BT Virus Protect app User Guide

BT Virus Protect app User Guide
The BT Virus Protect app
Keeping your family out of digital danger
What’s in this guide?
Digital defence with BT Virus Protect
How do I get the BT Virus Protect app?
How do I install the BT Virus Protect app?
Meet your new… internet security features
Meet your new… anti-theft and privacy features
Meet your new… performance optimisation features
Managing licences, factory resets
Minimum system requirements
Digital defence with BT Virus Protect
In a world where the internet
faces five new threats every
second, keeping your family safe
online has never been trickier.
Viruses can bring your smartphones, computers,
and tablets to their knees. Criminals use malware
to try to steal your bank details. Dodgy websites
can capture your passwords. Wi-Fi connections
can leak information. And what happens if your
smartphone falls into the wrong hands?
To protect your family from digital harm,
you need BT Virus Protect.
We developed this all-in-one security package
in conjunction with McAfee, one of the world’s
leading security software companies. Its
comprehensive protection for PCs and Macs and,
with the BT Virus Protect app, Android devices is
ideal for modern family life, where every home
sees adults and children online with smartphones,
computers, games consoles, smart TVs, tablets
and so on.
How do I get the BT Virus Protect app?
If you’ve got broadband from
us, you’ve already got BT Virus
All our broadband customers get at least two licences free.
You need a licence for each device you want to protect,
whether it’s the desktop version for PCs and Macs or the app
for your Android smartphones and tablets.
Superfast Fibre 2 and Superfast Fibre Plus come with 15
licences. If you’ve got one of our other broadband packages,
you can easily upgrade from two to 15 licences for just £4 a
month with the first month free.
Broadband Package
BT Virus Protect licences
Superfast Fibre
Superfast Fibre Essential
Superfast Fibre Plus
If you already have security software
We recommend that you only have one version of security
software on your device. If you’ve installed a new security
application within the last six months, please uninstall it
before downloading BT Virus Protect.
How do I install the BT Virus Protect app?
Step 1: Activate the BT Virus Protect app
First things first – download the app from the Google Play Store!
1. Once you’ve downloaded
the app, you’ll need to
accept the terms:
2. C lick the Get your BT
Activation Code link:
3. Sign into My BT with your
BT ID login and password.
If you don’t have a BT ID,
follow the Sign up link
under the login button:
4. C lick on Tap to copy
activation code, then
Back to App:
How do I install the BT Virus Protect app?
Step 2: Set up the BT Virus Protect app
You’ve created your account, now it’s time to get down to details.
1. The first screen you’ll see
after activation asks you
to input your email address
and create a PIN. We need
your email for the Thief
Cam feature. You’ll use
the PIN with the App
Lock feature.
3. Now, we set up the
widget. This makes sure
that you’re always aware
of issues. It also displays a
dashboard showing all of
the BT Virus Protect
features and stats.
•Go to Settings, select Widget
and give it permission to
‘draw over apps’.
•You can disable the widget
if you want.
2. T o get the most out of
BT Virus Protect, you’ll
need to allow all
Meet your new… internet security features
Like cyber-criminals, BT Virus Protect never rests. Every 30 minutes it automatically scans for threats
to your device. And if you’re worried, you can jump in with a manual scan whenever you want.
To run a manual scan, just
tap Scan on the Security
Scan page:
What do the colours on the
scan results screens mean?
Green: everything’s fine and
dandy, all threats have been
Amber: there’s a potential
threat around the security of
your device and data.
Red: there’s a critical threat
that you need to fix. Tap Fix
to see the details and, well,
fix it.
Meet your new… internet security features
Safe web
Wi-Fi secure
Not all websites are as safe
and secure as we’d like them
to be.
Insecure network connections
pose a potential threat to
your device and data. Wi-Fi
secure protects you from
network threats, warning you
when you’re connecting to an
unsafe network:
Safe Web will help you:
• Avoid risky websites.
•Prevent dangerous
• It’ll automatically
disconnect you from the
network if an attack is
You can confirm which
connections your device
can always connect to and
which ones it shouldn’t.
Kids mode
Turn on Kids Mode for
confidence your kids are safe
when they’re browsing online.
•Restrict access to specific
apps and websites by
creating a bespoke profile
for your kids.
Meet your new… internet security features
App Lock
Sometimes, you may want
to keep certain apps private,
especially if they contain
personal information. And
you certainly wouldn’t want
your kids getting hold of
your phone and making
in-app purchases. App Lock
does exactly what it says:
it locks your app.
