Legrand AF Series Multi-Service Raised Floor Boxes - AF3, AF4 Installation Instruction

Legrand AF Series Multi-Service Raised Floor Boxes - AF3, AF4 Installation Instruction
Walker® electrical systems conform to and
should be properly grounded in compliance
with requirements of the current National
Electrical Code or codes administered by
local authorities.
Raised Floor Box
Cat. Nos. AF3 and AF4
All electrical products may present a possible
shock or fire hazard if improperly installed
or used. Walker electrical products may bear
the mark as UL Listed and/or Classified and
should be installed in conformance with current local and/or the National Electrical Code.
1. Prior to installing the Walker Raised Floor Box, a 10" x 8" [254mm
x 203mm] (+1/16" - 0") opening must be cut or formed in the raised
floor panel.
2. Carpet squares need to be laid in position if not preattached to the
panel, and a 10" x 8" [254mm x 203mm] opening needs to be cut
over the opening in the panel prior to pulling wires and cables to
the box.
3. The Walker Raised Floor Box will accept up to eight devices in its
four compartments. The power and low voltage configurations
must be determined. Caution: Do not mix power and low
voltage in the center (double) device compartment.
4. Due to the unique structure of the box, all wires and cables
can be attached prior to attaching the unit to the raised
floor panel and while the floor is in place. Wire and cables
are pulled under the floor and brought out the mounting hole.
5. Low voltage cables may be brought out through a bushing in one of the device plates, or may be attached to a device
that is mounted to the box or a device plate. The back or bottom covers do not need to be attached behind a compartment
used for low voltage.
6. a. Field Wired Boxes – Cat. No. AF3:
The power compartments of these boxes are to be field wired. Use only UL Listed receptacles. Feed enough flexible
conduit to the hole in the panel to extend at least 18" [450mm] above the hole. Attach a conduit connector to the conduit.
Remove the appropriate knockout from the back. At least 9" [229mm] of wire should extend beyond the conduit connector.
Wire the device in accordance with the N.E.C. and attach the back cover to the box. Pull the device(s) through the front of
the box and attach the devices and device plate.
b. Prewired Boxes – Cat. No. AF4:
The boxes are prewired with Walkerflex® Prefabricated Modular Wiring System. Follow the installation instructions supplied
with the Walkerflex System to connect the power cables to the box.
7. After all the power and low voltage connections are made, the box is ready to be inserted in the panel. The locking tabs
should be adjusted below the box flange about 1/4" [6.4mm] greater than the thickness of the panel. The tabs are adjusted
by turning the screws located just underneath the lid. The tabs should be turned towards the box prior to the insertion.
8. After all the connections are made, insert the back of the box through the hole and rotate the box so the back extends
underneath the panel and the front lowers flush with the panel.
9. Once the box is in place, tighten the locking screws. The tabs will rotate outward and travel up the locking screws
until they pull snug up against the underside of the panel.
10. Take the 10" x 8" [254mm x 203mm] carpet blank remaining from the box opening, and cut a 7 1/4" x 8 3/16"
[184mm x 208mm] blank and glue it in the top of the lid.
11. When this box is not in service, the wire retainers should be installed textured side up to block off the cable exit.
Otherwise, any exiting cables should be routed through the wire retainers prior to closing the lid.
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