Mackie Handy User guide

Mackie Handy User guide


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This handy kit has all of the key components you need to record and stream with professional studio sound. The diagram below will help you get everything hooked up. 3 1 2 The EM-USB microphone is connected directly via USB-C to your computer, for a full computer setup guide, make sure to dive into the EM-USB manual. 1 For maximum monitoring flexibility, connect the phones output from the microphone to the 1/8" input on the CR-3X monitors with the supplied cable. You can then connect your snazzy new to the front phones out on the front of the monitors. 2 MC-100 headphones When the headphones are connected, the monitors will mute until you disconnect the headphones. Want to get loud? Visit

for all of your loudspeaker needs. From portable battery-powered speakers to line arrays, we’ve got you covered.

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