AMX VPX-1701 vpx series presentation switchers Quick Start Guide

AMX VPX-1701 vpx series presentation switchers Quick Start Guide

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This guide pertains to the VPX-17014K Scaling Presentation Switcher( •


). The purpose of this document is to illustrate how the device is to be installed and set up in its simplest configuration by a trained technician.

What’s in the Box?

The following items are included with the VPX-1701: [7] 5-pin Phoenix Male Connector (3.5 mm, 5pins) [1] 6-pin Phoenix Male Connector (3.5 mm, 6pins) [1] AC power cable with USpins [1] AC power cable with UK pins [1] AC power cable with EUpins [2] Mounting ears [8] Mounting screws


Active power requirements: • Voltage, AC (typical): 100~240VAC • Power consumption (max): 45W

Environmental Requirements

The environmental requirements for the •

Operating Temperature:

VPX-1701 are as follows: 32° F (0° C) to 122° F (50° C) •

Storage Temperature:

-4° F (-20° C) to 140° F (60° C) •

Operating Humidity:

10% to 90% RH (non-condensing) •

Storage Humidity:

10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Installation Connections

1. Attach the proper cable from any Video Source to the Input port on the VPX-1701. There are 2 VGA and 5 HDMI inputs. See switching section for details on which input is selected as the active source.

2. Attach a HDMI cable from the VPX-1701 HDMI OUTPUT port to a display, projector or another sinkdevice.

3. If required, connect the HDBT OUT port on the VPX-1701to a HDBT Receiver to work together.

4. If used, connect a USB Host device to the unit, connect it to the USB Host Port and make sure the HDBT Receiver is working in USB device mode.

5. If required, connect an amplifier, soundbar or other audio device to the audio output on theVPX-1701.

6. If necessary, the Ethernet port can be connected to a NetLinx NX Integrated Controller to add system level control of the unit. Please see for details on choosing the correct controller and setting up the network.

7. Attach the correct AC Plug to the DC Adapter for your location. Plug in and tighten the DC connector to the VPX-1701 and plug the adapter into the proper ACoutlet.

Switching Operation

VPX-1701 supports auto switching and manual control from the front panel.



4K Scaling Presentation Switcher

A. When Auto Switching is enabled, the unit automatically switches following the rules below: 1. If more than one input port has an active signal, the priority order is: VGA 1=> VGA 2=> HDMI 1=> HDMI 2 => HDMI 3=> HDMI 4=> HDMI 5.

2. When a new input is connected the lastconnection made is the first connection used.

3. When you remove a connection: System Automatically switches to the highest priority input with an active signal follow the priorities shown in section 1. If all input ports are not active, the current input port ischosen.

B. Manual Switching is allowed only when Auto Switchingis disabled Note: Auto Switching is enabled or disabled by using the API Commands or via the on-board web interface.

Identify the IP address of the VPX-1701

Press and keep hold the INPUT SELECT button VGA IN1 and VGA IN2 at the same time for 3 seconds, the IP will be presented on the display connected to the HDMI OUT port.

Please note that if the address is typed as http:// or if only the IP address is typed, it will be redirected to a secure port on an HTTPS:// connection. Also note that the included certificate will most likely need to be trusted at least once by each browser the first time the web interface is connected.

From the web interface, the device can be configured with NetLinx D:P:S configuration, adjust output volume, change IP address, enable manual switching, etc.

Attaching Installation Brackets

To attach the installation brackets: 1. Attach the installation bracket to the enclosure usingthe screws that were provided in the packageseparately.

2. The bracket is attached to the enclosure as shown.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the other side of theunit.

4. Attach the brackets to the surface or rack you want to hold the unit against using the screws (provided byothers).

Mounting Screws (x2 per side)

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation for this device is available at Refer to the AMX VPX-1701 4K Scaling Presentation Switcher Instruction Manual for additional details on typical system diagrams, installing, upgrading, and controlling the VPX-1701.

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