•Lock apps at the touch of
a button.
•Unlock them with your
BT Virus Protect PIN.
Call Blocker
Whether you’re plagued by
unwanted sales calls or you
just want to avoid calls from
an annoying acquaintance,
Call Blocker will help. Just add
the numbers you don’t want
to hear from to your ‘No List’
and Call Blocker will filter any
calls from them. And the
same with outgoing calls.
•Create a list of contacts
you don`t want to receive
calls from or make calls to.
Meet your new… anti-theft and privacy features
There’s only one thing more annoying than losing your phone, and that’s having it stolen.
Our Anti-theft features can help you with both situations.
Locate, Track, Alarm
•Remotely activate an
alarm on your phone to
help find your lost or
stolen device, even when
you’ve previously set it to
silent or the battery is
•Pinpoint where your device
is on a map (using Locate
my device on the McAfee
portal in My BT) and follow
it for up to six hours.
Meet your new… anti-theft and privacy features
Thief Cam
•Through the McAfee
portal on My BT, you can
set up your device so it
takes a photo of
whoever’s trying to open
it, catching your phone
thief red-handed.
•It’ll then email you the
photo of the person
holding your device, its
location, and a timestamp.
Lock your device
•Lost your device? Lock it
remotely using the
McAfee portal on My BT
so that your data doesn’t
fall into the wrong hands.
•You can add your own
message that displays on
the device screen telling
anyone who’s found it how
they can return it to you.
Meet your new… anti-theft and privacy features
Track the SIM card in your
•If someone swipes your
device and thinks that by
swapping the SIM they’ll
get away with it, this
feature will make them
think again. Use the
McAfee portal on My BT
to track your device and
find out the number of
the SIM that the thief has
popped into it.
What if I’ve changed my SIM card and the device is locked?
If the SIM card is changed, the device will lock. To unlock it,
you either need to enter your six-digit PIN, answer the
security questions that you set up when you installed BT
Virus Protect, or send a support PIN to the ‘buddy’ that you
also named when during set up.
Wipe data from your device
•If your device is stolen,
keep your data away from
prying eyes by remotely
wiping it all. Make sure
you’ve backed up your
data first, though, or you
could lose the lot.
Meet your new… performance optimisation features
BT Virus Protect isn’t just there to stop bad stuff happening. It’s also got a few tricks up its sleeve
that’ll improve the performance of your devices.
Battery Booster
•Turn on the Battery
Booster to extend your
battery life by closing
down some powerguzzling apps and
Memory booster
•If your onboard memory
(RAM) is running low, the
Memory Booster will clean
up your background apps,
ramping up your free
RAM which’ll help your
device work faster.
Meet your new… performance optimisation features
Storage Cleaner
•Over time, our mobile
devices accumulate loads
of files and apps. And
inevitably we forget about
them. The Storage Cleaner
will help you clean out the
clutter of forgotten files
and ancient apps, leaving
more space for the good
Track Data Usage
•Keep an eye on how much
data your mobile apps are
•Set your own data limit so
you don’t go over any
data restrictions that you
may have on your mobile
Managing licences, factory resets
Managing your licences for your devices is straightforward using the McAfee portal in My BT:
1.Open My BT and log in (or
sign up if you haven’t
already got an account).
Manage your BT Virus
Protect licences
Once logged in, go to the
McAfee Account page and
select the device that you
want to manage or click
Download to protect a new
Factory reset
You can take your device
back to its factory settings
remotely using the McAfee
portal in My BT. Just make
sure that you’ve backed up
all your data before you
scrub it. Because when you
hit that Factory reset button,
it’s gone.
2.Scroll down to Handy extras
included in your package
and click Manage extras.
3.On the BT Virus Protect
pane click Manage BT Virus
Protect (or Activate if you
haven’t activated it yet).
Minimum system requirements
Supported operating
Google Android smartphones
and tablets 4.1 or higher
Supported browsers
Supported email programs
for anti-spam
Required for anti-spam
•Microsoft Outlook 2007,
2013, 2016
• Google Chrome
•POP3 – Windows Mail,
Outlook, Netscape,
IncrediMail, Thunderbird,
Becky, Shuriken
• Safari
• MAPI – Outlook
•McAfee anti-spam also
supports other POP3
email clients (without SSL)
and web accounts
•Internet Explorer 10.0
or later
• Firefox
•Web – MSN/Hotmail or
email account with IMAP/
POP3 access
Offices Worldwide
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subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract.
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February 2019
• Thunderbird 38.0+
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