Legrand Isolé IDP-3050 Installation Instruction

Legrand Isolé IDP-3050 Installation Instruction
8 Outlet Power Strip
with Personal Sensor
Personal Sensor- passive infrared occupancy sensor:
• Supply Voltage: 12VDC Typical
• Time Delay Adjustment: 30 seconds to 30 minutes
Power Strip- eight outlet power strip:
• Electrical rating: 120VA,15A,50/60Hz
• 15A dry contact relay
• 15A resettable circuit breaker
• Grounded LED indicates correct wiring and grounding
• Protected LED indicates functioning of surge protection
• Eight outlets: six controlled, two uncontrolled
• 8 foot cord, black
• UL 1449 rating: 330V
• Circuit: High Energy, Multi-stage hybrid
• Noise filtration: 0-25dB (94.38%)
• Joule rating: 720 Joules
• Maximum surge amperage: 54,000 Amps
• Protection modes H-N, H-G, N-G
• Response time: instantaneous
• Let through voltage: 140V
• Initial clamping voltage: 200V
• UL & CUL listed
• Lifetime warranty: $25,000 connected equipment warranty
Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA
1(800) 879-8585 1(972)578-1699
US Patents:
IDP 3050-A
The Watt Stopper Isolé IDP 3050-A is an advanced energy-saving control
system, designed for general office use. It combines an eight-outlet power strip
with the DI-110 personal sensor. The IDP 3050-A controls power used by plug load
devices, and provides surge protection. Its use reduces energy costs and helps the
environment by turning power-consuming devices off based on occupancy.
The Power Strip
Functionally, the power strip provides surge protection. It also filters noise
caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference
Six of the power strip’s eight outlets are controlled by the personal sensor and
the remaining two are uncontrolled.
The power strip has an ON/OFF switch to turn on or off the power strip and its
eight outlets. For protection against excessive current flow, the power strip is
equipped with a resettable circuit breaker switch. If the LED, labeled “Protected,”
is unlit, press this switch. (See “Diagnostic Lights” for fault recognition.)
LED indicators
Uncontrolled Outlets
ON/OFF switch
circuit breaker
Controlled Outlets
Power Strip
Diagnostic Lights
• "Protected" LED indicator
When the surge protector is operating correctly, an LED indicator, labeled
"Protected,” is lit. When unlit, this LED indicates the occurrence of a power
disturbance or fault within the unit.
• "Grounded" LED indicator
Another LED indicator, labeled "Grounded," is lit when the wall outlet is
properly wired and grounded.The surge protection will not operate if the power
strip is not properly grounded.
The DI-110 Personal Sensor
The DI-110 personal sensor uses passive infrared technology to detect
occupancy within a workspace.
The personal sensor automatically turns on the power strip’s six controlled
outlets when occupancy is detected. It turns off these outlets when a workspace becomes unoccupied and the user-set time delay elapses. (See “Time
Delay Setting.”) Uncontrolled outlets are
continuously powered by the power strip and
sensor lens
remain on regardless of occupancy.
DI-110 (-A)
Personal Sensor
(blinks when
The personal sensor uses a multi-segmented Fresnel lens to view a coverage
area. Position the sensor to have a clear view of motion (especially hand
motion) in the workspace. Make sure that it does not view open doors or
entrances where people passing by may be detected.
Below, the diagrams depict the DI-110 personal sensor’s coverage
patterns.These diagrams illustrate the areas in which the sensor will best sense
motion. Use the diagrams as a general reference to help determine the
positioning and orientation of the personal sensor.
Overhead View
Side View
DI-110 Sensor Coverage Patterns
Call 1(800)879-8585 or 1(972)578-1699 For Technical Support
DI-110 Office Placement Examples
These diagrams give examples of sensor placement in a workspace while
illustrating typical coverage patterns and coverage ranges.
