De’Longhi HSX 2320F, Slim Style HSX 2324F, Slim Style HSX 2324F, HSX 2320 User manual

De’Longhi HSX 2320F, Slim Style  HSX 2324F, Slim Style HSX 2324F, HSX 2320 User manual





General instructions

Remove the appliance from the packaging. Check that neither the appliance nor the power cable has been damaged during transport. Do not operate the heater if damaged. Remove all publicity material from the appliance. The appliance is only suitable for use on the floor.

Models with fan

The appliance is equipped with a fan that provides even more rapid and uniform heating. The fan comes on when, pressing the switches, MED or MAX power is selected.

Electrical connection

- Before connecting the appliance to the power socket, check that the voltage indicated on the appliance rating plate is the same as your electrical system and that it can support the power consumption (Watt) indicated.

- If more than one appliance is used at the same time, it is important to ensure that the electrical system is able to support the power required.

Assembly of the feet

Tools required: Screwdriver PH2x100 (crosshead) 2 supplied screws 3.5x13 PH (


) Place the appliance on a stable surface. For mounting the feet, proceed as follows: - Insert the two hooks in the slots and rotate the foot until it is engaged as shown in figure 1. - Insert the two pins in their respective holes.

- Fix the foot with the screw ( for models without.


) supplied (figure 2).

- Observe the minimum distances for the appliance from the walls as shown in Figure 3. The measurements are indicated both for models equipped with fan " " and thermostat (


) to , then remove the plug from the power socket.

Adjusting the thermostat

When the room has reached the required temperature, turn the thermostat knob (


) slowly anticlockwise until you hear a click and no further. The LEDs of the switches will go out. The temperature thus fixed will be automatically maintained by the thermostat. In spring or autumn or on mild days, you can save energy by using minimum power.

Freezing protection

With the knob of the thermostat ( minimum energy consumption.


) in position and one of the power levels selected, the appliance will maintain the room at a temperature of about 5°C preventing freezing with


Before carrying out any maintenance, disconnect the appliance from the mains and wait for it to cool down completely. This appliance requires no particular maintenance. It is sufficient to remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Never use abrasive powders or solvents. If necessary remove areas of concentrated dirt with a vacuum cleaner.


Supply voltage See appliance rating plate Power consumption "


never use the appliance without feet.


Operation and use

To switch on the appliance turn the thermostat knob (


) clockwise up to maximum position 6, then press the switches: • To select minimum power press the button MIN (the red LED will light up on the button).

• To select medium power press the button MED (the red LED will light up on the button).

• To select maximum power MAX press both buttons MIN and MED.

• To turn off the appliance completely press the two switches to OFF (the red LEDs will go out), rotate the 6


The appliance doesn’t work The plug is not inserted properly into the pow er socket or the socket switch is off.


Insert the plug into the power socket and switch on if necessary.

Check for any obstruction.

The switches are pressed to OFF.

The thermostat is set too low. Remove the obstruction, disconnect the power plug of the heater and let the ap pliance cool down. If the problem per sists, contact your nearest service centre. Press the switches to positions MIN, MED , MAX .

Turn the thermostat knob clockwise to higher settings until the heater restarts. 7

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