Broadcom RDK-Forward Mode RDK-Errata - PEX 8114 User Guide

Broadcom RDK-Forward Mode RDK-Errata - PEX 8114 User Guide

PEX 8114 Forward Bridge RDK (91-0052-100-A): Board Errata

This document describes board errata pertaining to the PEX 8114 Forward Bridge RDK rev 100. 1. 12P0 to PCIN12P0 Voltage Converter not used 2. PCI bus voltage -12 VDC is not generated by the RDK. Q8 is removed. If -12 VDC is required by PCI/PCI-X add-in cards, the 20-pin ATX header ( P16 ) must be used. Turn on circuit for external ATX supply at 20-pin connector can only sink about 2.5 mA, this should be changed. Customers have found external ATX supplies that require almost 4 mA of sink current to pull-down the ATX enable signal. There may be supplies out there that require even more. To provide for this, the Forward RDKs are modified as follows: Q9 replaced with a MOSFET, Fairchild part number BSS138. R40 replaced with a 6.49 kohm value. 3. The listed Bill of Materials, with PLX Part # 91-0052-100-B has an error. Item #64 has an error in the Package Type field. The correct value should be uMAX8.

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