Legrand WIO-12 Wireless Input/Output Control Node Installation Instruction

Legrand WIO-12 Wireless Input/Output Control Node Installation Instruction



Wireless Input/Output Control Node No: 25197 – 10/16 rev. 1 Installation Instructions • Instructions d’Installation • Instrucciones de Instalación

Catalog Number • Numéro de Catalogue • Número de Catálogo: WIO-12

Country of Origin: Made in China • Pays d’origine: Fabriqué en Chine • País de origen: Hecho en China


The WIO-12 is a configurable wireless control node, using wireless 2.4GHz technology by NXP. The WIO-12 has four universal inputs (supporting temperature, resistance, voltage, and current), two Digital/Binary inputs (contact closure), four Digital/Binary Relay outputs, and two Analog Outputs. The controller features a Real Time Clock (RTC) and backup battery (optional: CR2032, not included).

This document covers mounting, wiring , and initial startup of the WIO-12.

WIO-1 3 DO 4 PW R


1. Unpack the WIO-12.

2. Inspect the device for missing/broken pieces/components.

3. Read all instructions prior to use.

Included in this package

• WIO-12 Wireless Input/Output Control Node • 2 – 8 Position Connectors • 2 – 4 Position Connectors • 1 – 2 Position 7.5mm Power Connector • 1 – 2dBi Antenna, RPSMA • 6 – 500Ω Resistors

Safety Instructions

The following instructions are general guidelines for proper installation of the device. Any question should be directed to Wattstopper


to installation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure local, state, and federal codes are followed.

1. Disconnect all power prior to installation.

2. Make all connections in accordance with local and national electrical codes.

3. This device is used for monitoring and control, not intended for life and safety applications.

4. Discharge any static electricity prior to handling the device.

Static discharge produces voltages high enough to damage electronic components.

Do not handle the bare printed circuit board without proper protection against static discharge.


The devices can be mounted in any orientation, as long as vertical polarity is maintained with the antenna. Fixed antenna devices must be mounted with the antenna vertically positioned.

Mounting on a 1.4” (35mm) wide DIN Rail is recommended. If DIN Rail mounting is impractical or not possible, screws in the mounting tabs may be used. Remove all connectors on the bottom side of the controller prior to mounting via DIN Rail. Use a small flat-tip screwdriver to pull down on the plastic locking clip, and push the controller base onto the DIN rail and release. Ensure the controller is mounted securely.


1. Prepare power wiring with the included 7.5mm pitch power connector.

Please ensure proper polarity with 24VAC/DC.

2. Connect I/O wiring accordingly, following the directions on the I/O labels.

3. Connect 24VAC/DC power only after all I/O terminations are completed.


If 24VAC power is used, a separate isolated transformer is required.


INPUTS/OUTPUTS Universal Inputs

can support any of the following: • Type 2 Thermistor (xxx_Ai2T) • Type 3 Thermistor (xxx_Ai3T) • Digital Input (xxx_AiDi) • Resistance Input (xxx_AiOhm) • Milliamp Input (xxx_AimAmp) • Voltage Input (xxx_AiVolt) These different input types are packaged in their own kit to improve memory management. For Ai2T, Ai3T, AiDi, and AiOhm, the DIP Switch for each input must be in


position. For AimAmp and AiVolt, the DIP Switch for each input must be in



Digital/Binary Inputs

support dry contact closure.

• xxx_Di The digital input is packaged in its own kit to improve memory management.

Analog Outputs

• support both milliamp and voltage outputs, • xxx_AomAmp (0-20 mA + 0-10%) xxx_AoVolt (0-10 vDC + 0-10% via a 500Ω shunt resistor placed across the output) These different output types are packaged in their own kit to improve memory management.

Digital/Binary Outputs

command a normally open 5A relay.

• xx_Do • 277VAC resistive @ 5A • 30VDC resistive @ 5A • 277VAC inductive @ 1A The digital output is packaged in its own kit to improve memory management.


For replacement parts or RMA, please contact Wattstopper Support for information: 800-879-8585.


This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


Wattstopper warranties its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years. There are no obligations or liabilities on the part of Wattstopper for consequential damages arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of this product or other indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenue or profit, or cost of removal, installation or reinstallation.

Wattstopper garantit que ses produits sont exempts de défauts de matériaux et de fabrication pour une période de cinq (5) ans. Wattstopper ne peut être tenu responsable de tout dommage consécutif causé par ou lié à l’utilisation ou à la performance de ce produit ou tout autre dommage indirect lié à la perte de propriété, de revenus, ou de profits, ou aux coûts d’enlèvement, d’installation ou de réinstallation.

Wattstopper garantiza que sus productos están libres de defectos en materiales y mano de obra por un período de cinco (5) años. No existen obligaciones ni responsabilidades por parte de Wattstopper por daños consecuentes que se deriven o estén relacionados con el uso o el rendimiento de este producto u otros daños indirectos con respecto a la pérdida de propiedad, renta o ganancias, o al costo de extracción, instalación o reinstalación.

No. 25197 – 10/16 rev. 1

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