MultiTech MTSMC-LVW3-U.R2 Embedded Cellular Modem Notice

MultiTech MTSMC-LVW3-U.R2 Embedded Cellular Modem Notice
Verizon Activation Notice
(-LVW2, -LVW3, -LNA3)
To determine the type of cellular connectivity needed, consult the label located on the device. A
designation in the model number (1 to 3 letters) indicates the cellular connectivity supported:
Cellular Connectivity
Model Designation
-LVW2, -LVW3, -LNA3
A SIM from your carrier needs to be installed for network access.
Activation Notice
Before you can begin to use the modem, you need to set up a wireless account with your carrier.
Follow these steps to set up a wireless account:
1. Contact your wireless provider/partner/reseller to obtain an account.
2. Provide your activation agent with the following:
Each modem’s 15-character IMEI number located on the product label.
The modem model number (for example, MTSMC-LVW2) from the product label.
Important: If your product label has a section titled "Carrier Activation Information,"
provide the approved radio listed under that section.
3. Your carrier will provide/activate your SIM card.
4. Install your SIM card in the modem, attach antennas, and power up the device.
5. The device will activate Over the Air (OTA) and Verizon will set the correct APN value for the
account into the device.
NOTE: APN’s are managed by Verizon dynamically Over the Air (OTA). We do not
recommend manually setting the APN value via AT command or other means. If your APN is
not updating automatically OTA or if you have questions, please contact MultiTech support.
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