FEIN Turbo II X AC Hepa Datasheet

FEIN Turbo II X AC Hepa Datasheet
Turbo II X AC Hepa
Wet/Dry Dust Extractor
Order number:: 9 20 30 060 99 0
Powerful, HEPA, professional wet / dry vacuum cleaner with
fully automatic filter cleaning, for attachment of various case
systems, includes extensive accessories.
Tool cases from various systems can be placed on the vacuum lid and secured.
Ergonomic transport of the complete unit, consisting of part tool and vacuum,
thanks to push handle, case and accessory fastening.
Fully automatic filter cleaning (AC) for uninterrupted work thanks to the longer
service life of the specially designed HEPA filter.
Reliable vacuuming of all types of dirt from liquids to fine dusts as well as
hazardous materials.
Electronic shutdown for outstanding wet vacuuming performance.
Autostart outlet with power-on delay to prevent current spikes.
25 ft [7.5 m] power cable and 13 ft [4 m] suction hose provide a large operating
Turbo II X AC Hepa
Wet/Dry Dust Extractor
Order number:: 9 20 30 060 99 0
Technical data
Maximum power input
Suction capacity
Price includes:
1,100 Watts
151 cfm
1 push handle
1 HEPA filter
Static water lift
98.8 In
1 disposal bag
9.3 gal
1 suction hose 13 ft [4 m], 1-3/8 in [35 mm] dia.
Weight according to EPTA
Cable with plug
Sound pressure level
31.1 lbs
25 ft
1 tool coupling with suction control
1 step adapter
2 metal extension tubes, 1 combination tool with
interchangeable inserts, 1 crevice nozzle, 1 dusting
brush, 1 elbow
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