Minoura RS-5000 Instructions Manual

Minoura RS-5000 Instructions Manual
Bicycle Maintenance Stand RS-5000 instructions manul
(Ver.1.1 2014/6)
Important Notes
●RS-5000 is designed for a standard
2-wheel sport bicycle.
Not recommendable for any other type
of bikes like as long wheelbase tandem,
recumbent bike, heavy e-Bike or DH
●Do not open the legs in wrong direction.
Failure to do so will make the clamp
faces sideward and become unworkable.
To solve this problem, close the legs
once then open in the correct direction.
You need to fully open the legs until they
touch the projection on the pillar back.
●Place RS-5000 on flat and level floor.
Minoura will not guarantee the stability
when being placed on slanted floor due
to the A-shaped leg design.
●Place the fix side jaw lower than the
moving side jaw.
This will insure the load can be supported. Failure to do so may cause the bike
to fall out of the stand.
●Clamp jaws open/close with the linkage
operated by the lever.
This mechanism increases the power
unexpectedly so too much force may
cause damage to the linkage, lever and
the bike frame itself.
Do not try to clamp hard by just pulling
up the lever. What you need is just
turning the knob for tightening the jaws.
●Support the bike with your hand when
rotating on RS-5000.
Make sure the bike's gravity point must
be lower than the clamp jaws.
Part Names
Gear Clutch
Clutch Release
Clamp Jaws
Back Knob
Clamp Knob
Clamp Lever
Upper Pillar
Pillar Joint
Upper Pillar Positioning
Quick Release
Lower Pillar
Leg Base
Leg Opening
Quick Release
Support Bar
Rubber Cap
Plastic tray for placing parts
and tools installing behind
the pillar joint
RS-5000 Tool Tray
How To Setup RS-5000
No tool required for this job
Loosen the Leg Opening Quick Release (the
lower one), slide down the Leg Base, and open
the legs equally.
At this moment, make sure the clamp jaws are
facing dead ahead.
If you have opened the legs to wrong direction
(it's possible), RS-5000 will not stand properly
and become unusable.
To solve this problem, fully close the legs then
open in the correct direction.
If the pillar is slanted at an extreme angle
and the clamp is facing the wrong way
when the legs are opened, then the stand
has been opened incorrectly. Both legs
must be opened together in the same
direction. Opening the legs by grabbing
one leg only could cause this imbalance.
To solve this problem, close both legs
once then open in the right direction.
The lever or nut of the quick release
skewer may disturb opening the leg to the
right direction. If so, pull the legs sideways
and bring the legs over to the correct
Confirm the Leg Base goes down then
reaches the Projection on the Lower Pillar.
This is the ideal position to fully open the
legs. Tighten the skewer firmly to fix the
If the legs are not fully opened, the pillar
angle will be extreme and not support the
bike correctly and cause instability.
TIP The lever should be folded
downward, not sideward,
for tighter clamping.
Loosen the quick release on the Pillar Joint to extend the Upper Pillar.
After setting at your favorite height, tighten the skewer firmly.
If the skewer is not firmly tightened and is loose, the clamp jaws may
open under the bikes weight.
To insure the skewer is tightened correctly, open the lever, and turn the
nut on the other end clockwise 1/2 turn, then close the lever. Adjust the
tension accordingly.
Adjusting Nut
Setup the clamp body.
Fully loosen the Back Knob until it can move freely, then raise up the folded clamp body.
Make sure there is one cut-out on the alloy clamp body end. This is the section which the
projection of the base plate next to the clutch will be inserted. There is only one correct direction
for set up.
After inserting the clamp body to the base, tighten the Back Knob but not too tight or the clamp
won't be able to turn.
How To Clamp Bike
Max Load 25 kgs
Push down the lever to open the
clamp jaws.
Clamp the top-tube or the seat-pillar then
pull up the lever to close the jaws.
It you cannot pull up the lever until it
comes level, the clamp opening is too
tight. Do not force. Turn the knob counterclockwise to open the jaws more, then pull
up the lever again.
Turn the knob clockwise to tighten
the clamp jaws until it holds the bike
To rotate the clamp jaws, while
supporting bike with your hand, push the
Clutch Release Lever to release the lock.
When approaching to your desired angle,
release the lever, and confirm the lever is
securely engaged to the clutch gear.
Warranty Service
Minoura offers 1-year limited warranty to the original user who purchases this product from authorized
retailer in brand-new condition.
Any user who purchased in used condition or through unauthorized route such as internet auction cannot
receive this warranty service, except the manufacturer's defect.
For more detail, please refer the attached MINOURA LIMITED WARRANTY POLICY card.
And please check out Minoura web site regularly for getting the latest information.
Contact Information
MINOURA North America
MINOURA Japan Headquarters
(for U.S. residents only)
(for all other customers)
Hayward, California, U.S.A.
1197-1 Godo, Anpachi, Gifu 503-2305 Japan
1-510-538-8599 Phone:
Fax:1-510-538-5899Fax: 81-584-27-7505
support@minourausa.comminoura@minoura.jp / www.minoura.jp
Made in Japan
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