Legrand Mighty Mo Air Plug, 5" x 16" x 16", OR-MMAPL1616 Instruction Sheet

Legrand Mighty Mo Air Plug, 5" x 16" x 16", OR-MMAPL1616 Instruction Sheet

Mighty Mo Air Plug, Filler Block


Installation Manual

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Air Plug, Filler Block


1. Overview…………………. 3 2. Safety…………………….. 4 3. Cautions and Warnings… 4 4. Components……………… 4 5. Installation………………… 5 6. Misc Reference Material … 7

Figure 1

1. Overview___________

The Ortronics

Air Plug, Filler Block

cable cutout cover is the most efficient way to eliminate subfloor air supply waste. Over the long-term the Air Plug will also reduce “total costs of ownership” by making it easier to fully separate cold supply and hot exhaust airflow. The Air Plug is made of Sandel “The fire fighting fabric”. This completely non-flammable cover ensures that the Air Plug is completely safe to use in a supply plenum. The Air Plug comes in a variety of sizes so that any opening size can be covered. Furthermore the nature of the Air Plug with its soft memory core will ensure that no undue pressure is brought against fiber optic cables. Finally, the Air Plug can be used for more then cable cutout covers. It is commonly used for subfloor wall baffles and as filler between cabinets. 2

2. Safety and Quality Assurance

The following recommendations should be carefully observed as part of any Air Plug cable cutout cover installation. In particular, the safety of the installers must be placed ahead of all other considerations. Some of the following warnings or cautions have been highlighted in the appropriate sections of the manual. 1. Do read and follow the Air Plug Installation Manual. 2. Ensure that all electrical cables are properly connected to prevent shock. 3. Follow OSHA guidelines for working around electrical cables. 4. DO NOT pull any computer cables during installation. 5. DO NOT install the Air Plug in any place that you cannot see the surrounding area. 6. DO wear grounding straps.

3. Cautions and Warnings____

This manual contains important information of the installation of the Air Plug. We strongly recommend that you read and follow the instructions contained in this manual. At several points in the manual items of special interest or significant impact are highlighted by one of the following notices.


Hazards or unsafe practices that could cause personal injury or death.


Hazards or unsafe practices that could cause product damage.


Significant points of interest.

4. Components_____________

The major components for the Air Plug are shown in Figure 2 The components include: 1. The Air Plug five inches thick

Fig 2. Air Plug Thickness (5 Inches)

5. The Air Plug Kits and SKU #s

The Air Plug Partition comes in several standard sizes. Sizes based on two measurements: 1. Length 2. Width The kit SKU number is created with the first number as the length and the second number as the width. For example: SKU number MMAPL0612, would mean one Air Plug 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. MMAPL1212 would be 12 inches wide and 12 inches long. All Air Plugs are designed 5 inches wide so as to fold over and under the raised floor. 3

6 Installation Guide

The Air Plug is soft and collapsible. Simply squeeze the Air Plug to half its inflated size, edge on side into the opening and release. The Air Plug will inflate to fill in the opening. Note that you should push the Air Plug into the side without cables. This is so that no undue pressure comes upon the cables during installation. The Air Plug fit is dependent on the opening size and the Air Plug size. Since most people order the standard Air Plug sizes, it is best to choose a size that is closest to the actual opening size. The Air Plug can fit an opening as much as half the size of the Air Plug.

Installation of subfloor walls or baffles

The Air Plug can be sized to create a subfloor wall or baffle. This fireproof wall can be moved as required. The Air Plug should be the size of the height of the raised floor by 24 inches between raised floor stanchions. Add as many Air Plugs as need to form the subfloor wall.

6 Misc Reference Material____

We are including additional detail views of the Air Plug. 4

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