De’Longhi HCM2020 Convector Heater Instruction Manual

De’Longhi HCM2020 Convector Heater Instruction Manual
obtain even greater savings in energy consumption.
Anti-freeze function (only for models with a thermostat)
Turn the switch (or switches), then turn the thermostat knob
to the setting. When so regulated, this appliance will keep
a room at a temperature of 5° C. while consuming a minimum
of energy.
Electrical connection
Before plugging into the mains, make sure the voltage of your
mains supply corresponds to the value V indicated on the appliance and that the socket and power line are appropriate for
the load required.
Always pull the plug out of its electrical outlet before beginning
any cleaning.
This electric convector requires no special maintenance. All
you have to do is dust it off with a soft, dry cloth — but do so
only when the appliance is cold. Never use abrasive powders or
The feet kit consists of:
2 x feet
2 screws 3.9X13 PH
Tools necessary and estimated mounting time:
Phillips 2x100 screwdriver
Estimated time: 5 minutes
Supply voltage
Absorbed power
To mount the feet, proceed as follows:
- Turn the appliance upside down on a rug or soft surface to
avoid damaging the paint
- Fix the feet with the 2 screws provided as shown in fig. 1.
- Turn the appliance back upright, positioning it with the feet
on the floor.
Turning the appliance on
Models with only a thermostat
This appliance can be turned on by rotating its thermostat knob
clockwise (A) until it stops at the last possible setting. To turn this
appliance off, rotate the knob to its lowest position and remove
its plug from the electrical outlet.
Models with a thermostat and two switches
Turn the thermostat dial (A) clockwise to maximum, then press
the switches (B) so that the red zone is visible:
- button in position “I” only = minimum power
- button in position “II” only = medium power
- buttons in both positions “I” and “II” = maximum power
Adjusting the thermostat
When the room has reached the desired temperature, turn the
thermostat knob slowly in an anti-clockwise direction until you
get to the setting — and not beyond it — where you hear a
click. The thermostat will then adjust that set temperature
automatically and keep it constant.
If your appliance is the type with 2 switches, you could
utilize only one of them during mild seasons and on days not
particularly cold. You will thus use little electrical power and
See rating label
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