Legrand RTI Integration User Guide

Legrand RTI Integration User Guide


1. Fully configure the Player Portfolio System 2.

• Setup & functional via Nuvo Player app

Download the driver : (

You will be redirected to the RTI Dealer Site) • Navigate to: Driver Store • Search by Manufacturer:


• Select:

“Nuvo Wireless Audio System”

3. Unzip to:

My Documents/Integration Designer/Control Drivers

Step 1: Add the driver to the workspace

1. Select: The first room with a Nuvo Zone 1. Right-Click: “Add New” 2. Select: Drivers>

NuVo Wireless

3. Click: Next 4. Click: Add Device

• Repeat for all other rooms that are Nuvo Zone

5. Click: “Close” When done.

Step 2: Configure the driver

1. Select: Drivers>

NuVo Wireless

>Driver Properties 2. Enter the


name of Player 1 from the Nuvo Player App in the Player 1 Name field of the Players configuration menu.

• Repeat the above step for each Player in the system.

NOTE: The names must be spelled exactly the same including any spaces placed at the end of a device name by your mobile device’s auto-fill.

“Music Player” page(s) will be created and auto-programmed for each controller.

Step 3: Add page links, buttons, macros and variables as needed

1. Select: Macro Steps>Sources>

NuVo Wireless

for a complete list of all the commands available to set volumes, provide transport controls, group zones etc..



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