Digital Watchdog DWC-MB721M4TIRDMP MEGApix® 2.1MP/1080p Bullet IP Camera Installation Guide

Digital Watchdog DWC-MB721M4TIRDMP MEGApix® 2.1MP/1080p Bullet IP Camera Installation Guide

Quick Start Guide


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Quick setup guide Mounting template


1 Screws and plastic anchors – 4pcs 1 Torque wrench 1 Set 1


Download all your support materials and tools in one place 1. Go to: 3. Click ‘Search by Product’ ‘Search’

search bar. Results for applicable part number you enter.

2. Search your product by entering the part number in the part numbers will populate automatically based on the . All supported materials, including manuals and quick start guide (QSGs) will appear in the results.


This document is intended to serve as a quick reference for initial set-up. It is recommended that the user read the entire instruction manual for complete and proper installation and usage.

Tel: +1 (866) 446-3595 / (813) 888-9555 Technical Support Hours: 9:00AM – 8:00PM EST, Monday thru Friday

STEP 1 – PREPARING TO MOUNT THE CAMERA 1. The mounting surface must bear five times the weight of your camera. 2. Do not let the cables get caught in improper places or the electric line cover to be damaged. This may cause a breakdown or fire. 3. CAUTION: These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so.

4. This product is intended to be supplied by a UL Listed Power Supply Unit marked “Class 2” or “LPS” or “PS2” and rated 12 Vdc, 470 mA min.

5. The wired LAN hub providing power over the Ethernet (PoE) in accordance with IEEE 802-3af shall be a UL Listed device with the output evaluated as a Limited Power Source as defined in UL60950-1 or PS2 as defined in UL62368-1.

6. Unit is intended for installation in a Network Environment 0 as defined in IEC TR 62102. As such, associated Ethernet wiring shall be limited to inside the building. 7. Using the mounting template sheet or the camera itself, mark and drill the necessary holes in the wall or ceiling.

STEP 2 – CABLING THE CAMERA TO EXTERNAL DEVICES Pass the wires through and make all necessary connections.

1. NETWORK CONNECTIONS – Using a PoE Switch or PoE Injector, connect the camera using an Ethernet cable for both data and power.

2. NETWORK CONNECTIONS – Not using PoE Switch or PoE Injector, connect the camera to the switch using an Ethernet cable for data transmission and use a power adapter to power the camera.

Power requirements

DC 12V, PoE (IEEE 802.3af Class 3). (Adapter not included)

Power consumption

DC12V: max 5.6W

PoE: max 7.3W

STEP 3 – INSTALLING THE CAMERA 1. Once all cables are connected, secure the camera to the mounting surface using the included screws.

2. Loosen the pan and tilt screws at the base of the camera’s bracket to adjust the camera’s view and position.

Reset Button Pan/Tilt Screw

Quick Start Guide

Template Sheet Resetting the camera: To reset the camera, use the tip of a paper clip or a pencil and press the reset button. Pressing the button for five (5) seconds will initiate a camera-wide reset of all the settings, including network settings.


Please refer to DMP guide for additional information on integration and camera control.

Rev Date: 05/19 Copyright © Digital Watchdog. All rights reserved. Specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice.

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