Mounted under binder bin
Mounted under desk
Overhead Views
Side Views
Altering Coverage Ranges
The IDP-3050-A package also includes strips of tape, used to mask areas of
the sensor lens. Masking the lens allows the user to alter or refine coverage
To narrow coverage, place tape on left or right sides of the lens. To shorten
coverage, place tape on the top or bottom of the lens. See the illustrations here
as examples.
Narrows Coverage Area
Shortens Coverage Area
Note: When determining mounting
locations, verify that the connecting
cable from the personal sensor will
comfortably reach the cable socket
on the power strip.
DI-110 Mounting:
Under Bin
or Desk
The DI-110 is usually mounted
under a desk or binder bin as shown
in the office placement example
diagrams. However, it can be
mounted to any flat surface.
tape or
1. Attach the mounting plate to the
desired location with the provided
self-tapping screw or doublebacked tape.
2. Snap the sensor onto the
mounting plate.
DI-110 Personal Sensor
• Plug one end of the provided
cable into the back of the DI-110
and the other end of the cable
into the side of the power strip.
Power Strip
Follow local building and safety codes
when installing this product.
Plug only the Isolé personal sensor into
the power strip’s jack-otherwise, damage may result.
• Plug the power power cord into a
120VAC wall receptacle.
NEVER plug any devices that must
remain on throughout the day (i.e., CPU)
into the controlled outlets.
Sensor Controlled
The Watt Stopper
Power Strip
Call 1(800)879-8585 or 1(972)578-1699 For Technical Support
Time Delay Setting
The personal sensor automatically turns off all controlled devices after a
workspace becomes vacant and a pre-set time interval, or time delay, elapses.
This setting is user-adjustable.
Turning the trimpot dial, located on the back on the sensor, clockwise or
counterclockwise adjusts the time delay. The range for adjustment is 30
seconds to 30 minutes.
• To adjust to 30 seconds (minimum), turn the dial completely counterclockwise.
• To adjust to 30 minutes (maximum), turn the dial completely clockwise.
• To adjust to 15 minutes, turn the dial half way between its maximal clockwise
and counterclockwise positions.
Note: Use a small screwdriver to make adjustments.
Initial Warm-up
The personal sensor requires an initial warm-up period of up to two minutes
whenever the power strip is turned on. During this time, all connected devices
will remain on, regardless of occupancy or the time delay setting.
Devices do not turn on with occupancy.
If the LED, labeled “Grounded,” is not lit:
• Make certain that the power strip is securely plugged into a properly
grounded and wired outlet. Check that the ON/OFF switch is in the
“ON” position.
• Make certain that the cable connection between the personal sensor and the
power strip is secure.
• Make certain that the personal sensor is positioned to view the desired
coverage area. (See “Personal Sensor Placement.”)
Devices turn on without occupancy.
The sensor may be detecting people outside of the workspace.
• Reorient the sensor so that it does not view beyond boundaries of
the workspace.
The controlled devices turn off when the workspace is occupied.
• Change the personal sensor’s location or orientation within the workspace to
increase the sensor’s detection of motion, especially hand motion. (See
"Personal Sensor Placement.”)
• Increase the personal sensor’s time delay setting. (See "Time Delay
The Protected LED is not lit.
• Turn the power strip off and then on. Check to see if the circuit breaker
switch needs resetting.
• If the Protected LED remains off, the surge suppression feature has stopped
working. Any devices requiring surge protection should not be plugged into
the power strip’s outlets. The power strip may need to be replaced. Call our
Technical Support Line.
The Grounded LED is not lit.
• Electrical outlet may not be functioning properly. Switch to a properly
grounded electrical outlet. Report to facility manager or engineer for
verification and repair.
These suggestions should help solve most problems. For further assistance,
call our Technical Support Line at 1(800)879-8585 or 1(972)578-1699.
Call 1(800)879-8585 or 1(972)578-1699 For Technical Support
IDP 3050-A
Eight outlet Power Strip with DI-110 Personal Sensor
Putting a Stop to Energy Waste®
Santa Clara CA 95050 USA 1(800)879-8585 1(972)578-1699
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