MARK-10 08-1026 User's Guide

MARK-10 08-1026 User's Guide
08-1026 Battery Installation Instructions for Legacy Gauges
The 8.4V NiMH 08-1026 battery is designed for use with new Mark-10 gauges. They can also be used with legacy gauges, however, some modifications are required.
Failure to perform this modification will not cause damage to the gauge, however, the period of time per battery charge will be significantly reduced. Applicable legacy
gauge series include Series BG, BGI, EG, and CG. Refer to the instructions below:
Separate the two halves of
the gauge housing by loosening the captive screws.
Then pull the two halves
The separated halves appear as above. The PCB
of interest is the auxiliary
PCB, shown on the right
half, adjacent to the battery.
Remove the battery before
beginning work on the modifications.
Identify the R4 resistor
(brown color), with the
thermistor (silver color) soldered to it. The connection
between the two components is highlighted with a
yellow arrow.
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Using a pair of wire cutters,
cut the connection between
the components.
Twist the thermistor away
from the resistor, or cut it
out completely. Note the
absence of the connection,
identified by the yellow arrow. Then, install the new
battery and reassemble the
two halves of the housing.
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