Sick MARSIC300, Decommissioning Operating instructions

Sick MARSIC300, Decommissioning Operating instructions
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Addendum to Operating Instructions
4. Decommissioning procedure
For correct decommissioning, the steps must be carried out
in the following order.
1. About this document
The purpose of this document is to allow you to decommission the
product quickly and easily. This document describes the shutdown
procedure and protective measures for long-term storage of the
This document is addressed to technicians (persons with technical
understanding) operating and maintaining the measuring system.
The technicians must have been trained on the device.
2. Supplementary and other relevant documents
• Technical Information for MARSIC300 (no. 8017585, English)
• Operating Instructions for MARSIC300 (no. 8017316, English)
• Safety Information (no. 8019910, English)
You can download these documents from To find a
publication, enter the relevant part number in the search field.
4.1 Switch to stand-by
1. Switch system to stand-by:
• The maintenance signal on the analyzer switches to “on” and the
yellow LED on the display lights up.
• Measured values are updated further.
• The ejector pump switches off.
• The heaters remain switched on.
• The probe tube of the gas sampling system is flushed with instrument air.
2. Flush the probe tube of the gas sampling system for at least
20 min with clean, dry air (see specifications in the technical
4.2 Shutdown
1. Switch system off at the external power disconnection unit.
b Do not switch instrument air off yet (gas sampling system is
still flushed with instrument air.).
b Take care that the engine/scrubber is not running and that
there is no pressure on the exhaust stack.
3. Safety information
b This document is only valid in connection with the documentation listed in section 2 of this document. Please read and
observe the safety information and warning notices contained therein.
b Only put the device into operation when this document and
the Operating Instructions have been read and understood.
Contact SICK Customer Service should any questions arise.
b Refer to the device involved for the standards and guidelines of the
Declaration of Conformity used.
b Keep this document, together with the Operating Instructions,
available for reference and pass these on to a new owner.
Pull out the complete sampling filter unit from exhaust stack.
Close flange from exhaust stack with blind-flange.
Switch external instrument air off.
Close off gas inlets and outlets gas-tight at sampling probe and
b Replace drying agent yearly even when shutdown (see Operating Instructions, chapter 8.7„Replacing the drying agent“).
4.3 Protective measures for long-term storage
b When gas lines are unscrewed: Close all gas connections (with
sealing plugs, if need be with adhesive tape) to protect internal
gas paths against moisture, dust, or dirt penetrating.
b Cover open electrical connections dust-tight (e. g. with adhesive
b Protect the control unit against sharp-edged objects. If necessary,
cover the instrument with protective material (e. g.: cardboard, Styrofoam).
b Whenever possible, select a dry, well-ventilated room for storage.
b Pack the device (e.g., in a plastic sack).
b If high air humidity can be expected: Enclose a drying agent (e. g.
silica gel) in the packaging.
5. Re-commissioning
For commissioning, please see the Technical Information (Installation and Initial Start-up).
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Addendum to Operating Instructions
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