Legrand DST 2007 Setup for the Peanut Panel User Guide

Legrand DST 2007 Setup for the Peanut Panel User Guide
Peanut Panel (LP8)
Changing Daylight Savings Transitions
The LP8 clock can be set to transition into and out of daylight savings automatically.
The dates can be set manually, or the Auto-Fill selection will look up the OLD
transition dates and enter them for you. The NEW dates are only in clock version 18
and later, and can be updated under warranty, or for a nominal charge if out of
Procedure for entering dates manually:
Cursor to Setup, press Select
Cursor to Daylight Saving Time, press Select
On Follow DST, Press Down or Up arrow to select Yes
Cursor Down, and enter No for Use Auto Dates?
Scroll Down, enter Begin and End dates for 2007
Cursor to SAVE and press Select.
Press SAVE or ABORT from SETUP screen to return to the RUN screen!
Putting a Stop to Energy Waste
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