on the diagram.

For triple glass doors; remove the plastic holder using ascrew driver as shown on the diagram. Pay attention to the direction of the arrows.

For double glass doors; there is no need to remove the plastic holder 9

Care and use of the ceramic hob

For best results use pans with thick flat bases and match cooking pans to cooking zones of equal size.

Always place the pan on the cooking zone before switching on the cooking zone.

Always disconnect the power and check that the hob is cool before cleaning.

Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or abrasive cleaning products such as wire wool to clean the hob. Use only cleaning products designed to be used on ceramic hobs.


If your cooker does not appear to function correctly

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

1. If no functions appear to work, check the cooker isolation switch has not been turned off also check the fuse in the switch and the circuit breaker in you consumer unit 2. After replacing the fuse or resetting the circuit breaker turn on individual parts of your cooker one at a time to check function


attempt to repair this cooker yourself. Call Argos Product Support or consult a qualified electrician Problem Only parts of the cooker work it may be that the hobs, the ovens or the grill, do not work Nothing works (completely dead) Oven not heating up Not cooking in the specified time Possible Cause Links may be missing in the rear connector box Power is turned off at the isolation switch or the consumer unit Solution Refer to the Quick Start Guide to check the correct placement of the links This must be done by a qualified competent person Ensure isolation switch is on Check consumer unit has not tripped out Poor electrical connection Oven temperature not set correctly Have the connections checked by a qualified electrician Ensure that the correct temperature has been selected and the door is properly closed Door is not properly closed Incorrect oven shelf positioning Position shelves following the cooking guidelines 10

Technical Specifications

Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Models Power supply Maximum power Size (H x W x D) Net Weight Top oven volume Main oven volume Energy rating BUSH BFEDC60 BLACK or WHITE 220-240V~50 Hz 100 0 W 900 x 600 x 600 47.78 Kg 30 61 Lt.

A BUSH BFEDC50 BLACK or WHITE 220-240V~50 Hz 95 900 x 500 x 600 44.48 Kg 25 49 Lt.

A 0 W We apologise for any inconvenience caused by minor inconstancies within these instructions that may occur due to product improvements and development This appliance/fitting is marked according to the European directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of

crossed out wheelie bin

this product.

The symbol on the product, or on the documents accompanying the product, the symbol, indicates that this appliance/fitting may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal.

For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, please contact your local authority, your household waste disposal service or the retailer where you purchased the product.


Wall Fixing Guide Important note:

If plastic wall plugs are supplied with your product: - these are only suitable for use in masonry walls. If you are in any doubt about the correct wall plugs for your wall, seek professional advice.

Failure of the product due to responsibility of the installer.

Argos Product Support 01759 487838


When drilling into walls always check that there are no hidden wires or pipes etc. Make sure that the screws and wall plugs being used tradesperson if you are unsure.


1: General rule: if you are not sure.

Always use a larger screw and wall plug 2: Ensure you use the recommended drill bit to match the wall plug and hole size.

3: Ensure you drill the hole horizontally, do not force the drill or enlarge the hole.

4: Take extra care when drilling high walls, ceilings and ceramic tiles. Ensure wall plugs are inserted beyond the thickness of the ceramic tiles to avoid the tiles splitting or cracking.

5: drilled hole.

Types of walls

No.1 “General Purpose” wall plug You can use one of the following types of wall plug if your walls are made of brick, breeze block, concrete, stone or wood.

No.3 “Cavity Fixing” wall plug No.5 “Hammer Fixing” wall plug Generally aerated blocks should not be used to support heavy loads, use loads, general purpose wall plugs can be used. No.2 “Plasterboard” wall plug For use with plasterboard partitions or hollow wooden doors.

No.4 “Cavity Fixing-Heavy Duty” wall plug For use with walls stuck with is secure to the retaining wall.

No.6 “Shield Anchor” wall plug Heavy loads For use when attaching light loads on to plasterboard partitions.

Care & Maintenance

heavy loads such as shelving, wall cabinets and coat racks.

Safety: and location to ensure your safety in and around the home.

For use with heavier loads such as TV & HiFi speakers and satelite dishes etc.

Fitting: From time to time check or screws do not become loose.


Argos Product Support 01759 487838

Guarantee Product Guarantee

This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of


Year This product is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of original purchase.

Any defect that arises during this period due to faulty materials or workmanship will either be repaired free of charge or replaced.

The guarantee is subject to the following provisions: • The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, cabinet parts, knobs or consumable items.

• The product must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the instructions contained in this manual.

• It must be used solely for domestic purpose.

• The guarantee will be rendered invalided if the product is re-sold or has been damaged by inexpert repair.

• Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Guarantor: Argos Ltd 489 - 499 Avebury Boulevard Central Milton Keynes MK9 2NW

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