Extron TLP Pro 1025M Template

Extron TLP Pro 1025M Template

Cut-out Template for the Extron

TLP Pro 1025M, TLS 1025M, and TLC Pro 1026M Series

2.00" (51 mm) 3.50" (89 mm)


Page size: 11" x 17" Print scale 1:1 Do not shrink.

For complete installation instructions, see the TLP Pro 525M, 725M, and 1025M Series Setup Guide or TLC Pro 526M, 726M, and 1026M Series Setup Guide (at www.extron.com).

1. Confirm the product to be installed.

2. Before printing, double-check the print settings and make sure the page is not scaled.

3. After printing, measure the gray dotted line to make sure it has the dimensions shown.

4. Cut the red line and remove the surface cut-out area (gray) from the template.

5. Place the template. Use a level to ensure it is at the correct angle and make sure that there is enough room for the touchpanel.

6. Mark the position on the mounting surface where the touchpanel is being installed.

7. Double-check dimensions and position, then cut the opening.

Outer edge of Touchpanel (Do not cut)

6.84" H x 10.13" W (174 mm H x 257 mm W) P/N 68-3331-01 Rev. B

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