Legrand 2000/2000TR Series Aluminum Plugmold Multioutlet System Installation Instruction

Legrand 2000/2000TR Series Aluminum Plugmold Multioutlet System Installation Instruction

Legrand/Wiremold electrical systems conform to and should be properly grounded in compliance with requirements of the current National Electrical Code or codes administered by local authorities.

All electrical products may present a possible shock or fire hazard if improperly installed or used. Legrand/Wiremold electrical products may bear the mark of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and should be installed in conformance with current local and/or the National Electrical Code.

Plugmold 2000 Aluminum Plugmold 2000TR Aluminum

I N S T A L L A T I O N I N S T R U C T I O N S Installation Instruction No.: 1 009 949 – February 2011

IMPORTANT: Please read all instructions before beginning.



1. Bring Feed into Base a. Remove appropriate 1/2" trade size entrance knockout in base, or attach Feed End Fitting (AL2010A).

2. Install Base Section on Surface a. Attach base section on mounting surface using AL2003 Spring Mounting Clips, or by drilling 9/32” holes in the base and use #8 set screws. Ensure holes are free from burrs.

b. If required, cut base to length and carefully debur any cut ends before mounting. If cuts have been made to the base, center the cover section over the mounted base. Locate, mark and cut the cover ends. If the edge of any receptacle falls closer than 1 1/2" [38mm] from the end of the unit, that receptacle must be cut out to allow sufficient space for the installation of an end fitting.

c. Connect multiple sections together using coupler (AL2001). To install, slide coupling plate into both base sections, center on joint and tighten locking screws.

d. To install around corners, use appropriate elbows, (AL2011 - 90° Flat Elbow), (AL2017 – Internal Elbow), or (AL2017 - External Elbow) 3. Install Ground Adapter a. Use Ground Adapter (AL2009) provided to secure ground connection. To relocate, loosen set screw and twist counter clockwise.

Position in between receptacles (to avoid interference) and assemble in reverse order.

4. Install Blank End Fitting (AL2010B) a. At end of base raceway run, slide blank end fitting in last base sections and secure in place by tightening screw.

5. Connect wired section to feed a. Connect feed wires to wired raceway sections. It is recommended to stagger connection points to allow room for all connections.

6. Snap raceway cover onto base a. If necessary, snap receptacle harness into cover making sure to line up receptacle faces with pre-punched holes in the raceway cover.

b. Engage lower edge of cover over the edge of the base. Starting at one end and progressing along the unit, snap in upper edge of the cover with the heel of the hand. Ensure that wires are pushed completely into the base before assembling the cover to avoid pinching the wires.

7. Snap on cover clip to cover joint seams where lengths of covers come together.

8. To remove cover, insert removal tool into groove, push down and twist.

NOTE: All mounting methods must result in flush interior surface.

1 1/8" [29mm] MAXIMUM CROSS SECTION .8 sq. in.

[20.3mm] 1.1 sq. in.

[27mm] 1 7/16" [37mm] NOTE: Raceway may be configured in single or multiple channels to accommodate power or communications wiring.

AL2003 Mounting Clip


1.1 sq. in. cross section


515 amp devices .8 sq. in. cross section


10 AWG 12 AWG 14 AWG 10 AWG 12 AWG 14 AWG


8 12 24 3 6 8

AL2006 Cover Clip

Use for external support of raceway. To install attach AL2003 to mounting surface with screws. Snap raceway base into AL2003.

AL2010A Feed End Fitting AL2010B Blank End Fitting

To close any gaps. That occur from field cutting, snap AL2006 Cover Clip over joints, where two adjoining pieces come together.

AL2043 In-line Receptacle AL2043TR Tamper-Resistant In-line Receptacle

At end of AL2000B base raceway run, slide AL2000A or AL2000B fitting in last base section. Secure in place by tightening screw.

AL2043IG In-line Isolated Ground Receptacle AL2043TR-IG Tamper-Resistant In-line Isolated Ground Receptacle

For AL2043 Series Two 15A, 120V U-ground factory prewired receptacles. To install slide coupler into grooves of AL2000B end base raceway and push sections together. Connect wires, tighten. Screws and snap in cover.

AL2040A In-line Single Pole Switch

For AL2043IG Series Two 15A, 120V Isolated ground factory prewired receptacles. To install slide coupler into grooves of AL2000B base raceway and push sections together.

Connect wires, tighten screws and snap in cover.

Single Pole Switch 15A. 120V. To Install slide coupler into groove of AL2400B base raceway and push sections together.

Tighten screws and snap in cover.

AL2038 Series Round Fixture Box AL2044 Series Deep Device Box AL2047 Series Shallow Switch & Receptacle Box


1. Attach back plate to 2x4 outlet utility box or mounting surface.

2. If back plate is not attached to box, use cover to close opening.

3. 1/2" or 3/4" conduit connections may be connected to back cover.

4. Slide AL2000B base raceway into slot of back plate. Tighten set screws to secure connections and for ground continuity.

5. Twist out KOs in cover section where raceway enters. Attach cover with screws.

6. Attach device ( if required) to cover section.

7. Install standard cover plate.

AL2011 90° Flat Elbow AL2017 Internal Elbow

At 90° turn on same surface, position AL2011 Flat Elbow at end of AL200B base. Position next base section onto other end of AL2011. Center coupling over base joints and over base joints and tighten screws. Install fitting cover after wiring.

Install AL2017 to raceway base BEFORE mounting raceway base. Fasten section to surface joints, tighten set screws.

Center coupling over base and tighten screws. Install fitting cover after wiring.

AL2015 Tee Elbow AL2018 External Elbow

AL2015 Tee Fitting, position fitting at end of AL2000B base.

Install other base section to other end of fitting. Center couplings on joints and tighten screws. Install fitting cover after wiring.

AL2416 Cross Elbow

At 90° outside corner, position AL2018 External Elbow at end of joints and tighten screws. Install fitting cover after wiring.

AL2000WC Wire Clip

AL2416 Cross Elbow, position fitting at end of AL2000B base.

Install other base sections to other ends of the fitting. Center couplings on joints tighten screws. Install cover fitting after wiring.

For retaining wires in long raceway run, Snap-in AL2000 WC Wire Clip approximately 30" apart into AL2000B base.

AL2000B Base AL2001 Coupling

48" [1219mm]

To attach AL2000B base sections to mounting surface, drill 9/32" holes in the base (approx. 48" o.c.). Fasten base with #8 flathead head screws.

AL2051H Box Adapter

At AL2000B base section butt joints, slide AL2001 Coupling into first base section mount next base to surface. Center coupling on joints. Tighten locking screws.

AL2009 Ground Clamp

Use for feed raceway from existing wall outlet box. To install, attach adapter to outlet box with two screws. This system is designed with capacity for additional feed or circuitry conductors.

Position AL 2009 Ground Clamp into rib in AL2000B raceway base. Tighten locking screw. Attach ground wire using brass cup washer and green hex nut to ground lug.

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