Legrand QMotion Integration User Guide

Legrand QMotion Integration User Guide



Advanced Shading System Integration

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Enabling control of QMotion shades through the Legrand Lighting Control System requires the following: a wired connection to the home network router or switch an Internet connection the Legrand Whole House Lighting Control Controller (LC7001) the QMotion Qube bridge and QMotion shades: » Qadvanced with ZigBee Home Automation version 1.2 battery-operated Roller shades » Qadvanced Intelligent System (QIS) hardwired shades connected to the Qube bridge connection of mobile devices (iOS or Android) running the Legrand Lighting Control app (3.0 or later) and firmware (3.0 or later) to the same home network as the LC7001.


For additional detail on checking the current version of the app or performing a firmware update, refer to the LC7001 Whole House Lighting Controller User Guide.

Connecting QMotion to the Legrand Lighting Control System


Set up the QMotion shading system through the Qube bridge device, using the Qube Coordinator app.



Sync Now


The LC7001 will automatically search for QMotion shades to attach to the lighting control system.


Refer to the instructions included with the QMotion shading system for setup details.

2. 3.

Navigate to the



Select the

QMotion Shades



The “Lights” page icon changes to a “Devices” icon and the added shades appear alongside any previously configured switches and dimmers.


Proceed to the Devices page to confirm that the shades loaded properly.

DM0906172 REV. A

Lighting Control App Functionality with Shades from QMotion

When QMotion shades are successfully discovered within the Lighting Control app, several changes occur on the display. These display changes are only active once the QMotion shades are successfully integrated.

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Display Changes

The Dashboard view provides the option for all shade devices to be opened or closed at the same time.

The Lights page icon (


) changes to a Devices icon (



The integrated shades appear on the devices list with a shade icon ( ) and the associated QMotion app name.

Shade Device Functionality

Once the shades are connected to the lighting control app, each device can be individually controlled through the Devices menu or integrated into Scenes to control the shades as part of an activity.

• • NOTE:

Voice control with Amazon Alexa* or Google Home** is currently limited for shades. Once integrated into the Legrand Lighting App and synced with the Amazon Alexa or Google Home apps, the shades respond to Set, Dim, and Brighten commands between 1 and 100%. The shades are not currently responsive to Open and Close commands.

Adjust the level of the shade using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

Double-tapping the shade icon moves the shade to 100%, if the shade is currently closed. Double-tapping the shade icon moves the shade to 0%, if the shade is currently open to any level between 1-100%.

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**Google, Google Home, and all related logos are trademarks of Google, Inc. or its affiliates.

For technical assistance on your Lighting Control app, contact On-Q Technical Support between 8 AM and 6:30 PM EST.

Phone: 717-546-5412 Email: Chat: technical.support-hs@legrand.us www.legrand.us/on-q (Click on the icon to open a dialogue box)

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